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The series were published in the following order: Mageri, Seven, Crossbeed, and Black Arrowhead. Each series stands on its own, so pick whichever one you like, Or start with with Mageri since it was the first. Want to go down the rabbit hole to experience the crossovers as intended? Click here.
Nine immortals form an alliance to rid the world of evil.
Urban fantasy. USA Today Bestselling series. Raven Black is a rogue who hunts criminals for fun. But when a secret organization offers her a job, she’ll need to rise to the challenge. Half-Mage, half-Vampire, she’s caught between two worlds. Will desire become her biggest distraction when she’s paired up with a Vampire?  "I would burn down the world for you."  
Keystone book cover with woman in blue shirt gazing upward to a cloudy sky filled with ravens. A foggy graveyard in the background Ravenheart book cover, blackhaired woman in leather sitting on a green oversized chair, a dagger in her hand. Green damasque wallpaper behind her, drops of blood dripping from her blade Deathtrap book cover, beautiful woman standing in an inferno, flames licking around her inside an apartment. Teddy bear on the ground and outside the window, a raven flying Beautiful black-haired woman standing inside a storm, clouds swirling around her, a raven necklace flying in the wind. She's wearing a gray shirt with a raven printed on the front Blackout book cover, a moonlight knight over a city in the background. A woman is standing on an empty road, a machette over her shoulder, a tough stance, and a raven flying over the moon Nevermore book cover, a beautiful woman with one blue eye and one brown leaning against a motorcycle, the headlamp shining on her relaxed hand. A raven is propped on the handlebars, blue fog surrounds her Moonstruck book cover, a beautiful woman with mismatched eyes thrusting her hands forward, magical light surrounding them. Background is a train station, a large stairwell behind her, a knapsack near her feet. Spellbound book cover, a whimsical young woman with lavender hair casually smiling while draped over a large stack of books. Magical light is escaping from a red book, background is a library wall Heartless book cover, a blackhaired beautiful woman with mismatched eyes wearing leather, hands on hips, standing in front of a neon blue and pink wall with a neon heart. The table beside her has two shot glasses with ravens printed on them and a bottle of love potion. Afterlife book cover, a beautiful blackhaired woman sitting sideways on a tombstone, a raven on her shoulder and a wolf beside her. Background is an evening blue, a silhouette of dead trees around it. Tombstone reads: All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Quicksilver book cover, a beautiful raven-haired woman in a red leather jacket is kneeling on an icy surface, wintry fog hovering on the surface, a raven sitting on a skull near her has a heart-shaped ruby necklace hanging from its beak. A magical ring of light surrounds her, trees in the backdrop. Evildoer book cover, a blackhaired woman in leather is holding a golden key, arms crossed and a large Raven near her sitting on a post. Wintry evening background of trees and a lake, a white owl flying over the moon. Forevermore book cover, a large ruby heart lying on a bed of black feathers. Silver banner across the middle that says A Crossbreed Novella Insider's guide book cover, closeup shot of black feathers with a shiny red banner in the middle that has the book title.
 Paranormal romance. Some of the kids from the Seven series are all grown up. New friends and old unite, overcoming all odds to leave their mark in this world. Brave women, fiercely loyal men, and plenty of twists will leave you on the edge of your seat in this action-packed series destined to become a top-shelf favorite.   
The Vow, a handsome native man with long hair gazing forward with blue fog surrounding him and a silhouette of tall grass below Profile view of a beautiful native woman with markings on her face and feather earrings, mystic greenish fog surrounding her face and silhouette below her of wolves and a moon Man in a cowboy hat staring downward, red and orange fog with embers surrounding his face and a silhouette of a man and woman camping in the woods with a wolf Bearded tough guy looking over his shoulder with a furrowed brow, green light and fog below him with a silhouette of an outdoor country restaurant and people Handsome man with hair shaved on the side gazing left, dark read background. Silhouette below him of woman reading in hammock, one-armed man watching her, and a pastural background with a wolf and mare

