The Gift


Despite a powerful snowstorm that has shut down the city, Silver and the Mageri crew are preparing to spend a peaceful holiday at home, surrounded by family, food, and merriment. But the party comes to an abrupt end when Logan receives an unexpected call, one that forces him to make a life-changing decision that could affect his relationship with Silver forever. Can they find the courage to weather the storm?

Lives are at risk in this compelling and heartwarming story about the remarkable journey of love.

Book 5.5



Hardcover Special Edition

AMAZON (non-US) 



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  1. I send my inmate son books every couple of weeks. He called last night and said he can't wait to start the Mageri series. Other inmates have been reading his books and apparently they are all crazy about the Mageri and he can't get them back. This week's shipment (I have to send paperbacks thru Amazon) contains Gravity and Shine. Other inmates are also sending messages about subjects they would like to read about. So, Ms Dark, there is a jail in Oklahoma with inmates eagerly reading your work and passing them around rather than getting into trouble.

    1. I'm so glad that he's enjoying the series. Books are a wonderful portal to other worlds, lives, and all that is possible. Happy reading :)

  2. Love the Mageri and Seven series... Hope you keep them coming!!

  3. I love these dark haired heroines. Can't get enough. I'm hoping something goes on between Niko and Gem too...


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