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Last Stop (Impulse Blog Tour)

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It's been an amazingly fun time, and a huge thanks to Viviana (Enchantress of Books) for coordinating this event.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading the fun posts, interviews, and of course entering the Giveaway!

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Now, for the final post I have chosen to do a character interview with one of the mysterious new faces of Impulse. Many readers are talking about him, and maybe part of that is the Vampire allure. Although why that is I’m not entirely sure, because Mr. Poe is a very brash and arrogant Irishman.

He’ll dish it like it is, treading over feelings like they were tiny little flowers beneath the tire of a Humvee.

I've invited Christian to my home, although I'm admittedly not accustomed to letting Vampires in the house. He's assured me that he ate before he arrived (I'm sure that's a Vampire joke) and will be honest with any questions that I ask. He's quite amused by the request, and has selected my beige reading chair to sit in, as opposed to the bar where I had set up some drinks and snacks. (Do Vampires eat?)

Dannika: “Can I offer you something to drink?”

Christian: His wry smile makes me uneasy. “I’d love a cocktail.”

Dannika: “I guess we should start off with introductions. Could you tell me your name and a little about yourself?”

Christian: Sitting in a beige chair with his legs wide open, he drums his fingers on the armrests and watches me. “Christian Poe. Vampire. Guard.”

Dannika: “Is that all?”

Christian: His fangs punch out. “Isn’t that enough, lass? I’m sure you don’t want to hear me rabbit on about what my favorite hobby is or what music I listen to," he says in a thick Irish accent.

Dannika: “Actually, I’d like to know. Favorite song?”

Christian: His tongue slides across his bottom lip, lingering at the corner. “Nine Inch Nails – that animal song. I have to say that the twentieth century blessed us with some charming melodies.”

Dannika: “What’s it like being a guard to Silver?”

Christian: “Woman is a pain in my arse. Never guarded a woman before. A Mage, yes. Can’t say I care for the opinionated ones.”

Dannika: “So you don’t date strong women?”

Christian: Smirks and lowers his dark brows. “I don’t think what I do with women would be considered dating. Women bring nothing but trouble, and in a world of immortals, that’s a long fecking time to be chained to someone. I like my freedom, and my job isn’t the kind that allows for such nonsense.” His black eyes glitter with excitement. “I don’t get serious; I just get laid.”

Dannika: (Attempts to steer the interview in a more positive direction.) "What is your best memory from before you were turned?"

Christian: Crosses his legs and scratches his jaw, looking thoughtfully at the clock on the wall. "When I was a boy, a neighbor of ours—about my age—had a horse. They lived a quarter of a mile up the road and one night, I walked the horse out of the stall and took Cassie on a ride.

Dannika: “Cassie… the neighbor?”

Christian: “No,” he says wistfully. “My younger sister. She was blind, and it didn’t matter that we rode that mare on a moonlit night. It was her first time on a horse, and her face lit up like the sun. Jaysus, she was the sweetest thing,” he murmurs.

Dannika: “Do you regret being made a Vampire?”

Christian: “It’s a choice, and all choices come with regrets, to be sure. I like my life, and I’m rather fond of walking on the dirt instead of being covered in it. Wouldn’t you say?”

Dannika: Smiles politely, noticing his fangs are retracted. “Tell me a little bit about Vampire blood. Silver had some, and it seems like she had a lot. Doesn’t the well run dry?”

Christian: Snorts and crosses his legs. “There’s magic in all Breed. Things you can’t explain. Bleed me slow and my body compensates, but if it’s a sudden blood loss, it takes me more time to recover. We don’t give our blood to just anyone; it’s not like your Vampire movies where we become the sprinkler of youth. If anyone is going to suck on me then it’s going to be—”

Dannika: “Can you make someone a Vampire if they ingest too much blood?”

Christian: Stands up and pulls out a piece of striped candy from his pocket. “There’s more to it than that, and it’s not something that I can discuss with the likes of a human.”

Dannika: “How did you feel about Silver having to drink from you for such a long time?”

Christian: “Now I know what a teat feels like. I’m obligated to those I guard to protect their lives, and sometimes that means doing things that end up on my list.”

Dannika: “What list?”

Christian: The “Things I wish I’d never done" list. He sits beside me and drops his feet on the coffee table. I shift to my left and he just scoots right with me. “Nervous?” he asks in a dark voice, breath warm against my ear.

Dannika: “Not with my wooden pencil,” I say, tapping it against the notebook. “Mind sitting in your chair?” He complies and walks across the room, taking a seat while crunching on his candy. “You’re a difficult man.”

