Many readers search for a full character list. While I don't have one online, you can see character bios from the Seven Series in the Insider's Guide. This companion book also contains factual information about Shifters and the Seven series. It also contains bonus stories. 

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  1. Just reread the Mageri Series.(I was too impatient the first time, lol) Excellent work. I look forward to reading the rest of you books.

  2. I was wondering if Kane ever found Sunny after his release from prison. And will you ever make a book with Leo or Finn? I really liked them.

    1. Be sure to read THE GIFT! I don't show a reunion but it's lightly touched on. Plus, more Finn and Leo. http://www.dannikadark.net/p/the-gift.html

  3. I am a workaholic and I've been wanting to listen to this series forever. So I Had 5 days off work and pretty much started up for days listening to them all. I'm so glad I waited. Both series Silver Series and Seven Series were so good I've been telling all my people to start it up so I can talk about it. I love how the women in the books aren't weak but strong in mind and body. It's good to see positive women. The characters are well built and will leave you in tears of joy by the end of each book. Please tell me Adam and the Children of Seven will get a story. I have to know where that goes. Plus The Children in the Mageri series... but I love the books. Crossbreed is next!! Thanks Dannika dir giving me another series to love.

  4. Ive just finished this series and am SO sad right now. I feel like Ive lost a family. I hope that you will consider writing more about this amazing group of people. Each story is amazing on its own but I love Reno and April, Jericho and Izzy, Wheeler and Nia, Denver and Mazie and of course Austin and Lexie. Ivy and Lorenzo, Prince and Kat... would love to read about Bens redemption... I love the way the stories evolved and the women saving their misunderstood men from themselves... please write more of the Weston Pack.. the kids deserve stories too... found you from the Breed Series which I also love in spite of the totally frustrating memory wipes....that needs to stop.... my heart breaks for Christian. Thank you too Nicole Poole for her amaze-balls performances....

  5. I would love to see a mini series of the books. On Netflix!! I love how you tied in the seven series with the Mageri series with the baby . I have just about listened to them all. I hope more is coming for audiobooks.

  6. Hi Dannika,
    I am curious. Did I miss a book in the Seven series? I just fnished the last book where there were several references of a rift between Wheeler and Ben. Is this situation that was a plot line in another book?

    1. You can read the full series listing in order here: https://www.dannikadark.net/p/reading-order.html

      Their rift between them was exposed in Three Hours.

  7. Heard there is going to be a Book#7 in The Crossbreed Series. Is there anywhere I can get any information on it?

  8. I have greatly enjoyed all of your work thus far and I can't wait for Crossbreed #7! I have read and re-read them all several times, and each time I am enthralled by the characters and plot. Can't say that about many authors... Thank you.

  9. In the past few months I binge listened to the Seven Series, The Mageri Series, and just finished the last book in the Crossbreed series (Ironically released today) . Out of the three series, Crossbreed is my absolute favorite! You do need to read/listen the other series to better understand the Breed world. I hope the Crossbreed Series continues and can't wait until another is released. Crossbreed is suspenseful, dramatic, funny , and romantic all in one. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every book i listened to and won't hesitate to listen to them again and again.

  10. I have read the Mageri series n just finished the Crossbreeds Series...it was great reading Christians' story....I have enjoyed both the series a lot....I hope u'll write a series with Adam...I really loved his character n would love see him get his own story...

  11. I LOOOVVEEE the Crossbreed Series!!! Funny, Edgy, Twisty, Lusty! WOOT WOOT

  12. I read the crossbreed series Ashley unbound book number 7 and I love it. I just ordered the first three books of the Mageri series, usually I ordered the entire series in the beginning but I'm confused book one refers to someone named Zoe book to refers to someone named silver does Zoe change her name?

  13. LOVED The Vow. I read twice. I so needed the escape with the pandemic insanity. Maybe I'll reread the cross breed books again. They don't dissapoint.

  14. OMWW I just finished the crossbreed series and I feel so sad! I can't wait for the 11th book to be published 🙊🙊❤️


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