Rather than incorporate this into the book, I thought it would be helpful to keep track of it here. Any words or names I've had readers question on pronunciation, I've included an audio (although a couple I just included for the fun of it) This is a work in progress, so as I have time, I'll add to it.

* Many of these concepts and Breeds are original to my series.

An intense act among Mage of sharing light energy in an intimate way.


A ceremonial word used to describe a Mage who forms a permanent relationship with another, similar to marriage.

A term that refers to the body of people living with supernatural abilities and in some cases, extended lifespans. It is a formal word, as it represents them as not only a people, but an organized body of law.

A Breed whose characteristics are that they are typically tall, light hair,  eye colors range in the shade gold, amber, citrine, and pale browns. Chitahs with other eye colors or dark hare are rarities, although they are not seen as desirable among their own kind. They have an intimidating gaze that few can match, and a heightened sense of smell. They can scent emotions. They are hunters by nature and often are hired as trackers. They can run faster than a Mage, and have an internal "animal". They do not shift, but they acquire animalistic, primal behavior whenever they are threatened. An internal switch is flipped when they lose control of their emotions and their primal self takes over. They're in there, aware of what's going on, but are at the mercy of their inner animal instinct. A Breed created by Dannika Dark.

A rare gift among Mage where there is an ability to create another Mage. They are often given more leniency and special treatment, as the Mageri wants to protect their lineage, and only the Creator's have the gift of making a Mage.

The Mage police who carry out orders by the Mageri

first spark
The creation of a Mage by one who has the rare ability to create another. It is the transference of the Creator's light into their progeny, a core light that burns stronger than other Breed.

A common ability among Mage. Their energy is manipulated in such a way that they can move short distances at a high rate of speed. Because it depletes energy, it is not often done for extended periods.

A juicer is considered a rogue Mage that gets a high from stealing the light from another Mage. The energy from a Mage is the strongest light there is, so it is preferable for them to find unattended Learners or a weak Mage, as human's would be killed in the process, and it would be a stupid idea to try it with other Breed. The light from a Mage is powerful, a personal imprint, and if consumed in high volume or regularly - addictive.

A type of Breed who are ancient, uncommon, and dangerous. They often shut off their emotions, coming across as stoic. The friendships they form are very limited and tight, as they trust few. The danger lies in their inability to control an inner demon when they are agitated - one that thirsts for blood. They are often intuitive. A Breed created by Dannika Dark

An ancient word among Mage to describe a duty assigned by the Mageri of taking in a young Learner without a Creator who must be educated of laws, history, and taught how to use their abilities. Ghuardian's act as a a mentor in their life, and a protector as a Learner is vulnerable. They are partners, and form a strong bond throughout their lives. There is no set time that a Learner is expected to stay within their care; it's at the discretion of the Ghuardian.

higher authority
The name given to the higher order of law. Not technically a government as the higher authority exists in various territories and is comprised of different Breeds. They determine guilt/innocence of severe crimes and set punishment.

Used formally or informally, depending on if the young Mage has been given a name by their Creator. The word is basically a term for a young fledgling who must be taught how to live among Breed, control their power, and learn the laws. They are not skilled enough to live on their own, and the Mageri would deem it dangerous to not properly educate a Mage.

leveling down
A term used among Mage to describe the act of balancing ones internal energy when it shifts to a dangerous level. Emotions, adrenaline, etc. are influences that can spike energy levels within a Mage. If they do not concentrate on balancing that energy, it will reverse into negative energy, and deplete, causing them to sleep or fall unconscious for short periods.

*liquid fire
An ancient salve with properties that will stop the healing process. Most Breed use it on tattoos that they wish to remain permanent, as their body would naturally absorb the link. It will also prevent an injury from healing and scar.

A type of Breed with the ability to harness energy. Their power is not in magic, but the light source within each one of them. The word is old, and is not used in the same way humans use it. Mage is capitalized (as all Breed), but is treated differently in one respect: the plural is the same as the singular when referring to the Breed as a whole. Possessive form would have an S. While a Mage is not an original concept, what a Mage is within the Mageri series (being able to wield energy and their abilities) is unique and conceived by Dannika Dark.

*Mageri Higher order of law among Mage. It's a body of government that oversees the Councils which run individual territories. Pronounced: Ma-juree (A sound like in MAD) A Unique concept conceived by Dannika Dark.

A term used among Mage to mark when the Council observes their strengths, weaknesses, and any discovered rare abilities. They are added to the private Mageri records, which document the life and ability of each Mage.

The higher authority police. They serve warrants and conducted arrests, as well as work in the Breed jails. Armed with katanas.

* Sensor
A type of Breed with the ability to detect, store, and transfer emotion. They barter emotions typically for money, unlike most Breed who barter for favors. Unique Breed created by Dannika Dark.

A type of Breed who can shift into an animal. Each Shifter is born into one animal only. Their human form is typically ordinary, and they possess no extraordinary abilities or strength and blend easily into society. Most can't remember what happens while in animal form, with the exception of alphas. Wolves form packs that are run by an alpha who goes by the title of Packmaster. Most Shifters mate with other Shifters of the same animal.

Metal forged with a magic that when plunged into the body of a Mage, will paralyze them. Often used to refer to special knives. They are not common.

* Relic
A type of Breed that is genetically close to being human. They are mortal and live a regular lifespan. What makes them unique is their ability to retain knowledge in their genetic makeup, and pass it down to their children. Most work as healers and consultants for other Breeds, often specializing in specific ones based on their family knowledge. Unique Breed conceived by Dannika Dark.

A basic rundown of their physical traits: eye color, hair color, etc.

