Do you sell signed paperbacks?
Selling signed paperbacks direct is not something I do at this time. This also includes shipping me your books with postage. I have giveaways on Facebook and Goodreads as time permits, so always check there for a chance to win. Some authors offer signed copies, so check their websites. Others don't for the same reasons or they don't want to deal with all the shipping nonsense and sales/state tax. Please always check author websites prior to making a request. I do have swag items over on Zazzle (Search for my name or "Mageri"), so swing by there if someone you know has a birthday coming up. I'm a one-woman show and spend upwards of 16 hours a day managing the business, so every slice of time away from the actual writing matters.If my house becomes a shipping zone, you're going to see less books. And I get a lot of requests.

Will you read my manuscript?
I do not accept manuscripts to review or critique. Any sent to me will not be opened.

Can you give me advice on writing/publishing?
If you send me a message with this question, I'm sorry, but I cannot reply. My advice is to
1.) Read a lot of craft books
2.) Write a lot. Some may discover that this is more of a hobby than a profession they want to pursue, and there are great sites like Wattpad where people can share each other's stories.
3.) If you are a published author, form a small group of authors on your writing level in your genre that you can bounce ideas and marketing advice off of. You will learn from each other and grow
4.) Utilize the Internet for research. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips, and there is no magic formula anyone can give you to write a good story or be a success. It requires hours of hard work, an ability to acclimate to change, and sacrifice.

What are your thoughts on fanfiction?
I'm opposed to fanfiction written in my world. Every author is going to have a different view on this, so you should research the authors to find out their stance and also familiarize yourself with copyright laws. But see, I have invested hours of labor and love into these books. Writing about my characters is like kidnapping my children and raising them as your own. Writing about unique words and concepts, such as the Mageri, Chitahs, or what I've done with the Mage is the equivalent of stealing personal property from my house.  Please respect the intellectual property rights of authors. Fanfiction deals with legally protected works, so writers are taking a risk. Let our books inspire you to create your own worlds and stories.  True fans will appreciate the purity of the stories as they were meant be told by the author.

What are some books you recommend?
Tons! There are so many in trad and indie publishing that it's impossible to even create a list since I read in various genres. I do have a Goodreads account where I've put some books on my shelves, although they are not my full list. It's hard to recommend books without knowing what the reader's personal preferences is in not only genre, but the level of magic, violence, or romance they like. I began reading paranormal books such as Jeaniene Frost, Chloe Neill, Lara Adrian, Gena Showalter, and now read lots of books from my friends or bestsellers. I wish I had more time to read as many books as I used to, but my commitment to my readers to create more stories is more important.

Will you attend a conference?
Mayhap. I'm a private person, and I don't have any signings in the near future. You can go to authorgraph.com and request a virtual autograph from me - just as cool and delivered to your ereader! I'm also easy to follow on Facebook. I also don't sell autographed books direct. It takes too much time to handle those orders where I could be writing.

I love your books! How can I support you?
Write reviews, recommend to your friends, and follow my newsletter so you always know what's coming next! :)


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  2. Will there be an extension of the 7 series like another series with some of characters form 7? In Winter Moon I got the impression that Lakota was interested in Melody.

    1. Anything is possible. I hope you have a chance to also read the Mageri series. You can sign up for my newsletter or keep checking back for announcements on upcoming titles and series. :)

  3. Just finished the first 3 books of the 7 series and was totally captivated. I like this world you've created and can't wait to read the rest of the series. It was refreshing to read something with not too many typos, misspelled words,etc. These are like commercials at a good part of a movie, too many and you end up changing channels. Thank you for not leaving cliffhangers. It just shows you have confidence in your story and don't need to lure readers back. If it's a good story we'll be back. Thank you again for such a good read.

    1. Thank you, Avidreader. I hope you are curious about the other books I write within the same universe as I think you'll enjoy the slight overlap. Enjoy your adventures with the Weston pack! Happy reading.

  4. I have read all your books, and I am getting ready to read Keystone. So just curious when we can expect the next one? By the way I absolutely LOVED your books. Captivating and kept you coming back. I have recommended you so many times and nobody has been disappointed. I can't wait to read Christian. He was one of those that through the books that he was in I wanted to throttle him. Then the next thing you know you were in love with him and felt bad for him. �� Then the ending when he left i literally cried. Crazy right? Lol. Well anyway. Just wanted to say thank you from an avid reader that you have done an amazing job. And I am ready for the next one������.

  5. Hope you enjoy it, and Ravenheart should be out sometime late Spring. Once I have a firm release date I'll announce here as well as my newsletter. I'm so glad you've enjoyed my other stories, and I appreciate your recommending them to others! Yes, Christian was definitely a character who was unabashedly himself, and as the Crossbreed series continues, we'll get more opportunities to learn what makes him tick. Happy reading!

  6. Your books are fantastic, I read all of them in one week!!!!!! Your characters and the world you write about are so real. Loved Raven and Christians story, can't wait for the next one! Thank you and well done!