Seven Series (1-3)

Handsome muscular man gazing seductively. Wolf howling in the moon and images of the three book covers that appear inside
Boxed Set
Three full-length novels (almost 1000 pages) by USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR
The Weston pack recently settled down in Austin, Texas, and the last thing on their minds is getting tethered to a mate. But destiny has other plans for this alpha, biker, and rock star. Women you will cheer for, and men who shine in the face of danger

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★★★★★ I couldn't put this book down from the first paragraph I read. It was THAT good. I was also so different from what I've been reading that it was like a breath of fresh air. - Nocturnal Predators Reviews

"I'm becoming really picky about the new series I want to invest my money in, so this was a pleasant surprise....this new series has a little bit of everything I love to find in a new journey; action, suspense, politics, a likable heroine, a sexy alpha lead, and of course, romance" - HotListens

"It made me fall in love with urban fantasy all over again."- Smokin' Hot Book Blog"

"Fabulous Shifter fun, absolutely awesome from beginning to end." - Me, Myself & Books"

She creates characters that you can wrap your hands around and feel and smell and hear.  Characters that sweet talk you into stepping into their skins to walk a lifetime in their shoes and you find yourself just grateful for the opportunity.  They're real and messy and gorgeous in their tangibility." - The Lightning Room

"This book is perfectly paced. This book is gorgeously written. This book is moving, sweet, funny, sexy as hell and stealthily weaves its way into your heart when you aren't looking." 

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