Friday, October 9, 2015

Giveaway and other stuff

I have a sweet giveaway for CHARMING over on goodreads. CLICK HERE TO ENTER
The release date is Dec 8 and will also be on audio (release date not yet announced)

You preorder CLOSER in audiobook HERE. Preorder will be available on Audible soon. Audiobooks are something you should check out! I've found them really convenient when my eyes are tired from a day of writing, but I still want to read. Audiobooks are becoming very popular. A lot of people listen to audiobooks while working out, walking, or doing errands. It's a great way for a book nerd to get their fix. :)

Also, be sure to check your email if you are a newsletter subscriber and haven't received anything from me in the past week. If nothing is in your inbox, look in your spam/junk/promotions/social folders. Move important email out of there back to your inbox so they don't continue going to the wrong folder.

I've been crazy-busy working on projects and trying to get a first draft down. So if you haven't seen me as often on social media, just know that I'm sitting in my writing cave with bloodshot eyes, a cup of coffee, unkempt hair, sweatpants, and creating stories for you to get swept away in. :)

Happy reading