Character Interview

Some fans posed questions to my characters in a fun event, but they had no idea I was collecting those questions to relay. I couldn't address them all, but selected the ones I thought would be interesting. So I called my characters and posed these questions for them to answer:

Warning: If you haven't read Mageri series, these contain spoilers. Big'uns.


You are a guest in Dannika’s writing cave, and have the chance to meet one of the characters, which one would it be and what 2 questions would you ask him/her?

I would like to speak with William. I have a million questions for him but mostly I would like to know how many bodies he has transported in the trunk of his car (lol) 

WILLIAM: Mustn't dwell on numbers. ;-)

My questions would be for Wheeler, and Denver. Wheeler will you please leave Naya and marry me lol Denver what is your favorite movie and why?

WHEELER: I'm flattered as hell that you asked that, sweetheart, but there's no way in hell I'm leaving my woman. She's too good to me.

DENVER:  Dumb and Dumber. It's like watching a documentary of my family.

Sunny - How things are going with Novice wink emoticon and if she has seen/heard from Kane

SUNNY:  Novis is an absolute doll, but he could loosen up a little. Kane is doing well and he sends his hello.

Lucian. Is it easier to feel like a part of the family now that the "family" is made up of so many diverse characters?

LUCIAN: There's never a dull moment.

Maybe Jericho. Asking him what his favorite song is apart from his own and how he feels as a responsible father 

JERICHO:  I'm going through an 80s phase right now and diggin' on Van Halen's OU812 Album. Fatherhood ROCKS.

I would love to talk to Logan Cross!!!! My two questions for him would be 1. Do you regret anything you have done to/for Silver? And depending on his answer 2. What would you change or would you change anything?

LOGAN: I regret nothing. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my female, even if it involves my wearing a pair of roller skates.

I am wild about Christian.  I would ask how he could leave Silver when he did and what does he really feel about Logan in her life.

CHRISTIAN:  And I'm wild about you, lass. Silver no longer required my services, and a man has to get moving in life. I've got nothing to say either way about the big cat. It's a peculiar match, that one.


Silver do you miss your human life? What has been your biggest adjustment?

SILVER: Immortality is just a new chapter, but I don't miss my old life if going back would mean letting go of Logan and everything I have now. The biggest adjustment? Living with a man who purrs in his sleep. ;-)

Novis. What is his best advice for young people?

NOVIS:  Remember that each day of your life is not a gift to you, but a gift to others. Make it count.

OH THIS ONE IS EASY. Mr. Logan Cross for sure and my two question would be this, 1. Can he give my husband a few tips on how to love a woman

LOGAN: 1.)  Love a woman the way you would want to be loved, with an equal measure of respect for who she is as an equal. Treat her as you would a butterfly in your hands - tenderly and not to capture but admire.

So many things I like to know but think It would be justus. What is it like to be a father? And how are page and rose?

JUSTUS:   The greatest honor of my life is to father a child. They are doing well and resting beside me, although Page is the only one sleeping. Rose is poking out her tongue.

1. What is your favorite thing to bake?
2. What was the biggest adjustment you had to make after finding out that you are a shifter?

LEXI:  Cupcakes! You can do a million things with cupcake designs, and I have good memories of baking them with my mother. The biggest adjustment I had to make was learning to control my wolf so she wouldn't shift in public when I got emotional or angry.

Christian: Would he be my guard? Can I change your mind about loving on a human?

CHRISTIAN:  Aye, I adore humans! They make delicious cocktails ;-)

Austin Cole.....why blow up a car? And would you blow up a car for me? That was sexy as hell.

AUSTIN: Lexi hated that damn car. I wanted to show her I wasn't a man who was going to fix all her problems; I was going to give her a new life. A better life. And a better car.

I would love to meet ivy and ask how she fells being part of the weston family, and if she will keep in touch with her son

IVY:  My son lives in my heart and will always be a part of my life. Our spirits are joined, and no matter how often or how little I see him, we will always be together. The Weston pack is like a second home to me, but my first home will always be with Thunder Wolf.

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