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Paranormal romance. Austin Cole and his brothers are forming a pack, and the last thing on their minds is getting tethered to a mate. But the more they resist, the harder they fall. A series about brotherhood, family, second chances, and finding that person who completes you. Cliff-hanger-free. HEA in each book.

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Books in the Seven Series
Seven Years book cover, profile of a handsome shirtless man looking down pensively. He has abstract tattoos on his shoulders, the background bright blue. Six months book cover, closeup of a tough guy staring ahead, a scar on his lip and hair trimmed close. Background is an emerald green Five weeks book cover, a profile of a young handsome man gazing ardently at the lens, his hair a long brown, rings on his fingers, a leather jacket. Background is fiery red with a flaming guitar image. Four days book cover, a profile of a beautiful woman with a long braid gazing pensively. She is a mixed heritage of white and native american. Background is radiant gold with a dream catcher hanging Three Hours book cover, a handsome man with short hair and a short beard gripping a chain around his neck, tattoos covering his body. Background is bright teal. Two Minutes book cover, side shot of a handsome man gazing downward at his athletic body, a scar on his forehead. Short blond hair, black and white image. Background is a vibrant purple with a magica swirl of light accenting the book title letter O so that it looks like a diamond ring. Charming book cover, a handsome prince with a crown gazing forward, his long hair combed back. Teal-green background. One Second book cover of a black-and-white image of a handsome man, one arm draped on top of his head as he looks to his left. He's shirtless, tattoos on his shoulders. Background is silvery-gray. Winter Moon book cover features a pack of wolves on a snowy night, a silvery moon illuminating their gray fur as one of them howls into the night. Insider's Guide for Seven series has a damask background with ornate gold borners and a shiny red banner across the center with the book title.

Seven Series
Paranormal Romance
Found family
Primarily Shifters but includes other Breeds
Friends to lovers
Enemies to lovers
Rock star romance
✅  Disabled character
✅  LGBTQA+ rep
Native American romance
Who hurt you? / Tortured hero
Cinnamon roll hero
Funny & feel good mixed with high stakes drama
A different love story each book but an overall story arc
Despite individual love stories, should be read in order 

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