Reader Questions

I opened up the floor for reader questions in one of the Mageri groups on Facebook. Since I knocked out a bit of editing this morning and plan to go out to lunch, I thought I'd put aside my work and answer a few of them here. Randomly selected since I can't answer them all:

Q: In the Breed world, do the children attend normal schools or are they educated in Breed run schools and where will Maizy go to school?

A: This is addressed a little in books to be released. In my mind, there is no hard and fast rule because it depends on the family. Since there is an overall dislike toward humans, most of them have their own homeschooling set up, but it would always vary based on the individuals or community. Relics are more likely to go to human schools, even colleges.

Q: It was mentioned in Seven Years that Mage's are immortal, how is what they are different compared to the shifters. Cause we know they can die, right!?

A: Yes, a Mage is immortal as far as the word "immortal" goes. They do not age and they can rejuvinate through healing. They are called immortal, just as Vampires, because they have the potential to live forever. But like Achilles, everyone has a weakness and we can all die. The Mageri series makes mention of how a Mage can die, and one way is beheading. Shifters do age, but very slowly. Their lifespan varies based on the individual or even the strength of their genetic line, just as Chitahs. Shifters can also heal through shifting, however if they cannot shift and heal themselves, then that poses a problem.

Q: Will there be any Gemini in this series? 

A: That I can't say as I keep very tight-lipped in regards to all questions about future books. But I have written a stand-alone book about a Gemini which I hope to publish one day. I created the world, introduced you to some of the Breeds, but now the Mageri world is my playground and through each series I release, you will learn so much more about different Breeds from different perspectives. I will say that you will see more of a diverse cast through my urban fantasy books than paranormal romances.

Q: I am just in love with this world! Is there going to be cross over between the two series (Seven Years & The Mageri Series)? I just want to know if I should stop fantasizing about it!!

A: As it stands, yes, there will be a connection between the two books. The idea came to me a little while back when I was fleshing out the plot line for a future book. Seven series only fans won't know the difference, Mageri fans will get it and really enjoy it. I can't detail this out any further.

Q: I know that even you have to wait to find out where the story goes as you write them, but when you mapped out the Seven series to be six (or seven) books, did you decide before hand what each book was going to be about? Or did you just planned on the titles and will find out where it all goes as you write each one of them?

A: I am very much a pantser vs plotter, however I do get the foundation of an idea for future books while I'm writing current ones. I make notes, but sometimes those go out the window when I begin writing. I will say that what happens in book 3 was never meant to be. From the very first page of Five Weeks, the book took a complete left turn from what I had initially planned. So much for that. So in away, I have the ideas, but to some degree, the story becomes larger than me and determines its own fate. The titles will work themselves into the story as I go. As it stands, I have no idea who will be in book 5-6 (I know who, just not the order) I do have an idea on the final book.

Q: If you were to come up with a new Breed to introduce what would it be called? And what would their abilities be?

A: I have no idea! Making up a new Breed and name is more challenging than it seems. I conceived of: Chitahs, Relics, and Geminis. And while not technically considered a "Breed", let's not forget the new one in SEVEN YEARS mentioned. Won't say as it's a spoiler. If you can't remember, then time for a re-read. Everything else I put my own spin on (Mage, Vampire, Shifter, etc). However, there is a Breed no one has yet scene that has their own series (the last one I wrote before I began publishing). It is somewhat of an existing paranormal breed that is rarely written about, and I've put my own spin on it. But I can't divulge in any details.

What inspired you to write Maizy's character?

A: I'm not sure. The first book of any series is a true pantser book, and it wasn't until I hit that scene and Lexi was looking at the house that Maizy came bounding out the door. I didn't know the relation she was to Lexi until I began writing the scene. Perhaps I've taken a small piece of every child I've known in my life and  inserted them into that little girl, so full of life and spirit. The child who still believes in magic and fairytales.

If you have any questions, shoot them over to me and I'll add them to a list. I kept the others from this discussion and will see which ones I can address at a later time. Hope you enjoyed a little insight.

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