About Release Dates

 If you are new to my books, be aware that the ebook and audiobooks will be available on all major retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books, Smashwords) on the advertised release day.


Some retailers may have a preorder set up, such as Apple Books, but generally preorders are not set up at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, and typically Barnes & Noble. This is purely a business decision, and every publisher and author does what works best for them.

You don't need to worry about missing out! When the books are live, they will be promoted on all social media outlets and this website. Need a reminder? SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter and receive an email with the purchase links!

Print copies go live about a week in advance so that print readers can have their paperback in hand ideally by the release date. Shipping times vary based on country and location, so that's why I've chosen this route. Also, hardcovers are totally unpredictable and sometimes wind up taking a few weeks. Preorder for print is not an option for me.

I am thrilled at how excited readers are to read the next book! Just be sure before posting messages or sending emails about when it will be live that you check the website for the advertised release date.

The Thief will be live on April 9.

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