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It’s just after two in the morning and I’m sitting at my desk in the hidden control room of my condo. I’ve kept my life locked away in this closet for as long as I’ve lived here, as it is a part of a past I’ve chosen to leave behind. Along the walls are shelves that contain everything from flash drives and weapons to binoculars. Who was I?

A man for hire. Chitahs are skilled hunters, and are hired by all. But my natural enemy is a Mage, and those were the men who I’ve spent most of my life tracking down. It began with the one who murdered my female, and I have never trusted their kind, so it was a pleasure to hunt them. The money was good, and I had nothing to live for.

As I type this letter to you, my eyes are drifting over to one of the security monitors on my desk. I can see my empty bedroom with the large mattress on the floor. There’s enough light coming in from the window that shines on my lover’s skin. She is stunning with her raven-colored hair spread across the pillow, long legs, and emerald eyes that wake me in my dreams. Her smile quickens my heart, and her words weaken what thread of willpower that I hold to keep from devouring her as a male should a female. She is intelligent, flawed, and filled with compassion.

She is also a Mage.

There are many Breeds that live in secret from humans, and most of them are divided. Prejudices often filter out through the human generations, but with immortals, that is not so easy. If a man who grew up in the middle ages spent five hundred years with a certain belief, changes within the last hundred years hardly makes a dent in the way he sees the world. Fear is at the root of hate, and with the Breed, there is much to fear. We are each powerful in different ways. A Vampire can pull the truth, therefore most do not trust them and hide their eyes. A Chitah can kill a Mage with one bite, therefore a Mage will never trust a Chitah. Shifters were kept as slaves and only recently became liberated. Because they are one of the few who can have children and still live an extended life, most think that they will overpopulate, therefore it is not uncommon that stories surface about Shifter’s exterminated, gone missing, or even sold on the black market.

We are all born into this world and most accept the facts as they are, doing little to change them, for what measure of impact can one man have? The only true outsiders are Mage and Vampires, as those Breeds are the only ones who make one of their own from humans. But most of the humans they bring in are conditioned.

That’s where my female, Silver, is the exception. She was forced into this world, and she is very resistant to our laws and way of life. She has opened my eyes to believing that change can happen, and that the sins of my past stemmed from anger. Those actions, I now realize, will never be justified. While most of the men I took out were evil to the core, my actions were no less evil as I took pleasure in every kill. Can a man step out of the darkness and into the light? I don’t know, but the more I am in the presence of the Mage who is sleeping in my T-shirt, the more I feel that light shining on me. Will we face challenges? Yes. But it’s not love unless you make sacrifices.

My female stirs, so I must go.

Logan Cross
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