The Crossbreed Series Companion: An Insider's Guide

The ultimate series companion for the USA Today bestselling Crossbreed series

BONUS: Two brand-new short stories included!

Book cover of Crossbreed Companion. Large black feathers and a red title banner over the front
Published 10/24/2023

The most comprehensive guide for the Breed world to date! Crossbreed fans will delight in a behind-the-scenes look at these unforgettable stories. Included is a detailed character breakdown, hidden spoilers, the author’s perspective in the making of both the stories and the covers, fun facts, favorite quotes, Easter eggs, and much more! This is a truly special edition that celebrates everything fans love about the Crossbreed series but also gives in-depth reference material to the Breed world.



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 Print size is a hefty 6x9 in both paperback and hardcover.

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This insider’s guide is not just for Crossbred fans. Mageriverse addicts will devour the Breed profiles, which provide detailed facts about each Breed’s customs, physical traits, laws, history, and gifts—just to name a few! An expanded glossary is also included.

This guide contains spoilers and a riveting short story about Christian Poe that’s sure to please!


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Size comparison of Keystone (top) vs the Insider's Guide

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Crossbreed Insider's Guide in print
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A darkhaired woman with a dagger strapped to her belt lifts her head to the sky, eyes closed, a flock of ravens flying overhead against the gray sky. Background is a cemetery Tough blackhaired woman with mismatched eyes wearing leather sitting in a plush green chair, a dagger in her hand. Blood drips from the blade to the floor. Background is damask wallpaper Beautiful blackhaired woman in leather jacket with a ruby necklace gazing down as an inferno blazes around her. Background is an apartment in flames, Raven flying outside a window, teddy bear on the floor. Tough woman wearing gray tank top with raven printed on it standing in a storm. Clouds are swirling around her along with a heart-shaped ruby necklace Tough woman facing away while holding a machette over her shoulders and a dagger in her other hand. Background is teal with a raven flying over a moon shining on a dark city. Woman in leather with black hair and mismatched eyes leaning against a motorcycle, a raven perched on the handlebars. Blue foggy background of an abandoned street. Blackhaired woman with mismatched eyes thrusting her hands forward, a ball of energy swirling around them. Background is a train station with staircase in the background and a backpack near her feet with a raven printed on it. Young woman with pale lavender hair draping her arms over a pile of books. Magical light spilling out of a thick red book. Background is a bookshelf. Butterfly on the tip of her finger and a ball of light. Tough blackhaired woman wearing a heartshaped ruby necklace and leather staring forward, hands on hips. Background is a blur with neon blue and red brick wall and a neon heart. Table beside her has two shotglasses with raven designs and a love potion bottle. Beautiful raven-haired woman in black lacy dress sitting on a tombstone, a raven on her shoulder and large wolf beside her. Background is blue with a silhouette of spidering tree branches. Tombstone reads: all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Tough woman in red leather jacket kneeling on an icy surface, a skull near her with a raven sitting on top and a ruby heartshaped necklace hanging from its mouth. Background is a wintry forest with a ring of magical light around her. Blackhaired woman in leather, one arm crossed and the other holding a golden key. Large raven sitting on a post near her. Background is a wintry lake with trees in the distance, a white owl flying across a moonlit night. Large beautiful ruby heart lying on a bed of black feathers. Silver banner across the middle reads: A crossbreed series novella closeup image of black feathers. Evocative. Title is written on a metallic red banner across the middle

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