The Black Arrowhead Boxed Set is here!

Many readers love ebook boxed sets for various reasons. Some like having the books separately so they can enjoy the covers. Boxed sets are also a great way to introduce yourself to a new series! If you have been on the fence about Black Arrowhead or know some readers looking for a good Paranormal Romance series that features other supernaturals, be sure to let them know about this new release!   Sparks fly in this riveting new series by USA Today bestselling author Dannika Dark. The most unconventional wolf pack ever assembled. New friends and old unite, overcoming all odds and forming a family in Texas Hill Country. Some are running from their past, but the past will always catch up when you least expect it. Brave women, fiercely loyal men, and plenty of twists will leave you on the edge of your seat in this action-packed series about love, found family, and defeating your enemies. ebooks Amazon (US) Amazon (non-US) Apple Books Barnes & Noble Kobo Google P

Cover Reveal: The Sinner

 I'm excited to bring you the cover reveal for THE SINNER (Black Arrowhead 5)! Sign up to my newsletter or follow me on social media to get alerted when the book is released! Preorders are limited to certain retailers (I don't do them on Amazon) but all retailers go live on the release date! Each one of these books is special for a different reason, and the time it takes between releases is what's needed to craft each story as it was meant to be. And the same goes for the cover design! I design all my covers, and this one was a challenge to find the right Archer vibe. I've also been having fun with the silhouette designs at the bottom, so I hope you enjoy this new cover reveal. THE SINNER Black Arrowhead: Book 5 Release Date: September 3, 2024 An addictive page-turner in the Black Arrowhead series. SYNOPSIS: Cecilia is an introvert who rarely leaves the house, but she must overcome her fears in order to sell her late father’s extensive book collection. When she

Title Reveal

Small surprise! Title reveal for the next book in the Black Arrowhead series. The Sinner Cover reveal & release date TBA
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