Mageri Paperback makeover

 I recently took a look at the Mageri series covers, which are now some 10+ years old. I'm speaking specifically of the paperback version, which I left as the original covers. (ebook and hardcovers have new branding)


Nothing drastic. No new overall look or branding. But they look GORGEOUS!

 What got a shiny polish? The front, back, and spine to brighten, sharpen, colorize, and enhance. Fonts types were freshened up. My goal was to make sure no one's partial collection was significantly disrupted with all-new cover styles. No changes were made to RISK or THE GIFT.

The original covers are on the left, the "enhanced" paperback covers are on the right. These are chunky books that will look amazing on your shelf!

Note: the alignment looks slightly off in this picture only because some are sitting on bookends.

Aren't they beautiful?


But I didn't stop there...

The interiors were also updated to not only show the full list of books in my universe, but chapter headers and text messages are stylized, there's a fresh new title page, and a few other minor details were cleaned up.

I always wanted Logan on the covers somewhere, so I removed the shadowy figure in the background and put him on Impulse. Obviously readers like to imagine characters in their heads, but I can't exactly put stick figures on my covers, so here we are. ;-)

You can add add these beautiful editions to your collection using the paperback links on the MAGERI SERIES PAGE

These are what the hardcover & ebook editions look like:

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