Hair: Raven black with chocolate undertones. Long, past her shoulders
Eyes: Vibrant green. The pupils will silver when she is overcharged
Body: 5'9". Long legs, broad shoulders, lean torso and narrow waist.
Tats/Marks: Creator's mark is on her lower right butt cheek where it meets the leg. Three puncture holes on the right side of her neck.

Hair:  Dark blond, but always keeps it shaved very short (not bald). Mr. Golden lashes ;-)
Eyes: Cobalt blue
Body: 6' ballpark. Broad shoulders. Large, strong hands, and thighs that are muscular like a Rugby player (From working out). He gets a vertical crease in his forehead when he's in deep thought, and a vein when he's pissed.
Tats/Marks: Tribal art on his right arm. Tattoo of a sun with lightning flames on his back. His Creator's mark is about an inch long above his navel and looks like a Chinese symbol.

Hair: Dark brown, slight wave to it. Thick and luscious
Eyes: Dark brown with sparkling light deep within their depths. (A reflective quality)
Body: 6'2". Tan. Fit because he's a runner. Square jaw, usually has a trimmed five o'clock shadow. Charismatic, sexy smile that's wolfish and a little sideways. Classically handsome features (not pretty boyish).
Tats/Marks: Old jagged scar on his right flank going towards groin. Unable to elaborate on his other marks at this time.

Hair: Brown. Tousled/bedhead style just to his shoulders.
Eyes: Caramel brown (eyes like candy)
Body: Lean in a very sexy way (not skinny). He wears his physique well. Dimple on his left cheek. He's between the height of Justus and Adam, so around 6'1". Full, kissable lips that thin out to wicked lines at the edge. If he attempts to grow facial hair, it's patchy and he looks like a teen trying out his first scruff (But don't tell him I said that)
Tats/Marks: 4 symbols tattooed on the back of his neck. Creator's mark location unknown. Piercing on his tongue. And a nipple piercing (sighs)

Hair: Blond and to the shoulders. It's all one length so if he doesn't tie it back, it tends to hang in his eyes. Darker at the roots (lighter in the summer from sun)
Eyes: Deep-set with a heavy brow. Golden color that looks like a mix of amber and tiger's eye. The rims are black so the color really stands out. When his switch flips, they turn black.
Body: 6'5". Strong shoulders. He's got a lean physique (built like a male swimmer) but he's ripped, with every muscle well-conditioned. When he smiles it's wide, with faint little laugh lines. Usually tries to keep a smooth shave (his facial hair is not as bristly and harsh as some men's and his body hair is baby fine). Prominent Adam's apple.
Tats/Marks: None specified

Hair: Black and wild; the kind of hair that just doesn't want to lie flat. He keeps it covered with a hat.
Eyes: Dark brown
Body: Thick and muscular with a broad chest. Distinct facial features that are hard like steel with skin taut an pulled over his cheekbones and thick jaw. Rough around the edges. Thin-lipped smile.
Tats/Marks: His face has small indentations/scars. Origin unknown

Hair: Short, blond, and wavy. Beautiful soft locks that are above her shoulders and a honey blond.
Eyes: Sky blue like azure
Body: 5'8". Round nose vs narrow, apple cheeks, pouty lips. Her figure is curvy and she knows how to work it. Men love watching her hips swing. She keeps her nails manicured.
Tats/Marks: None specified

Hair: Short, black hair that styled in spiky chunks. Razor cut short sideburns (stylish)
Eyes: Clear blue (like a Siberian Husky)
Body: Doesn't look older than 25. Very unique and ancient features that are not modern like most men of today. They draw your attention with his dark hair and bright eyes. He has a wide mouth with thin lips and a secretive smile.
Tats/Marks: none specified

Hair: Short, dusty brown hair that's thin
Eyes: Grey
Body: Smaller in stature and lean. He has strong hands and a strong will. He's a nondescript man who looks more like a banker, with very serious features.
Tats/Marks: None specified

Hair: Shaggy, light brown that that covers his ears and curls a little. Wild and unruly
Eyes: Hazel
Body: Lean, but he's slowly filling in and growing into his body. Sloped shoulders and he thinks he's around 22. Finn has a sweet face and an Elfin smile. He embodies all the innocence of a child in the way that he sees the world. His ears stick out and he's self-conscious about them, covering them with his hair.
Tats/Marks: The letter "N" branded on his right arm.

Dark and slicked back. Very well-groomed man. Short 5 o'clock shadow - his facial hair is thick so it looks like a beard. His brows nearly touch into a unibrow. His skin is a beautiful golden brown. I haven't specified his eyes but I would imagine him with Italian traits, and dark, brown eyes. Well dressed.

Hair: Dark brown hair of medium length (I see it as the length you can grab onto a bit of it)
Eyes: Black
Body:  A commanding posture with sharp angles and a straight back. Leaner than Justus but he can hold his own. His features are not striking enough that you would immediately notice him; he could slip into a trench coat and simply blend into the crowd. He likes to keep his whiskers out (a short beard) and growing down his jaw towards his neck. Someone give this man a Bic razor.
Tats/Marks: None specified. His skin is smooth and blemish free (a Vampire trait

Hair: Honey-brown. Edgy cut, length of neck, with long bangs often parted to the side or clipped back
Eyes: Coffee colored (long, black lashes)
Body: Heart-shaped face, small hands, delicate features, slender neck, creamy complexion. She has classic beauty that she doesn't flaunt, but wears rectangular glasses for reading and conservative clothes.
Tats/Marks:  Tiny mark on the corner of her eye, small scar on the hairline, faint scars on her earlobes from piercings.
Age: 26

Villain. Name pronounced like Erik with a T
Hair: Black Mohawk