Included are audio pronunciations of any words that readers have questioned (some just for the fun of it).

* These concepts and Breeds were created by Dannika Dark
Most paranormal types I've put my own spin on, but I've reinvented what a Mage is.


A Breed whose characteristics are that they are typically tall, light hair,  eye colors range in the shade gold, amber, citrine, and pale browns. Those born outside those characteristics are often considered defective and less desirable. They have an intimidating gaze and a heightened sense of smell that allows them to scent emotions. They are hunters by nature and often are hired as trackers. Chitahs can run faster than a Mage, and have an internal "animal". They do not shift, but they portray animalistic, behavior whenever they are threatened. They have upper and lower fangs that aren't intrusively long (they can close their mouth), which appear when angry or sexually aroused. The same with a spotted pattern rippling across their skin like a mirage and the pupils dilating. An internal switch is flipped when they lose control of their emotions and their primal self takes over. They're in there, aware of what's going on, but are at the mercy of their inner animal instinct.  Chitahs are semi-immortal. It takes hundreds of years for them to have five years after they reach adulthood. They have magic in them, like Mag magic, that allows them to heal. It also slows their aging process.
Most Chitahs are extremely protective of women and children. They believe in kindred spirits (soul mates), but the caveat is that only the male "knows" he's met his match. The female never feels the same pull. Chitahs organize gatherings where they meet others in hopes of finding their intended. Read the Mageri series to find out more about their courting rituals. Chitahs are can either be born a Chitah or a human - one reason they do not have an overpopulation problem. Human children are given up to humans as it is too dangerous to live in the Breed world. Chitah women are also vulnerable during pregnancy and not able to heal normally. Male Chitahs have an indescribably unique scent. They often mark their kindred spirit upon meeting with this scent, which permeates the air through their pores.
Lifespan and Culture
Chithas live in "prides" within territories - each run by a Lord. An Overlord rule them all. Every 50 years, they can challenge the Lord for the title, but each territory runs on different schedules so that there's not a massive shift in leadership all at once. Their word is their bond. A Chitah can be killed, but it's a little harder than a human. They have a healing agent in their saliva that heals superficial wounds by licking. Deep stab wounds won't heal internally this way, but they will heal. Significant blood loss that cannot be stopped is one example of how they can die, though usually this can only occur when a limb is severed or they are stabbed with rare metals that prevent the skin from closing. A unique Breed created by Dannika Dark.

A type of Breed who are ancient, uncommon, and dangerous. They often shut off their emotions, coming across as stoic. The friendships they form are very limited and tight, as they trust few. The danger lies in their inability to control an inner demon when they are agitated - one that thirsts for blood. They are often intuitive. A unique Breed created by Dannika Dark

A type of Breed with the ability to harness energy. Their power is not in magic, but the light source within each one of them. The word is old, and is not used in the same way humans use it. Mage is capitalized (as all Breed), but is treated differently in one respect: the plural is the same as the singular when referring to the Breed as a whole. Possessive form would have an S. While a Mage is not an original concept, what a Mage is within the Mageri series (being able to wield energy and their abilities) is unique and conceived by Dannika Dark. Common abilities they share are flashing (moving at high rates of speed), able to sense time and direction, and healing through the light of another Mage or the sun. Each Mage also possesses at least one rare gift. Creators are the only ones who can make another Mage, and their mark is passed on to all their progeny, except for another Creator who always has a unique mark of his own.

