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Christian Poe

The life of a guard, by Christian Poe.

Well, didn’t that sound all official? So I’m writing this fecking post to give readers some insight to the glamorous life of a Vampire guard. Who I am? Just a man who sailed to America years ago from Ireland to start a new life and ended up in the world of Breed. It’s a life I chose and I make a good living at what I do. So ask me where I am right at this moment?

Go on.

I’m sitting on top of a garbage pail, typing on a laptop I swiped from a dolt in the coffee shop after charming him. Easy to do as a Vampire merely has to look into your eyes and place a suggestion. Don’t worry, I’ll return it to the cocktail after loading it up with some pornography. That should spice things up at home with the Mrs.

Silver is the Mage I’ve been hired to guard. She’s thick headed and stubborn, as to be expected from a woman. I prefer seeing the backside of my women as they are bending over the sink and showing me their wares. I don’t interfere in Silver’s life, as that is not what I’m hired to do. My only job is to protect her, not work as a spy, best friend, or fecking therapist. What do I find irritating about my job? Jaysus, where to begin? I get a pencil in the neck and have to hear about it for weeks – that I wasn’t there to do my job. What she doesn’t know is how many times I’ve saved her arse, and how many numpty’s I’ve knocked out who had planned to juice her, sell her on the black market, or just have their way. It’s not common to see a Mage who is a woman, so that makes her an even bigger target.

So what did the unconscious body lying at my feet do? Silver is in the coffee shop, having a sip of cocoa and thinking how merry her life is. What she doesn’t know, nor will, is that when she stepped out of her car, this Chitah made a move to attack. I presume he planned to bite her neck with a fang or two in order to incapacitate her. I can’t turn him in as I have no evidence as to what he was up to, but the black market is a big thing, and a female Mage? A lot of high and mighty men would love to have one of those in his possession for the right price. I’ll let him sleep for a while since I can’t call the Enforcers to pick him up. Then maybe I’ll introduce him to thunder and lightning again.

[cracks knuckles]

Because sleep and food are no requirements for Vampires, that makes us even more ideal as a guard. We’re stronger than most Breeds, immune to most of their gifts and magic, and while we can’t run fast and have our own weaknesses, we’re often preferred as guards. Sure, a certain type of wood can incapacitate us if impaled in our body in the right quantity and location, but not many are carrying a woody in their pants at all times, in fear of a Vampire creeping up on them and running our tongue along their jugular. It’s a thankless job. I can tell you this because my arse smells like a garbage pail, my coat is covered with wet snow, and I’m standing in an alley while the person I’m guarding is nibbling on a warm pastry. Well, good for her. I’ve been thinking about a shift in jobs, but the money is good so here I stay.

Time for me to download some porn and find a place to hide this fanghole.

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