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Last Stop (Impulse Blog Tour)

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It's been an amazingly fun time, and a huge thanks to Viviana (Enchantress of Books) for coordinating this event.

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Now, for the final post I have chosen to do a character interview with one of the mysterious new faces of Impulse. Many readers are talking about him, and maybe part of that is the Vampire allure. Although why that is I’m not entirely sure, because Mr. Poe is a very brash and arrogant Irishman.

He’ll dish it like it is, treading over feelings like they were tiny little flowers beneath the tire of a Humvee.

I've invited Christian to my home, although I'm admittedly not accustomed to letting Vampires in the house. He's assured me that he ate before he arrived (I'm sure that's a Vampire joke) and will be honest with any questions that I ask. He's quite amused by the request, and has selected my beige reading chair to sit in, as opposed to the bar where I had set up some drinks and snacks. (Do Vampires eat?)

Dannika: “Can I offer you something to drink?”

Christian: His wry smile makes me uneasy. “I’d love a cocktail.”

Dannika: “I guess we should start off with introductions. Could you tell me your name and a little about yourself?”

Christian: Sitting in a beige chair with his legs wide open, he drums his fingers on the armrests and watches me. “Christian Poe. Vampire. Guard.”

Dannika: “Is that all?”

Christian: His fangs punch out. “Isn’t that enough, lass? I’m sure you don’t want to hear me rabbit on about what my favorite hobby is or what music I listen to," he says in a thick Irish accent.

Dannika: “Actually, I’d like to know. Favorite song?”

Christian: His tongue slides across his bottom lip, lingering at the corner. “Nine Inch Nails – that animal song. I have to say that the twentieth century blessed us with some charming melodies.”

Dannika: “What’s it like being a guard to Silver?”

Christian: “Woman is a pain in my arse. Never guarded a woman before. A Mage, yes. Can’t say I care for the opinionated ones.”

Dannika: “So you don’t date strong women?”

Christian: Smirks and lowers his dark brows. “I don’t think what I do with women would be considered dating. Women bring nothing but trouble, and in a world of immortals, that’s a long fecking time to be chained to someone. I like my freedom, and my job isn’t the kind that allows for such nonsense.” His black eyes glitter with excitement. “I don’t get serious; I just get laid.”

Dannika: (Attempts to steer the interview in a more positive direction.) "What is your best memory from before you were turned?"

Christian: Crosses his legs and scratches his jaw, looking thoughtfully at the clock on the wall. "When I was a boy, a neighbor of ours—about my age—had a horse. They lived a quarter of a mile up the road and one night, I walked the horse out of the stall and took Cassie on a ride.

Dannika: “Cassie… the neighbor?”

Christian: “No,” he says wistfully. “My younger sister. She was blind, and it didn’t matter that we rode that mare on a moonlit night. It was her first time on a horse, and her face lit up like the sun. Jaysus, she was the sweetest thing,” he murmurs.

Dannika: “Do you regret being made a Vampire?”

Christian: “It’s a choice, and all choices come with regrets, to be sure. I like my life, and I’m rather fond of walking on the dirt instead of being covered in it. Wouldn’t you say?”

Dannika: Smiles politely, noticing his fangs are retracted. “Tell me a little bit about Vampire blood. Silver had some, and it seems like she had a lot. Doesn’t the well run dry?”

Christian: Snorts and crosses his legs. “There’s magic in all Breed. Things you can’t explain. Bleed me slow and my body compensates, but if it’s a sudden blood loss, it takes me more time to recover. We don’t give our blood to just anyone; it’s not like your Vampire movies where we become the sprinkler of youth. If anyone is going to suck on me then it’s going to be—”

Dannika: “Can you make someone a Vampire if they ingest too much blood?”

Christian: Stands up and pulls out a piece of striped candy from his pocket. “There’s more to it than that, and it’s not something that I can discuss with the likes of a human.”