Some (but not all) rare types of gifts are:
Charmers - They have sexual energy that attracts the opposite sex. They cannot control this gift. It can make it difficult for them to trust that person's true intentions since they are under a spell of sorts.
Infusers - They can infuse the energy from one man onto the core light of another Mage so that the transfer is permanent.
Jumpers - They move fast from one place to the other, like flashing, except they can do this vertically or from one level to another (like from the ground to a tree)
Healers - Can heal any Breed except humans
Creators  - Can create a new Mage who becomes their progeny (Learner) See glossary below on the Creator's mark.
Mentalists - Has the ability to hear thoughts, send thoughts, or both, even across long distances.
Blockers - Have a natural ability to block various types of Mage powers (eg: A Charmer's energy will have no affect)
Uniques - Feared. Hunted. Some don't know about them and others think they're a myth. Their power is stronger than an average Mage, and they were called Elementals in ancient times. There are four known uniques. Any Uniques who survived through the years now keep their identity secret.
  • Shiners - Unique - Their eyes silver when they lose control of their emotions or energy. They can manipulate energy by moving metal objects another Mage recently touched. Rumored to harness lightning.
  • (Shielder) Unique- Can create a shield around them using their energy to block out sound or even work as a forcefield. It is likely only something a Unique can do.
Stealers - Have the ability to pull core light from a Mage and render them mortal, but cannot seal it to their own light without an Infuser. Any light pulled will naturally leave their body within 24 hours. (Glowing)- Has the ability to emit light from their skin upon will. It's considered an inferior gift, and some call them glowworms or lighthouses.
Feelers - Able to feel emotions in the energy around them
Thermals -  They can manipulate their body temperature.
Many other rare gifts exist.

A Mage cannot fight another Mage with an energy blast since energy only juices them up, but they can use that energy as a weapon against a non-Mage (except Vampires). Energy is like a drug to a Mage, which is why some rogues are juicers - stealing the addictive light of another for a high.

* Relic
A type of Breed that is genetically close to being human. They are mortal and live a regular lifespan. What makes them unique is their ability to retain knowledge in their genetic makeup, and pass it down to their children. Most work as healers and consultants for other Breeds, often specializing in specific ones based on their family knowledge. Unique Breed conceived by Dannika Dark.

A Potential is a human born with a special mark that identifies them as Breed. Or at least, a potential to become Breed. The origin is unknown, but it could be speculated that somewhere far up in the line, a species crossed over with humans. The gene will skip generations and suddenly appear in a newborn. That child is 100% human. They can develop diseases, contract viruses, and have children. They will live the normal lifespan of a human and eventually die. But should they have sex with someone who is Breed, they will become whatever that Breed is. So if a human has sex with a Shifter, they will become a Shifter. They will never be human again, and they don't have the ability to continue changing to other Breeds. If they choose to only sleep with humans, then they will never become Breed. The change only happens with the first sexual contact of someone who is Breed. Unique Bred created by Dannika Dark.

A type of Breed with the ability to detect, store, and transfer emotion. They barter emotions typically for money, unlike most Breed who barter for favors. Unique Breed created by Dannika Dark.

A type of Breed who can shift into an animal. They are semi-immortal with a lifespan of several hundred years. It varies by person, and an alpha or those from a pure line typically live longer. Each Shifter is born into one animal only. Most Shifters mate with the same animal, but if a wolf and mountain lion mate, for example, then each child will be one or the other. Wolves live in packs, and other social animals live within common names known in the animal kingdom (herds, etc). Some are loners because of their animal type. Their human form is ordinary, and they possess no extraordinary abilities or strength and blend easily into society. Most can't remember what happens while in animal form, with the exception of alphas and a few others. Otherwise it will create conflict within the mind since the human and animal spirit are separate. Wolves form packs that are run by an alpha who goes by the title of Packmaster. Most alphas are the firstborn in a family and are more powerful. Some can often sense an alpha by being in their presence, especially when the alpha puts power into their voice, which is often done as a way to make others submit (particularly with wolves). Wolves who do not live in a pack are referred to as 'rogues', living on the outskirts of law and society. Councils run each territory to keep order, but they are not as organized as other Breeds, such as the Mage. Shifters can heal by shifting, but repeated shifting to heal will often drain them of energy and make them require sleep/rest to recover. It is dangerous to heal with something lodged in the body. Pregnant women's animals go into hibernation since shifting can harm the baby, so they are vulnerable during pregnancy. Read the Seven Series to find out more about Shifters and their culture.

