Mageri Q&A

During a Mageri event, there were a lot of questions from readers submitted for a giveaway. I answered one and decided to save the rest. I had a little free time this evening and thought I'd post a few of them here for your enjoyment.

Warning: If you have not read the Mageri series or Seven series, what are you waiting for? The Q&A below will contain spoilers. You've been forewarned.

Q: What were your thoughts about the relationship between Silver and Justus while writing the books. Did you always want them to have a father daughter bond?

A: That became evident to me when I wrote Sterling. Their interaction with each other had that bit of discomfort, where you have two attractive people who aren't really attracted to the other person. When Justus became her Ghuardian, that put him in a fatherly type of role, and while many books will go that route, that's not what their relationship was about. In the end, it made him a better man and prepared him for what fate had in store.

Q:  How do you decide on which character to write about next? Is there any influence by the readers comments?

A:  The characters always decide who gets the spotlight and/or appears in the next book. I don't see all the reader comments out there, however that has no influence over my writing, nor the order of the books in the Seven series, for example.

Q: Will Christian pop up in any other of your writings? Just give me hope! 

A: Please visit my WIP page on my website (menu at the top).  I did write him in another book and hope to share him with readers again in the future.

Q: When will Seven series come out on audio? As much as I love the books, I don't have time to read, so audio books fix that problem.

A: You can either visit my WIP page for full dates or Seven Years will be on audio in November, with books 1-3 all to be published by year's end.

do you prefer to write about one species in your world or multi species as in the Mageri series.

A: The Mageri series allowed me to create the world and introduce it to readers. The Seven series allowed me to share a specific corner of that world. Each series I publish in the future I plan to take place in this world. Some will have more spotlight on certain Breeds, while others will have a broader scope. I do enjoy focusing primarily on one in the sense that it gives readers more insight to their lifestyle, but I can't say that I have a preference. As long as I'm writing in my world, I'm happy.

for Christian, why did you wipe Silver's memory that time she saw you having sex? What was the big deal? Was it because you told her to watch? and I hope we hear from you soon   

A: Christian isn't here to answer, but he didn't want to deal with Justus. He knew he crossed the line when he invited her to watch, and nobody wants to get on Justus's bad side. The lesson here was that Vampires like Christian don't think it's a big deal to scrub someone's memory of something trivial, but Silver felt the act was invasive and something he had no right to do. Just because someone *can* use their gift, doesn't mean they should. Silver was a vehicle in the series for allowing others to see things from a different perspective. She was an interloper in this world with strong opinions, and it had an impact on those around her.

Q: What do you do when you are in the middle of a story and one of your other characters won't shut up (Christian)? Do you pause and let him speak (take notes) or try to put them off as long as possible?

A: Usually when I'm writing, the only one's talking are those in the scene. It's when I stop writing that sometimes they invade my thoughts, but that's just the creative process of working out problems within the story.

I know that all of your books take place in the same world, do you ever think about or have a hankering to write something totally different or in another genre?

A: I have written a few contemporary romances, but never finished them. I want to be passionate about what I write, and it could be I haven't found the right kind of story that's sucking me in like urban fantasy and paranormal romance does. Another thing to consider is if I begin writing another genre, it will mean less time writing in this world, and my time will become divided. If readers ever reach a point where they've just had enough of my world, then I suppose I'll just have to write western romances. 

Dannika my question is this how does it truly feel to know that the books/series that you have written have touched so many peoples heart, because I for one have read all of your books and I can only state it that way, that each and every one has touched my heart in one way or another. And I know every person in this group feels the same way, the love we have for you as an author is never ending and I just wonder how that affects you and if it effect how you write?

A: That question alone hits me in the feels. I'm extremely grateful to readers for not only the support they've given me, but how passionate they are about the characters and stories I write. I'm so glad to know that they've been a positive influence for someone, whether it's because they can relate to the story or they're going through a difficult time. Books are not only a wonderful form of escape, but a way for readers to connect to very threads that weave our lives together.

Dannika, did you find yourself limited by only having 7 books in the Seven series? We know that you let the characters do the talking, and sometimes they hijack you into changing your intended course (like the order for the series); did you ever worry that you might be forced trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by having a set number?

 A: That's an interesting question because Seven Years was originally begun as a stand-alone novel. As it evolved, I realized this could be a series. Having a number can be limiting, but I think every story needs an end. I don't know if I could write an infinite number of books in a series without it becoming forced. Not only that, but my WIP page would end up covered in cobwebs. I did squeeze in an eighth book that will be Seven World. It can be read as a stand-alone, but will place in the series just after Two Minutes. For those not familiar with the term "World", it's an extension of the series by telling the story of sub characters in a way that won't directly impact the main series itself.

Where are you going with your next series?

A: I'm hoping to start working on that next year once I get the Seven books completed. I've said this before and I don't think it's changed, but I have plans to write another urban fantasy (romance?) in the vein of Mageri, where it follows one protagonist. I didn't plan to write the Seven series, so one never knows what'll happen. However I do want to bridge the gap between urban fantasy and paranormal romance readers, and so I will be writing within both genres.

What is the significance of Sept 5th to Dannika other than the release date of her books?

A: Ha. Pure coincidence. I saw that discussion circulating. If I had masterminded the release date, it's completely slipped my memory.

It has been mentioned previously that a book or series about the Gemani was kind of in the works. I am intrigued by Remi's character; will this include him and have you come any closer to working on that story?

A:  Since that's a stand-alone, I'm hoping it's one of those books I can squeeze in at some point. It's not Remi's story, but that book is in first draft status, so I will need to review it to see how much work it will require to publish. I know how it can be when there's that one character that piques your curiosity and you want to know more about, but there are never guarantees. It's not to say everyone's book is closed from that series. I always like to leave doors open, just a crack.

And that phrase always creeps me out because it reminds me of a Stephen King short story I read about the Bogeyman.

Is there any way that you can add your bookmarks to your Zazzle store. It would be great to get the bookmarks, even if they have a non personal signature on them.

A: I wish there was a way to make bookmarks available, however that's not an option within the Zazzle store. The ones they do have my bookmarks would not work with. 

I hope some of these answers were insightful! It's always a great feeling when readers connect so strongly with my characters, and even more exciting when they fall in love all over again with a brand new character I've introduced. I hope you look forward to each book and series with eager anticipation of what might await you - what new adventures, peril, heroines, and swoony men who will steal your heart. :)

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