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 I love a good surprise. I have been working tirelessly on a special project that has required hours upon hours of meticulous research and compiling of facts. I knew from the start that the Crossbreed Series Companion: An Insider's Guide would be a massive undertaking, but writing the series was no easy feat, so why should this?

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While the Seven Series Insider's Guide provides an in-depth look at the series, characters, and Shifters, this guide goes way beyond that.

It had to.

We had multiple Breeds represented, so I compiled facts about every Breed in my world that is currently known about. Want to know all about Chitah culture? Perhaps a detailed breakdown of every Mage power? There's also a full listing of every location. I provide a breakdown of every room in the Keystone mansion. On top of that, an extended glossary.

But wait, there's more.

Crossbreed fans will have access to detailed character bios, Easter eggs, and spoilers. I give a list of every crossover that occurs, some which may have sneaked right by you. Included are my personal notes about not only the individual books, but also the covers and each character. Discover character motives as the author intended.

But wait, there's more.

Included are TWO BONUS SHORT STORIES! While that wasn't planned, there was one in particular I'd been dying to explore for many years.

This is the ultimate guide for Crossbreed fans. The paperback and hardcover will both be 6x9. Ebook will also be available and there are preorders below! I can't set the print copies on preorder, but if you are signed up for my newsletter, you'll get an email when everything is live.

COMING OCT 24, 2023 - preorders are available! Scroll down for the links

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The most comprehensive guide for the Breed world to date! Crossbreed fans will delight in a behind-the-scenes look at these unforgettable stories. Included is a detailed character breakdown, hidden spoilers, the author’s perspective in the making of both the stories and the covers, fun facts, favorite quotes, Easter eggs, and much more! This is a truly special edition that celebrates everything fans love about the Crossbreed series but also gives in-depth reference material to the Breed world.

BONUS: Two brand-new short stories included!

This insider’s guide is not just for Crossbred fans. Mageriverse addicts will devour the Breed profiles, which provide detailed facts about each Breed’s customs, physical traits, laws, history, and gifts—just to name a few! An expanded glossary is also included.

This guide contains spoilers and a riveting short story about Christian Poe that’s sure to please!

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Crossbreed Insider's Guide in print


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 Print size is a hefty 6x9 in both paperback and hardcover.


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