A type of Breed who is immortal. Vampires in the Mageri universe do not require blood nor food to sustain life. Younglings who are newly made have more of a taste for the addictive qualities of blood, but it is considered more of a 'high' since blood contains information and emotions. Their pupils are fully dilated which makes their eyes black - the reason sunlight bothers them. Many wear sunglasses, but the sun will not kill them. Nor will silver crosses or stakes. When impaled by certain types of wood, they will become paralyzed (the way a Mage is with a stunner). Vampires can make other vampires. They also do not offer their blood freely; it's sacred to them.

* Gravewalker
A semi-immortal Breed who can live 1000 years. Gravewalkers have the ability to sense who doesn't belong in a cemetery. Long ago, Vampire punishments often resulted in staking a Vampire to paralyze them and then burying them. Sometimes by law and other times not.  Gravewalkers were hired to locate buried Vampires, but they can detect any living Breed. They also have the ability to see and talk to souls who haven't moved on in the afterlife - the ones who remained behind. Souls begin to lose pieces of themselves over time - memories scattered and mixed with past lives. Some stay behind with strong emotions such as anger, and they become anger spirits. They usually can't spot a Gravewalker by sight, but if a Gravewalker looks them in the eye or talks to them, they'll often follow them around. Some may hire Gravewalkers to get information from spirits who haven't left this mortal coil. Gravewalkers can have children.


An intense act among Mage of sharing light energy in an intimate way.


A ceremonial word used to describe a Mage who forms a permanent relationship with another, similar to marriage.

A term that refers to the body of people living with supernatural abilities and in some cases, extended lifespans. It is a formal word, as it represents them as not only a people, but an organized body of law.

The Mage police who carry out orders by the Mageri

first spark
The creation of a Mage by one who has the rare ability to create another. It is the transference of the Creator's light into their progeny, a core light that burns stronger than other Breed.

A common ability among Mage. Their energy is manipulated in such a way that they can move short distances at a high rate of speed. Because it depletes energy, it is not often done for extended periods. It can also used to describe how fast a Chitah runs

A juicer is considered a rogue Mage that gets a high from stealing the light from another Mage. The energy from a Mage is the strongest light there is, so it is preferable for them to find unattended Learners or a weak Mage, as human's would be killed in the process, and it would be a stupid idea to try it with other Breed. The light from a Mage is powerful, a personal imprint, and if consumed in high volume or regularly - addictive.

*Ghuardian An ancient word among Mage to describe a duty assigned by the Mageri of taking in a young Learner without a Creator who must be educated of laws, history, and taught how to use their abilities. Ghuardian's act as a a mentor in their life, and a protector as a Learner is vulnerable. They are partners, and form a strong bond throughout their lives. There is no set time that a Learner is expected to stay within their care; it's at the discretion of the Ghuardian.

higher authority
The name given to the higher order of law. Not technically a government as the higher authority exists in various territories and is comprised of different Breeds. They determine guilt/innocence of severe crimes and set punishment.

Used formally or informally, depending on if the young Mage has been given a name by their Creator. The word is basically a term for a young fledgling who must be taught how to live among Breed, control their power, and learn the laws. They are not skilled enough to live on their own, and the Mageri would deem it dangerous to not properly educate a Mage.

leveling down
A term used among Mage to describe the act of balancing ones internal energy when it shifts to a dangerous level. Emotions, adrenaline, etc. are influences that can spike energy levels within a Mage. If they do not concentrate on balancing that energy, it will reverse into negative energy, and deplete, causing them to sleep or fall unconscious for short periods.

*liquid fire
An ancient salve with properties that will stop the healing process. Most Breed use it on tattoos that they wish to remain permanent, as their body would naturally absorb the link. It will also prevent an injury from healing and scar.

 Higher order of law among Mage. It's a body of government that oversees the Councils which run individual territories. Pronounced: Ma-juree (A sound like in MAD) A Unique concept conceived by Dannika Dark.

A term used among Mage to mark when the Council observes their strengths, weaknesses, and any discovered rare abilities. They are added to the private Mageri records, which document the life and ability of each Mage.

The higher authority police. They serve warrants and conducted arrests, as well as work in the Breed jails. Armed with katanas.

Metal forged with a magic that when plunged into the body of a Mage, will paralyze them. Often used to refer to special knives. They are not common.

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