 Paranormal romance. USA Today bestselling series. Austin Cole and his brothers are forming a pack, and the last thing on their minds is getting tethered to a mate. But the more they resist, the harder they fall. A series about brotherhood, family, second chances, and finding that person who completes you. 
Seven Years book cover, profile of a handsome shirtless man looking down pensively. He has abstract tattoos on his shoulders, the background bright blue. Six months book cover, closeup of a tough guy staring ahead, a scar on his lip and hair trimmed close. Background is an emerald green Five weeks book cover, a profile of a young handsome man gazing ardently at the lens, his hair a long brown, rings on his fingers, a leather jacket. Background is fiery red with a flaming guitar image. Four days book cover, a profile of a beautiful woman with a long braid gazing pensively. She is a mixed heritage of white and native american. Background is radiant gold with a dream catcher hanging Three Hours book cover, a handsome man with short hair and a short beard gripping a chain around his neck, tattoos covering his body. Background is bright teal. Two Minutes book cover, side shot of a handsome man gazing downward at his athletic body, a scar on his forehead. Short blond hair, black and white image. Background is a vibrant purple with a magica swirl of light accenting the book title letter O so that it looks like a diamond ring. Charming book cover, a handsome prince with a crown gazing forward, his long hair combed back. Teal-green background. One Second book cover of a black-and-white image of a handsome man, one arm draped on top of his head as he looks to his left. He's shirtless, tattoos on his shoulders. Background is silvery-gray. Winter Moon book cover features a pack of wolves on a snowy night, a silvery moon illuminating their gray fur as one of them howls into the night. Insider's Guide for Seven series has a damask background with ornate gold borners and a shiny red banner across the center with the book title.

 Urban fantasy. USA Today bestselling series. When a young woman unwittingly receives the gift of immortality from a Mage, she must leave everything behind. But her conviction is put to the ultimate test when she falls for her mortal enemy. Passionate, dark, and full of unpredictable twists, the Mageri series will take you on an unforgettable journey of love, friendship, and the hidden power within us all.
 Sterling book cover depics a silver pendant of a dragon over green jade. Golden light dances through it, background is an abstract dark gray with crackling effects. Twist book cover depics a golden key with an ornate handle, light glinting off the surface. Background is a deep red, golden sparkles showering down Impulse book cover depics a black cat with one gold eye and one green, casually lying on a leather chair, ready to be booped on the nose. Light sparkling above him. Gravity cover. Flames eating the edges of a beautiful red rose, ashes falling and tendrils of smoke rising in front of a dark background. Shine book cover. A lighting rod crashes into the ground, sending up a cloud of energy and fog agains ta dark background.  Risk book cover. A dashing man with a wicked grin flashes his bare chest and nipple ring by opening half of his leather jacket, a dark city street behind him. The Gift book cover shows a beautiful forest at night, the northern lights illuminating the sky with blue, green, and purple. A silhouette of trees runs along the middle to bottom half with colorful fog. Stork flying through with a baby hanging in a bundle from its beak.

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Closeup of a young couple in an intimate embrance. A large clock below them, cover image is blue with sparkles A crafty young woman in leather casually sitting, arms crossed over knees, one hand raised up with an energy ball of golden light. Background is a forest with a mystical green color, more golden sparks of light accenting the title font. Seven Series bundle cover of a good looking man giving the lens a cocky grin. Overall color of image is blue with the man black-and-white. A tough woman holding a machette peers over her shoulder, the moon shining in the background with a raven flying over it.


Mageri series complete collection boxed set depicing all five books. Front image is a tough woman in leather pants, chin raised, hand on thigh, standing in an abandoned hall with light shining around her.


Mageri Series
Urban fantasy with romance
Hidden powers
✅  Mage & Chitah focused with other supernaturals
Overall story arc for series
Opposites attract
Swoon-worthy hero 
Zany British sidekick
Found family
High stakes
Heavy worldbuilding as the series progresses
Soul mates
Natural enemies to lovers 
✅  LGBTQA+ rep 
Slow burn
Protective mate
Crossbreed Series
Urban Fantasy
Slow burn / spicy
Strong female protagonist
Who hurt you? / Tortured hero
Rivals to lovers
Diverse characters
Ace rep / Blind character
"I would burn down the world for you"
Heavy worldbuilding 
Delves into all Breeds 
Each book featuring a new mystery or case
Morally grey h/H
Emotional scars
Surprising twists
Morally grey villain
Hilarious banter
Seven Series
Paranormal Romance
Found family
Primarily Shifters but includes other Breeds
Friends to lovers
Enemies to lovers
Rock star romance
✅  Disabled character
✅  LGBTQA+ rep
Native American romance
Who hurt you? / Tortured hero
Cinnamon roll hero
Funny & feel good mixed with high stakes drama
A different love story each book but an overall story arc
Despite individual love stories, should be read in order 
Black Arrowhead Series
Still a series in progress. So far....
Paranormal romance
Who hurt you?
Unconventional heroes
Strong women
Humor and high stakes
Friends to lovers
Best friend's brother
Anxiety/disability rep
Found family
It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.  

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