Butterfly with Dannika Dark's name above itPublished since 2011, Dannika Dark is a nine-time USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance. Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide, and she is an Audie Awards finalist and Earphones Award Winner.
In addition to writing about supernatural worlds, Dannika is passionate about graphic design and creates all her own covers and series art. When not writing in her cave, she enjoys indie music, reading, binge-watching TV shows, fancy chocolate, not killing plants, and unleashing her dark side.

Dannika Dark's pulse-pounding urban fantasies and paranormal romances are an addiction that has thrilled readers for more than a decade. Find out why readers have reread these books three, five, or a dozen times. Dannika enjoys writing unforgettable characters, heartwarming relationships, and shocking twists that will leave you wanting more.
Dannika Dark has been a published author since 2011, penning many of her earliest stories in 2010. Dannika does not use ghostwriters nor are any of her stories conceived, generated, or collaborated with A.I. (artificial intelligence). She writes them all herself, spending hours, weeks, and months producing characters and stories that inspire and transport readers. Dannika also personally designs her covers and art from licensed images either through stock sites or with photographers. She does her best to ensure each of these photographs or vectors purchased were not generated by AI. Through her audio publisher, Dannika uses living people to narrator her audiobooks.
Dannika believes in protecting the intellectual rights and copyrights of all creatives. Additionally, she believes using copyrighted art to train artificial intelligence without consent is unethical and theft. It does not provide compensation to those artists. 
Art is what makes us human. Support living creatives who spent hours producing unforgettable stories, narrations, photography, and paintings. It is our passion and our livelihood.


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Be safe out there!

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  1. STERLING (Magic After Dark Set) on Nov. 7, 2013
  2. TWO MINUTES on Aug. 27, 2015
  3. ONE SECOND on Apr. 14, 2016
  4. DEATHTRAP on Sep. 14, 2017
  5. GASLIGHT on Mar. 01, 2018
  6. BLACKOUT on Aug. 23, 2018
  7. NEVERMORE on Jan. 24, 2019
  8. MOONSTRUCK on Jul. 4, 2019
  9. SPELLBOUND on Nov. 14, 2019

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