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THE MAGERI SERIES turned 10 this year! It is truly hard to believe that I published my first novel a decade ago. I'm grateful to the readers who have supported me along the way and have remained longtime fans.

I design all my own covers, and I put my heart into each one. So every one of them is sentimental to me, but I also have to think about broadening the appeal of my books to readers as time goes by. Sometimes a new cover can cast a wider net.

I'm really excited to show off the new Mageri series covers. YES, they are very different from the originals. That was the idea. Mageri is an edgy story, but it's also got a lot of romance and magic. This series is really an introduction to my world, so I wanted covers that would convey that, but I also took care that each one has been thoughtfully designed with the story of that book in mind. Nothing in the books has changed; this is simply a cover update.


Please note that I will keep the original paperback designs for a few months. Readers who want to finish out their collection should have plenty of time to purchase those books. 

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TWIST: Book 2 

IMPULSE: Book 3 
















SHINE: Book 5 

The great thing about indie? I have full control over my covers. Especially me, since I design them. There does come a time when a series needs to explore new branding in order to cast a wider net and attract new readers. It has been an entire decade since Sterling came out (omg) and those covers will always be nostalgic for me. I am hopeful that these will do just that, as the work behind design as well as all the updating I had to do was mindbending.
I am actually a sucker for object covers, but I’ve never been able to really design them (except for the novellas) because I always have to make sure to stay within the parameters of genre cover trends. I have to say that Sterling, which showed Silver with light coming from her hands, was ahead of it’s time considering the current trend that is ubiquitous in urban fantasy. I felt the risk of doing something different was worth it. Besides that, I think some readers were getting my mageri and crossbreed series mixed up because of the similar look of the protag.
I’m holding off on updating paperbacks. I know there are readers who have purchased the paperbacks that will want to finish them out so that the branding machines. Once the covers flip, I can’t really help those caught in the midst of the series. But at least those who follow me on social media, website, etc. will have some advance warning.
Everything I do has meaning. If y’all had zoomed in on the original Shine cover, you would have noticed that I even put Justus’s Creator’s mark on his So to break it down a little:
STERLING: I chose the dragon pendant because of two reasons. One, this pendant is in the book and is used during a pivotal moment. Second, the dragon symbol has a few meanings. One of which is that it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge.
TWIST: The key. You will see Silver holding the key on the original Twist cover. The key again is during a pivotal moment in the book. But additionally, it symbolizes Silver taking control and reclaiming her life.
“As long as your mind and heart are free—no man owns you, no chains can hold you. The key to your freedom has always been in your own pocket.”
IMPULSE: The cover I have booped so many times. LOL Readers know that this is Max, and without spoilers, there’s just a moment in the book of Silver reclaiming that which she loves. I also like the mystery of Max’s mismatched eyes, something that is a genetic condition. And genetics play a role in this book.
GRAVITY: The rose on fire. Welp, those of you who read the book don’t need any breakdown of this one.
SHINE: If you noticed in the first series, lightning and light are on every cover. It’s part of Silver’s identity, let’s say. And of course, we had a huge display of power in this book. There was also a note left behind from “someone” that simply said: “May your new light forever shine.”
I hope you can appreciate them for what they are, and with hope, maybe a little facelift will help draw in some new readers to the books and into our Mageri family. I realize there will always be those who prefer the originals; I will always love them as well. After all, they are what brought you here ❤
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