The Black Arrowhead Boxed Set is here!

Many readers love ebook boxed sets for various reasons. Some like having the books separately so they can enjoy the covers.

Boxed sets are also a great way to introduce yourself to a new series! If you have been on the fence about Black Arrowhead or know some readers looking for a good Paranormal Romance series that features other supernaturals, be sure to let them know about this new release!

 Shirtless man sitting on a mossy rock with a wolf standing behind him.

Sparks fly in this riveting new series by USA Today bestselling author Dannika Dark.

The most unconventional wolf pack ever assembled. New friends and old unite, overcoming all odds and forming a family in Texas Hill Country. Some are running from their past, but the past will always catch up when you least expect it. Brave women, fiercely loyal men, and plenty of twists will leave you on the edge of your seat in this action-packed series about love, found family, and defeating your enemies.



THE VOW (Book 1) Melody loves the thrill of a new adventure, but she’s about to get more than she bargained for after she starts up a passionate affair while trapped in the middle of a murder investigation. High-stakes drama and hilarious antics ensue between the bow-wielding heroine and her best friend’s brother. This romance includes close proximity, a murder mystery, excellent use of a heat house, and a secret relationship all wrapped up into one delicious story.

THE ALPHA (Book 2) Bad luck is following Hope like a menacing cloud, and things are about to heat up when she meets Tak, son of a famous tribal leader. Tak wants to bury the hatchet with his former best friend, but instead he winds up falling for his friend’s sister in this slow-burn romance about two emotionally scarred people navigating love, trust, and commitment. This cinnamon-roll alpha is not your typical wolf and will make you swoon, cheer, and possibly spit out your drink.

THE CHOSEN (Book 3) Robyn is desperately searching for a pack, but Shifters don’t accept humans, especially ones with watchdogs. Her fate takes a wild turn when she hitches a ride with a band of rogues who are vying for a spot in a newly formed pack. She forms an unlikely romance with Montana, who will do anything to protect her. Against all odds, two people from different worlds fall in love. Includes forced marriage, high-stakes action, a slow-burn romance, and a treat for Mageri fans. Also, the dog doesn’t die.





"The Vow is chock-full of action, mystery, romance, and a sexy hero who has been in love with the strong heroine since they first met all those years ago, and a heroine who tries to deny the fact she too is in love with the hero. I cannot rave enough about Nicole Poole's narration performance for all of Dark's titles and she brought her A-game for the first book in the Black Arrowhead series."
- That's What I'm Talking About

"The Vow not only delivered a
hot and steamy romance between the hero and the heroine, but it also brought a suspenseful murder mystery to the table. Wow! What a ride."
- Totally Addicted to Reading

"The tale that unfolds has a bit of a suspenseful murder-mystery, a look into tribal clans and prejudice that exist even between the shifters. It also delivers a snarky, sweet, o
h so hot romance that fans and newcomers will swoon over. Whether you listen or read it, fans of shifters, romances and fantasy need to grab this series and slip into this world Dark has created. You won't be sorry!"
- Caffeinated Reviewer

"The book flows effortlessly.
It creates this movie in your head that you never want to end. But what a beautiful ending it was. "
- Book Addicts Reviews


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