Reading Order

Question: "Which series do I start with?"
Answer: Any series you want. Visit the BOOKS PAGE for the reading order for each individual series. Every series stands alone and is not wholly dependent on reading another. You won't feel lost. Each book simply expands upon the universe, focusing on different Breed types and characters. The world is immersive, so get lost in it. Keep scrolling if you want to follow the white rabbit.

Publishing order:
  1. Mageri Series (urban fantasy)
  2. Seven Series (paranormal romance)
  3. Crossbreed Series (urban fantasy)
  4. Black Arrowhead Series (paranormal romance)
1. New readers who want the ultimate reading experience
2. Superfans/purists
Note: If you have read all the books in the Mageriverse, you are free to read them in any order you desire. Go nuts.
The purpose of this list is to allow new readers the full experience of every twist and crossover as they occurred when the books were initially released. This is the chronological order of events in the Mageriverse. Not necessarily the publishing order. You can read more down below on that.



All books to date are written in the same universe (Mageriverse). Worldbuilding is sufficiently explained for the series, and readers are never left hanging. Surprise twist/crossovers are thoughtfully written in a way to try not to spoil it for readers who may have started reading a more recent series.


Do not contact Dannika Dark to correct the reading order. THE GIFT in particular "can" be read right after the Mageri series, if you have read all the books. But what made the twist in the Seven series so special was not knowing ahead of time. This list was compiled with those people in mind who want to experience the stories and surprises as they were initially written.



THE MAGERI AND SEVEN SERIES can be read independently of one another. However, there's a surprise crossover in the Seven series. For the best experience, read the Mageri series first. If you want to know all the connections between them, pick up the Seven Series Insider's Guide.

THE CROSSBREED SERIES contains a Mageri series character (Christian Poe) along with Mageri surprise cameos. In the Mageriverse timeline, it takes place after the Mageri series. If you want to know all the connections, pick up the Crossbreed Series Insider's Guide.

THE BLACK ARROWHEAD SERIES includes next generation Seven series characters and a few cameos. The story does not hinge on information from the Seven series, but knowing the characters' origin stories makes it special. Even though this series was written after Crossbreed, it can be read immediately following Seven for readers who don't want to wait to see what happens with the kids. Either order is fine.

THE GIFT and WINTER MOON were both written at the same time, after both the Mageri and Seven series ended. The Gift is better appreciated following the Seven Series.

CLOSER is a Mageri series novella. It contains no Mageri series spoilers and can be read as a stand-alone.

RISK is a Mageri side novel about Simon Hunt and contains SPOILERS about the Mageri series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but if you plan to read the Mageri series, follow the suggested reading order.

CHARMING is a Seven Series side novel about Prince. It does NOT contain any major Seven Series spoilers and can be enjoyed as a stand alone. In the Seven timeline, it falls between Two Minutes and  One Second.

This image may not up to date to include upcoming or recent releases. Black Arrowhead books will follow the previous ones in the series in the correct order. I will try to keep this updated.