The Crossbreed Series

 Black-haired woman holding a magical key gazing forward
Urban fantasy. Raven Black is a rogue who hunts criminals for fun. But when a secret organization offers her a job, she’ll need to rise to the challenge. Half-Mage, half-Vampire, she’s caught between two worlds. Will desire become her biggest distraction when she’s paired up with a Vampire? THIS SERIES IS COMPLETE

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Books in the Crossbreed Series
A darkhaired woman with a dagger strapped to her belt lifts her head to the sky, eyes closed, a flock of ravens flying overhead against the gray sky. Background is a cemetery  Tough blackhaired woman with mismatched eyes wearing leather sitting in a plush green chair, a dagger in her hand. Blood drips from the blade to the floor. Background is damask wallpaper  Beautiful blackhaired woman in leather jacket with a ruby necklace gazing down as an inferno blazes around her. Background is an apartment in flames, Raven flying outside a window, teddy bear on the floor.  Tough woman wearing gray tank top with raven printed on it standing in a storm. Clouds are swirling around her along with a heart-shaped ruby necklace  Tough woman facing away while holding a machette over her shoulders and a dagger in her other hand. Background is teal with a raven flying over a moon shining on a dark city.  Woman in leather with black hair and mismatched eyes leaning against a motorcycle, a raven perched on the handlebars. Blue foggy background of an abandoned street.  Blackhaired woman with mismatched eyes thrusting her hands forward, a ball of energy swirling around them. Background is a train station with staircase in the background and a backpack near her feet with a raven printed on it.  Young woman with pale lavender hair draping her arms over a pile of books. Magical light spilling out of a thick red book. Background is a bookshelf. Butterfly on the tip of her finger and a ball of light.  Tough blackhaired woman wearing a heartshaped ruby necklace and leather staring forward, hands on hips. Background is a blur with neon blue and red brick wall and a neon heart. Table beside her has two shotglasses with raven designs and a love potion bottle.  Beautiful raven-haired woman in black lacy dress sitting on a tombstone, a raven on her shoulder and large wolf beside her. Background is blue with a silhouette of spidering tree branches. Tombstone reads: all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.  Tough woman in red leather jacket kneeling on an icy surface, a skull near her with a raven sitting on top and a ruby heartshaped necklace hanging from its mouth. Background is a wintry forest with a ring of magical light around her.  Blackhaired woman in leather, one arm crossed and the other holding a golden key. Large raven sitting on a post near her. Background is a wintry lake with trees in the distance, a white owl flying across a moonlit night.  Large beautiful ruby heart lying on a bed of black feathers. Silver banner across the middle reads: A crossbreed series novella  closeup image of black feathers. Evocative. Title is written on a metallic red banner across the middle 

Crossbreed Series
Urban Fantasy
Slow burn / spicy
Strong female protagonist
Who hurt you? / Tortured hero
Rivals to lovers
Diverse characters
Ace rep / Blind character
"I would burn down the world for you"
Heavy worldbuilding 
Delves into all Breeds 
Each book featuring a new mystery or case
Morally grey h/H
Emotional scars
Surprising twists
Morally grey villain
Hilarious banter

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Did you know Christian Poe also appears in the Mageri series?

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