Dannika: “How did you feel about Silver having to drink from you for such a long time?”

Christian: “Now I know what a teat feels like. I’m obligated to those I guard to protect their lives, and sometimes that means doing things that end up on my list.”

Dannika: “What list?”

Christian: The “Things I wish I’d never done" list. He sits beside me and drops his feet on the coffee table. I shift to my left and he just scoots right with me. “Nervous?” he asks in a dark voice, breath warm against my ear.

Dannika: “Not with my wooden pencil,” I say, tapping it against the notebook. “Mind sitting in your chair?” He complies and walks across the room, taking a seat while crunching on his candy. “You’re a difficult man.”

Christian: “That’s not the adjective that most women use when describing me but yes, I am. I protect lives and I’m treated like a second-class citizen. I’ve guarded one too many dolts who didn’t deserve to grace the earth with their presence, but I do it because I’m hired to, and I take my job seriously. It’s a privilege to guard a life, and sometimes I think I value it more than they do. If I’m difficult, it’s because I have to be. It’s how the job gets done.”

Dannika: “Do you think you’ll be doing this for the rest of your life?”

Christian: Wads up the candy wrapper and places it in his pocket. “Forever is a long time. If the opportunity for something else came up, I can’t say I’d turn it down. This is what I know, what I’ve been doing for a long time. Why?” he asks, brows knitting together. “Do you have another offer?”

Dannika: “Not at this time, I’m afraid. I’d like to thank you for the interview and allowing my readers to know more about you. As a guard, do you have any words of wisdom that you want to part with?”

Christian: Widens his legs and laces his fingers together behind his head.
“Do whatever I say; no questions asked.”

 Thanks to Christian for taking time out from shagging a stewardess for this interview. 


  1. I have said it before so i will say it again you never fail to make me laugh when you do interview's.I truely believe we see a part of your personality in each of them but especially with simon and christian i see your wittiness come through with them.It's been a great tour some great post's and interview's thanks for the ride.Here's to the next 10 or more :)

    1. Really glad you enjoyed this one, Sam. Christian was quite a character to write ;-)

  2. AWESOME interview. :) You could compile a book of your interviews.

  3. Loved the interview! As entertaining and informative as ever! You could put together a book of your interviews. ;)

  4. You have an amazing banner picture on your blog. Following for a tutorial.

    1. So glad you like it, Stas! Thanks for stopping in

  5. Your writing is amazing in every way. I'd like to say thanks for your taking the time to do the cool things you do for us fans, and updating us along the way of your work in progress. The interviews were my favorite part of the blog tour, although learning more about you as a writer and a person didn't place far behind. You are truly inspiring.. Thank you, Thank you.. I'm super proud to be a fan of yours! *takes a bow*.

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful words, Nina, as always! Getting to stay in touch with the readers is one of the perks of writing. Really glad you followed along on this tour, and hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks you for being a part of it, Delphina! I hope that everyone had a good time :-)

  7. OMG such a funny lovely interview, love it!! :D

    Great posts/interviews and giveaway, thank you for this amazing tour!!
    I really had a great time, thank you for this awesome ride!!

    1. I really wanted to save this one for last, so I'm glad you liked it. Christian is a bit of a handful, that one. ;-) So glad you got to ride along on the tour bus!

  8. I just made my own. Check it out lol. I sent my followers to this page:)(

  9. Christian is one of my favorite characters! He cracks me up!

  10. Does he or does he not....
    Did Christian love Silver or did he care to much? Is that why he left. Silver may not have been in love with him, but she definitely cared for him very deeply. They went through way to much together, and as a reader I don’t feel like there was real closure. The comparisons in looks (excluding eyes) sounds like they could have been siblings before Silver’s change. Their characteristics are incredibly similar, so closure would be awesome. Also, in the Crossbreed series, there have been cross referencing of the Manageri series.
    Someone kill Lenore.

  11. One of my favourite characters is Christian! He's hilarious!visit


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