Risk (Mageri Novel)


AMAZON (US)  | Available elsewhere

Simon Hunt is a masterful Mage when it comes to knives, solving puzzles, and women. But when a Mageri Councilman asks for a personal favor, his skills are put to the test. He reluctantly accepts the impossible job of training a young Learner who is beyond anyone’s help. She’s beautiful, cunning, and disabled. If he succeeds, he’ll receive a hefty paycheck. But if he fails, more is at stake than merely his reputation.
A compelling tale about two lost souls with dark secrets and the unique connection they share. Simon is her last hope… and perhaps she is his.
 What happens when a game of chance becomes a fight for survival?

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  1. I am looking soo very looking forward to this one. Simon Hunt is by far my favorite Dannika Dark character.

  2. Please, please write about vampire Christian. Would love, love to hear his back story plus his accent, "Jaysus Wept."

    1. Christian will be in my next series. :)

    2. Yeah!! Love him and Simon so much. I'm on the 5th, Gravity and getting a little bummed inside just knowing it's closer to the end...so I'm glad that not the case Ian's have more to look forward to

  3. I'm so excited.. I can't wait... Love this series !!

  4. Would love to read about the Cross brothers!!!!


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