Bookplates are free! Click here for more info. I do not currently sell books direct or accept requests to autograph books. Do not mail books to be signed.



Yes. Check out my store on Zazzle.  I'm a one-woman show and spend upwards of 16 hours a day managing the business, so I don't offer any swag direct for sale or otherwise. If my house becomes a shipping zone, you're going to see fewer book releases.



Yes. Click here to view.



Some are, yes. Like many authors, I have crafted my own unique world and put a spin on certain known paranormals. However, I have rewritten what a Mage is, giving them unique abilities. I have also created wholly new supernaturals that are unique to my world, such as Chitahs, Gravewalkers, Potentials, Geminis, and Relics. I've heard the term "Sensors" used in other books, but I don't know how those gifts compare to the ones I've written in my world. My Vampires and Shifters have their own unique gifts and history. There are a lot of terms I made up, such as the Mageri, stunners, liquid fire, and the term "Ghuardian" to describe a Mage who mentors another. It's fun to have familiar supernaturals in an urban fantasy setting, but readers have been intrigued by my unique paranormals. They offer something refreshingly new, and I hope to reveal even more about them as I continue to write more books in the same universe.

I do not accept manuscripts to read, review, or critique.


1.) Read a lot of craft books.
2.) Write a lot. Some may discover that this is more of a hobby than a profession they want to pursue, and there are great sites like Wattpad where people can share each other's stories. It takes practice!
3.) If you are a published author, form an alliance of peers on your writing level that you can bounce ideas and marketing advice off of. You will learn from each other and grow.
4.) Utilize the Internet for research. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips on self-publishing, agents, traditional publishing, tax laws, marketing, and business structure. There is no magic formula to writing a compelling story or success.


I'm against fanfiction written in my world. Every author has a different view on this, so you should research the authors to find out their stance. Familiarize yourself with copyright and intellectual laws. I have invested an incalculable amount of time developing this world, the characters, and their stories. Writing about my characters is like kidnapping my children and raising them as your own. Writing about unique words and concepts, such as the Mageri, Chitahs, or the original traits I gave to my Mage is the equivalent of stealing personal property from my house.  Please respect the intellectual property rights of authors. Fanfiction deals with legally protected works, so writers are taking a risk. Let our books inspire you to create your own worlds and stories.  True fans will appreciate the purity of the stories as they were meant to be told by the author.



No. Translating the titles without permission is a violation of copyright. As the author, I reserve all rights to license uses and adaptations of my work. Do not contact me for permission unless you are a foreign publisher.


I'm a private person, and I don't have any signings in the near future. I'm easy to follow on Facebook and other social media platforms where I interact with fans.


Write reviews, make social media videos, recommend to your friends/family/reader groups, and follow my newsletter so you always know what's coming next! The most effective tool for getting a book out there is word of mouth, so if you're in any reader/book groups on social media or in person, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, then I strongly encourage you to recommend these books! Supporting your favorite authors will allow them to continuing giving you all the stories and worlds you love.


WILL THERE BE A BOOK ABOUT [Enter Character Name Here]? 

I never discuss book ideas, including story concepts with specific characters. When there is a book in the works, I will post updates on my website, newsletter, and social media. Spinoffs with characters are never out of the question, but I will only discuss projects that are set in stone. It is unfair to readers for me to discuss ideas I want to or plan to write but never follow through with.



I do not support the use of AI. See my About Me page for more.


I wanted to take a moment to address my thoughts on online ebook piracy. This has been a growing issue. Currently, I do not offer, nor have I ever offered, any of my books for free anywhere. If that ever changes, links will be listed on this website. Library books are the exception as I do have some ebooks and audiobooks available to libraries. Even with those, I receive a small cut, but not for each download or book, only the single title load to the library.

Authors deserve payment for their work, the same as any worker or artist. It is vital for our survival in the industry as well as keeping the lights on. It takes a minimum of sixth months, start to finish, for a single book to be written and ready for publication. Every time a person downloads an illegal copy, they are saying they don't care about that person's hard work or ability to maintain a career so they can bring you more stories. We all need to support artists we love, whether it's authors, designers, illustrators, musicians, or other.

If you are looking for bargains, I occasionally run sales! Especially when I have a new book release, I might make the first book in that series free or a boxed set. Occasionally, they might be promoted through Bookbub, so feel free to stalk me on that site!

As of 2023, these are the online book retailers who are authorized to distribute my ebooks (this excludes print & audio distributors. See Audiobooks page for audio distributors):

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google Play
  • Kobo (Rakuten)
  • Smashwords
  • Fable (app)
  • Library sites like Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca, and Overdrive (Only select titles)
  • Tolino
  • Vivlio 
  • Gardners

My audiobooks page lists the major audio sites, as well as authorized library distributors (Overdrive, Libby, Hoopla). To see where I sell paperback/hardcovers, go to the Books page, select your series or book, and view links. Print copies can be resold, so they could wind up anywhere from Ebay to a local bookstore. Digital goods, on the other hand, cannot be resold. That means readers cannot resell an ebook, distribute copies, or upload to any file sharing site.

I won't go into the expenses of publishing. The cost of editors, proofreaders, cover designers, stock art, advertising, taxes, health insurance, and more can be crushing. Some authors are trying to make ends meet, and others have had to stop writing because it's not enough income to support their family.

When someone downloads a book from an unauthorized website, which we call a pirating website, they are, in fact, paying the thief and not the author. They sometimes ask for donations or run ads on their website. Those sites often look legit, and it might be hard to tell the difference. I've seen them accepting credit card payments, offering subscription services, or asking for donations via Paypal. You have no idea who these people are or what they'll do with your information. Even visiting the site could be dangerous. It's not uncommon for malicious malware and scripts to be included in the file downloads or on the page itself.

Luckily, books are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. Ebooks softened the blow of the hefty $35 new release price tag by inviting readers on an adventure for less than $5 or $10. Prolific readers can run up their charges fast, and that's why some authors offer their books free, discounted, or at the library.

I'm not here to be anyone's moral compass, but it's important to know how supporting pirates can ultimately result in hurting your favorite authors. I've had a few readers tell me they found my books free and later realized it was wrong, so they purchased their copies. I think that's wonderful. Sometimes we don't always realize we're being duped on these websites. What can you do about the problem? Aside from the obvious of not engaging in those practices, speak out against it. Whether that's on social media or in any book circles you engage in where you see it being discussed. You might not be able to sway everyone, but your message may get through to one person, and that's something. 

At the end of the day, it's not just wrong, it's illegal. I will continue to work hard to bring you these stories and characters you love so long as I have continued support.

Peace, love, and happy reading.

Dannika Dark Books