Christian: “That’s not the adjective that most women use when describing me but yes, I am. I protect lives and I’m treated like a second-class citizen. I’ve guarded one too many dolts who didn’t deserve to grace the earth with their presence, but I do it because I’m hired to, and I take my job seriously. It’s a privilege to guard a life, and sometimes I think I value it more than they do. If I’m difficult, it’s because I have to be. It’s how the job gets done.”

Dannika: “Do you think you’ll be doing this for the rest of your life?”

Christian: Wads up the candy wrapper and places it in his pocket. “Forever is a long time. If the opportunity for something else came up, I can’t say I’d turn it down. This is what I know, what I’ve been doing for a long time. Why?” he asks, brows knitting together. “Do you have another offer?”

Dannika: “Not at this time, I’m afraid. I’d like to thank you for the interview and allowing my readers to know more about you. As a guard, do you have any words of wisdom that you want to part with?”

Christian: Widens his legs and laces his fingers together behind his head.
“Do whatever I say; no questions asked.”

 Thanks to Christian for taking time out from shagging a stewardess for this interview. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interview with Simon Hunt

Today I'm pleased to introduce you to Simon Hunt, one of the characters of the Mageri Series. After running a poll, Mr. Hunt won by a landslide. Readers were also given the opportunity to ask questions... a curve ball that Simon wasn't expecting.

When I arrived at his flat, he answered the door just as you see him in this picture. I told him that I would wait in the living room while he got ready.

Simon flung the door closed, tucked his hands in his pockets and said, "Oh, I'm ready. The question is, love, are you ready?"

For a little big of background, Simon Hunt is a Mage who does freelance work, but has a reputation as a strategist. He's originally from England and now resides in Cognito.

DANNIKA: "Hi, Simon. Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to do an interview."

SIMON: "Pleasure." He eases into a chair directly across from me and stretches his legs out.

DANNIKA: "Let's start off with a couple of questions so my readers can get to know you better. Tell us a little bit about your Breed, occupation, and where you're from."

SIMON: Rubs his fingers together and a faint blue light is barely visible. "Mage, of course. Profession? I guess you could call me a jack of all trades. I don't believe in selling my soul to the Mageri full time, or any other bloody organization. Too many hidden agendas and I'd rather do something worthy of my time. Not to say I haven't done a few odd jobs for them," he says, waving a dismissive hand. "I prefer to freelance and work on my own schedule. Ah, and you asked me where I'm from? The other side of the pond. My accent seems to have this rather amazing trick of dampening knickers."

DANNIKA:  "What's that you're drinking?" I nod towards the coffee mug on the table beside him.

SIMON: "A bottle of red I swiped from Justus's wine collection. It's probably worth a bloody fortune. Doesn't have a clue you can get a perfectly good jug for a few pounds."  
He snorts and dips his finger in the cup before putting it in his mouth.

DANNIKA: "How did you two meet?"

SIMON: "A card contest."

DANNIKA: "What were you playing for?"

SIMON:  "A woman. She was..." Simon uses his hands to feel the curves of his imaginary double-D breasts. "A lovely young woman. Had every man in town after her. One night the stars aligned and we all ended up in the same tavern. I caught on to his gift fairly quickly so I invited him for a friendly game of cards to level the playing field."

DANNIKA: "So who won?" 

SIMON: He smirks and leans back with his fingers locked behind his head. "Who do you think?"

DANNIKA: I smile. "Who went home with her?"

SIMON: "I would have, let's get the record straight on that one." His hands drop to his lap and he crosses his legs. "We did a little binding in the back room and one thing led to another. She was a Mage, so that's why we were both after her," he explains, taking a sip of his drink. "The ratio of  men to women among our kind is abysmal. When her husband showed up, he wasn't all too pleased. In my defense, she didn't mention a word about being a bonded woman. Justus claims he knew, but that manky bastard was ready to take her out the door and shag her in the nearest barn, so anything he tells you is a pack of lies."

DANNIKA: "Fast friends ever since?"

SIMON: "You know Justus - always doing the right thing. He intervened when two men held me down. I still contend that I would have bested that Mage."

DANNIKA: "Describe yourself in one word."

SIMON: "Available."

DANNIKA: "If you don't mind, I have a few questions from a few readers."

Simon stands up and paces to the kitchen, snatching a small apple and tossing it in the air.
SIMON "I'd really like to hear this. Tell me, Miss Dark, what are the readers dying to know?" He crunches into the apple and takes a seat.

