Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seven Series questions

So I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had any questions related to the Seven series, to post a comment. I'd select the ones I could answer and write something up. Some of the same questions were asked more than once, and mostly the ones I couldn't But, grab your popcorn and here we go!

Will you have a story about Denver? Hoping so!

By far, the most questions were asked about Denver. I can't reveal which characters will get a story and in what order that may happen. Obviously anyone who has done the math has figured out the number of Cole brothers doesn't match the plan of seven books. Not all characters may get a book, and the ones that do may not be who you expect. This isn't going to be a predictable series that follows a formula, and to be honest, it really boils down to which characters want their story told. There are some who are perfectly fine with staying out of the spotlight, much like the Mageri series. Sometimes I can't even strangle out of them. :) But I will say that each book I have deeply enjoyed every book I've written in this series thus far, and readers will be pleasantly surprised at how it all unfolds. 

Are any of your major characters from the Mageri books going to make an appearanc,e and have u got other stories to write when this current series ends

I have announced before there will be a Mageri series connection. I won't elaborate on when that occurs, nor exactly what it means. I'm a firm believer that the reader is going to enjoy the ride much more if they don't know what's around the corner. Other projects in the works after this series can be found on the WIP page on my blog. (WIP=Works in progress)

Q: Which was the most challenging character to write in the SS and why?

I've been working on first drafts for the full series, and out of all the books the most challenging was who you'll see in Three Hours. I can't say why, but this person was initially planned to be in Four Days. Let's just say he wouldn't cooperate with his story, so I had to rearrange the order. I was really concerned I wouldn't get his story out, but some men are just stubborn like that. Out of the already-published books, I'd say the most challenging to write was April. I really wanted to dig for her character to find out what made her tick beyond what we saw in Seven Years.

Will You put the seven series on audio anytime soon? 

I'd love to have all my books on audio. There's a process involved, so I can't say you'll likely see anything in the immediate future. But sign up for my newsletter because whenever there's news, you'll be the first to know.

When is Four Days going to be released? When is the cover reveal for Four Days? When will we know who Four Days is about? 

You can follow my website, Facebook page, Twitter for announcements. But I'd highly recommend signing up for the newsletter. I don't have a date locked in and the cover design still needs to happen. For those who aren't familiar, I keep the book under wraps until the cover reveal. During that time, readers will get their first peek at not only the synopsis, but usually an excerpt. The plan is you'll be seeing Four Days this year. Just keep in mind I'm not a speed Publishing takes an enormous amount of time and energy.


I love the gay characters in both SS and Mageri. Is there a story there you would like to tell?

Thanks for that! I absolutely love that both Levi and Trevor have their own following, respectively. It means a lot to have readers connect with them and appreciate what they bring to the books.  While there is always a main story, I never want it to overshadow the sub-characters from having their moments. Everyone has a purpose, and sometimes those who have the least amount of page time can have the biggest impact. Hopefully readers appreciate that. :)  I'm not sure if that answers the question, but stories being expanded on are entirely up to the characters, not the author.


Who has been your favourite character to write?

Of the published books, I'd have to say Lexi. Her and Austin were effortless, and I enjoyed their scenes together. It's like picking children and not easy to do, because Izzy was a blast.


Was Izzy's main catch phrase a tribute to ac/dc? 

Not intentionally. lol It's funny, but I can't even recall where that phrase came from. (Hell's bells). I don't dig around for catchphrases, but it seems like each of my characters acquires certain words or phrases during the writing process. Once I catch myself writing it more than once, I add it to their bio. That's part of what makes us all unique is that we speak differently.

You can grab authorgraphs online for all my books at

As for questions about Prince, babies, pack wars, and how far in the future this series will span.....
you'll just have to keep reading.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Crazy sale

Mageri series books 1-3 are on SALE for $2.99. Books are valued at $10.99. This will only last a few days. These are full-length novels. Grabby fingers!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shine on Audio!

The final installment of the Mageri series is now available on audio! If you haven't begun the series, you must! Now you can listen to your favorite characters acted out - the dark and brooding accent of Christian, Simon's witty banter, Silver's sarcasm and Logan's swoony words. These books are all narrated by Nicole Poole, and she has a fantastic range, as well as a grip for the emotional side this series brings.

Check around different sites to find the best price and option for you. Thanks to everyone purchasing these audiobooks and supporting this series in audio! Production costs are not cheap. My hope is to not only gain new readers who prefer audiobooks, but to also enhance the experience for existing Mageri fans!

Perhaps we'll see the Seven series hit audio someday.

Currently, TANTOR MEDIA is having a 50% off sale on the Mageri books in all formats. Audible subscribers can download directly from audible, or CDs can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Tantor.

AUDIOBOOK (Tantor Media)


Enjoy the epic conclusion!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Christian Poe exclusive

This is an older interview I'm moving over to my website. Enjoy!

Christian Poe

The life of a guard, by Christian Poe.

Well, didn’t that sound all official? So I’m writing this fecking post to give readers some insight to the glamorous life of a Vampire guard. Who I am? Just a man who sailed to America years ago from Ireland to start a new life and ended up in the world of Breed. It’s a life I chose and I make a good living at what I do. So ask me where I am right at this moment?

Go on.

I’m sitting on top of a garbage pail, typing on a laptop I swiped from a dolt in the coffee shop after charming him. Easy to do as a Vampire merely has to look into your eyes and place a suggestion. Don’t worry, I’ll return it to the cocktail after loading it up with some pornography. That should spice things up at home with the Mrs.

Silver is the Mage I’ve been hired to guard. She’s thick headed and stubborn, as to be expected from a woman. I prefer seeing the backside of my women as they are bending over the sink and showing me their wares. I don’t interfere in Silver’s life, as that is not what I’m hired to do. My only job is to protect her, not work as a spy, best friend, or fecking therapist. What do I find irritating about my job? Jaysus, where to begin? I get a pencil in the neck and have to hear about it for weeks – that I wasn’t there to do my job. What she doesn’t know is how many times I’ve saved her arse, and how many numpty’s I’ve knocked out who had planned to juice her, sell her on the black market, or just have their way. It’s not common to see a Mage who is a woman, so that makes her an even bigger target.

So what did the unconscious body lying at my feet do? Silver is in the coffee shop, having a sip of cocoa and thinking how merry her life is. What she doesn’t know, nor will, is that when she stepped out of her car, this Chitah made a move to attack. I presume he planned to bite her neck with a fang or two in order to incapacitate her. I can’t turn him in as I have no evidence as to what he was up to, but the black market is a big thing, and a female Mage? A lot of high and mighty men would love to have one of those in his possession for the right price. I’ll let him sleep for a while since I can’t call the Enforcers to pick him up. Then maybe I’ll introduce him to thunder and lightning again.

[cracks knuckles]

Because sleep and food are no requirements for Vampires, that makes us even more ideal as a guard. We’re stronger than most Breeds, immune to most of their gifts and magic, and while we can’t run fast and have our own weaknesses, we’re often preferred as guards. Sure, a certain type of wood can incapacitate us if impaled in our body in the right quantity and location, but not many are carrying a woody in their pants at all times, in fear of a Vampire creeping up on them and running our tongue along their jugular. It’s a thankless job. I can tell you this because my arse smells like a garbage pail, my coat is covered with wet snow, and I’m standing in an alley while the person I’m guarding is nibbling on a warm pastry. Well, good for her. I’ve been thinking about a shift in jobs, but the money is good so here I stay.

Time for me to download some porn and find a place to hide this fanghole.