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I thought I would post a few updates here:

SEVEN YEARS is an Audie Award finalist!
 For the full list of finalists announced by the Audio Publishers Association:…/Audies_Nominations_Release.pdf

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Simon Hunt's side novel is coming soon. This Mageri world novel is chocked full of spoilers, so if you haven't read the Mageri series and plan to, you'll want to read those books first. Otherwise, Simon's book - while fun on it's own - will spoil the whole shebang. Unlike CHARMING where I did my best not to include a lot of information about the Seven series characters so it could truly be read as a stand-alone, RISK is a "Gift" to my Mageri readers, and therefore it will include information about other Mageri characters that is spoilerific.  PS: The image you see is not from the cover.

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I hope when Simon's book is released you show Mageri love by posting a review. This book would have never happened had it not been for the love and encouragement of Mageri readers who wanted more. And future side novels may depend on how successful Simon's book is. There needs to be enough readers eagerly awaiting these to know it's worth my time to write them. So get out there and be vocal as hell. ;-)

Goodreads is an awesome place to win books, so it's a place I continue to host giveaways. I might not always announce it, so be sure to check in or bookmark my giveaways. Here are two currently running:


Be sure to pass along the info to all your reading buddies, especially those who haven't tried out this series yet. 

I've heard a lot of readers pleading to continue the Seven series, but all good things must come to an end. Just like the Mageri series, I always like to keep doors open in case I want to revisit the characters in side novels, like I'm doing with Simon. But I also think a series needs to end when it's right. I've said this before, but I'd never want to drag out a series if my heart wasn't in it. Readers would know, and the love for these characters would fade. 

Another way to look at it is I had my Mageri Series fans in the same predicament several years ago. But had I not ended the Mageri series, you would have never met Wheeler, Denny, Austin, Lexi, Naya and the gang. Every ending means a new beginning. Something fresh, new, and exciting. Another character to swoon over, more mysteries, more twists and shocking revelations within the Mageri universe. Each new series allows readers to explore even deeper in the Mageri universe, discovering more about certain Breeds and being introduced to new ones. Crossovers may or may not happen, and maybe the mystery of that adds to the excitement. Just know that if I do these crossovers, I will try to be as subtle as possible so if there are readers who are not familiar with this character, they might not even realize it's a crossover until they read the other series that character is in (as I did with Ivy's book). So if it happens, you might only have descriptions to go on and not names. :)

And if you're curious about the chronological reading order, go HERE

I've set up a Goodreads page for the first book in my next series. ADD IT TO YOUR SHELF HERE. I haven't announced any information on this book, but when it's available, I'll make the necessary updates and be sure to notify my readers.

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