DANNIKA: "If you could play twister with any celebrity, who would it be?"

Simon chokes on his apple and coughs several times before regaining composure. He washes the food down with a gulp of wine and sets the apple on the table.

SIMON: "Catwoman."

DANNIKA: I frown. "That's not a celebrity."

SIMON: "Maybe not in your eyes, but in mine she's a goddess. I love a woman who looks good in latex. Especially when they give good tail. Not to mention I do love a good pus--"

DANNIKA: "Yes, I think I know who you mean now. Next question: Have you ever been with another Breed?"

SIMON: "Jack of all trades, remember? I have a black belt in sex appeal. I must confess I prefer a Mage. I like to get "hands on" when it comes to--"

DANNIKA: "I'm sorry to interrupt, but can we keep this PG-13? It's going to be published on a public wall."

SIMON: "Only if we can get rated R later. I didn't realize all your questions would be about shagging, Miss Dark."

DANNIKA: I chuckle as he smooths his hand down his chest. "Perhaps next time we'll do the uncensored version. What intrigues you about a woman?"

SIMON: "And you want me to keep this censored with a loaded question like that? Tell me, who's asking these questions?" He waggles a brow. "I'd like to pay them all a visit and show them what intrigues me. Seriously, I like a woman with confidence. Nothing is sexier than a self-assured woman. Except maybe large--"

DANNIKA: "If you could go back and change one decision in your life, what would it be?"

SIMON: His face darkens and he rubs the back of his neck. "Some things aren't worth mentioning. Silver wasn't the only one with an unfair beginning."

DANNIKA: "Do you want to talk about it?"

SIMON takes a deep breath and stands up, tugging at the collar around his neck and hovering beside my chair. "What's the next question on the list? I'd rather not drag down a perfectly good interview." He peeks over my shoulder, trying to read the paper.

DANNIKA: I smile at the bulge in his pants. "Empty your pockets and show us what you got in there."

SIMON: "Just a bunch of rubbish," he says, digging his hand in and tossing items on the coffee table. "Wallet, pack of bubble gum, a few coins, oh...I forgot about this," he says, holding up a piece of paper with a lipstick kiss on it and a number scribbled in.
"Will have to give her a ring later, that one. She likes to play games." He tosses a cell phone and a few coins on the table before fishing out a small pocketknife from the back.

DANNIKA: "What's that for?" I point at the miniature chess piece shaped like a queen. It's so small that it could be concealed in a fist.

SIMON shrugs. "Luck? I've had it for years; carry it now and again when I need it."

DANNIKA: (laughing) "You thought you'd need it for this interview? I promise I won't bite."

SIMON'S tongue rolls across his bottom lip and I catch a glimmer of his piercing.
"Ah, but I might.  I've been looking forward to this interview since the poll went up. Can't say the results surprised me; Knox being the master of the four-word vocabulary. You would have had to bleep the entire thing. Interview would have sounded like the emergency broadcast system." Simon snorts and finally sits down. I notice that the ends of his jeans are so frayed he looks like he walked forty miles barefoot.

DANNIKA: "Out of all the jobs you've done, which one do you most enjoy?"

SIMON: "Easy. Weapons trainer."

DANNIKA: "Tell us a little more about what that involves."

SIMON: "Well," he says, crossing his legs, "Some of the Learner's are a pain in the arse, but I do enjoy building up their skills and showing them what they can do with a knife. You'd be surprised how few Creators truly know how to fight--that's why they created all of their progeny. Someone to fight for them. My job is to do a bit of what Justus does with Silver, only..." he snorts, "not muck it up. I respect the man, but he relies too much on his fists and energy. You can't do that in a fight; a Learner must know how to handle a weapon properly. When it becomes an extension of you and not simply an object in your hand, then you're unstoppable. I've also received requests from other Breeds and it pays well. I call my own hours and there's no politics involved. Just good old fashioned combat. It involves thinking strategically."

DANNIKA: "If I went out to your car and turned it on, what music would be playing?"

SIMON: "Beastie Boys." He takes a long sip of his wine. "What? Did you think I was going to say Mozart or something like that? No, love. I'm a man who enjoys the classics."

DANNIKA "One last question: What are three staples that are always in supply in your kitchen?"

SIMON: He rubs his hand slowly down his chest and smiles wolfishly. "Whipped cream, tequila, and chocolate icing."

I'd like to thank Simon for gracing us with his presence in his very busy schedule. :-)

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