The Alpha (Black Arrowhead #2)

A profile of a Native American woman looking stoic, feather earrings hanging and a teal-green background. Silhouette beneath her of wolves
Published October 2021
Hope is a young woman on the brink of a successful career as a jeweler. The last thing she needs right now is trouble, but trouble finds her when she’s caught trespassing on private property. Bad luck is following her like a menacing cloud, and the only way to survive the storm is to walk through it.
Tak is a fish out of water in the city, but settling unfinished business with an old friend means leaving tribal land and traveling to Austin. Things heat up after a chance meeting with a captivating woman who commands his attention. Hope is intelligent, unpredictable, and knee-deep in trouble. Instead of burying the hatchet with his old friend, Tak risks everything to protect a woman he barely knows.

Two Shifters are on a collision course with destiny, but will the sins of their past prevent them from having a future?





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  1. I just finished “The Alpha” and as usual with Dannika Dark’s. I loved it!! Don’t miss it!


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