Magical woman wielding an energy ball


Urban fantasy. When a young woman unwittingly receives the gift of immortality from a Mage, she must leave everything behind. But her conviction is put to the ultimate test when she falls for her mortal enemy. Passionate, dark, and full of unpredictable twists, the Mageri series will take you on an unforgettable journey of love, friendship, and the hidden power within us all. Cliff-hanger-free.

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Books in the Mageri Series
Silver dragon pendant on jade with light sparking from the silver  Golden key with magical sparkles on a red background  Black cat with his matched eyes gazing forward  Sparks and embers igniting a red rose  Sensual couple embracing with a large clock below them symbolizing time is important  Lightning crashing into ice and sparks radiating everywhere   Smoldering hot man walking shirtless down a city street with only a leather jacket on  Northern lights over a silhouette of pine trees and a stork flying with a baby  




TWIST (Book 2)

IMPULSE (Book 3)

GRAVITY (Book 4)

CLOSER (stand-alone novella)

SHINE (Book 5)

RISK (stand-alone novel)

THE GIFT (Book 6

Mageri Series
Urban fantasy with romance
Hidden powers
✅  Mage & Chitah focused with other supernaturals
Overall story arc for series
Opposites attract
Swoon-worthy hero 
Zany British sidekick
Found family
High stakes
Heavy worldbuilding as the series progresses
Soul mates
Natural enemies to lovers 
✅  LGBTQA+ rep 
Slow burn
Protective mate


Late 2021, The Mageri series was rebranded. Longtime fans will recognize them by their legacy covers.  

These covers are still available on the paperback editions. As of 2023, they have been polished up with a few adjustments and look amazing on a shelf!

If you're done with all the Mageri books, check out the SEVEN SERIES for a crossover you won't want to miss. And catch up with Christian Poe in the CROSSBREED series. This world overlaps in the most subtle and beautiful way.


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