Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Book Announcement & Cover reveal

 I love surprises.

The Crossbreed series has come to it's conclusion with Evildoer, and I love everything about how it ended. It fit the characters, the story, and still left a little mystery while tying up all the loose ends.

Yet there was one storyline that I couldn't work in for a couple of reasons: the wedding.

So without further adieu...


Coming May 9, 2023

Raven Black’s wedding is on a collision course with disaster. A bonus novella in the USA Today bestselling Crossbreed series! 

Keystone’s planning an unforgettable wedding, but there’s only one problem: the groom is missing. To top that off, the father of the bride is out of town, leaving Raven to wonder if destiny has screwed her over once again. Despite the setbacks, she’s full steam ahead—even if that means showing up at the altar alone.

Hilarious antics ensue as readers catch up with their favorite characters. A high-octane chase, a tattoo gone wrong, and a stunning surprise. Will Christian pledge his eternal love, or has the twice-burned Vampire gotten cold feet?

The series ending you’ve been waiting for.



Immortally yours.



All ebook retailers go live on May 9. Preorders are exclusive with Apple books and Smashwords. Also coming to audiobook May 9. Audio preorders will be up at a later date and added to the audiobooks section of this website.




Friday, January 20, 2023

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Hardcovers & Paperbacks

The Seven series hardcovers are now available on Barnes & Noble! You can find them all here: 

The Amazon links are here: 

The Seven Series hardcovers are a special edition with discreet covers. You can view the front cover on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. A small graphic is included inside of the model shown on the ebook/paperbacks. The color design matches the original books.  The ebooks and paperbacks will retain their original design of the models.

Seven series hardcovers

Additionally, I gave the Seven Series paperbacks a small touch-up by colorizing the spines so they stand out better on a bookshelf. You can see the originals in the background (picture below) and the new ones stacked up in front. No other changes were made other than spine enhancement. 

View a list of all Seven Series paperback retailers (with links) here:

Seven series paperbacks

Now that the Crossbreed series is complete, it's a great time to start collecting. I plan to release the hardcovers in 2023, and these covers will match the ebook/paperbacks. Readers love seeing Raven and Christian too much for me to do anything other than provide a large glossy of them both. And yes, the hardcovers are larger than the paperbacks.

Here's a look at the Crossbreed paperbacks. Evildoer will not have the watermark stripe on the cover for customer copies (that's just my proof)

View a list of all Crossbreed series paperback retailers (with links) here:

Crossbreed series paperbacks

Let's not forget the Mageri series! The hardcovers match the current ebooks, which display symbols. These covers were recently updated after the series hit its 10 year anniversary. The paperbacks, however, will retain the original design with the model on the cover. 

You can find the paperbacks and hardcovers along with retailers listed here:

Mageri series hardcovers (left)


Available in hardcover:

  • Mageri Series
  • Seven Series
  • Risk
  • Closer
  • Charming

Coming soon in hardcover:

  • Crossbreed Series
  • Black Arrowhead Series

Available in paperback:

  • All books!

Hardcover retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble

Paperback retailers (this is not a full list as print resale is possible or listings at walmart/target)

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Books-A-Million
  • Book Depository


(Because I get asked this a lot) Here is a visual of what to expect with each format.


Seven Series ebook & paperback designs:

Seven Series hardcover designs:

Note: Seven Series Insider's Guide is not available in hardcover. However, the paperback copy is 6x9, which is the same size as the hardcovers I print.

Mageri Series designs:

  • Top row: paperback
  • Bottom row: ebook & hardcover

Crossbreed Series ebook & paperback designs
(soon to be hardcover)


Risk hardcover design

Risk ebook & paperback design

Closer hardcover design

Closer ebook & paperback design

Charming hardcover design









Charming ebook & paperback design