Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Anatomy of a Cover: Shine

I'm taking a short break between projects and thought it would be fun to post a few facts about the SHINE (Mageri Series Book 5) Cover that you may or may not have noticed.

If you have not read the Mageri series, please go read them before looking at this post. Spoilers abound.

While not visible to the naked eye, if you zoom in on the cover, you'll see that I added a Creator's mark on Justus.

The original image of Justus has sneakers. Justus doesn't wear sneakers, so that needed to be fixed.

The color purple appears on all my book covers. Because Shine had a more bluish/green effect, I decided against another purple shirt and painted Silver's nails purple instead. I also changed the graffiti on the wall Justus is leaning against to purple. :)

To be consistent with the story, I also added puncture scars on Silver's neck. You will also see these on the cover of Gravity.

Another common theme on each cover is the appearance of light. Sterling had it coming from her hand, Twist had it coming from the shooting star, Impulse had it coming from lightning, as did Gravity, which also had the Northern Lights (representing the club where someone was killed). For Shine, I wanted the light to go back to the original cover from Sterling where it represented her growing power.

 The previous covers were all outdoors. I chose an indoor shot for the cover of Shine because, although it didn't look like the prison, it was representing the final stage of the story.

The final cover had the least amount of mock-ups (Impulse takes the cake for that) but required the most work and variety of shots/models. It was an important book and it needed a meaningful cover. I thought about putting Logan on the cover, but I'd like to leave him up to the imagination of readers. NO model would have sufficed. It was then that I decided to put Justus on the cover (for those who weren't sure who the guy was).

Justus and Silver's stories are entertwined, each having a direct impact on the other. They represent two different worlds coming together - two different viewpoints. Every book ends with a scene between Silver and Justus, and it's because there's a growing love between them that fills a void in each of their lives. That of a teacher and student; that of a father and daughter.

So the model choice had to be right for Silver. I had a few options to choose from, once I nailed down Justus and the background. But they were ruled out when I began to notice that, like below, a lot of them didn't exude a confident woman who had come full circle. I wanted the final image of Silver to be "in your face", showing a woman who is ready to face her future head-on.

Every book (except Sterling) ends with an image that's important to the story. (in the digital ebooks)
SPOILER ALERT: if you have not read the mageri series, please go read the books before going any further.

The final image in Shine is Justus holding his daughter's hand. The light represents her as the first 'born' Mage, but look closely and you'll see that the ring Justus wears (for HALO) I included symbols etched in, just as noted in the book. Those who are perceptive will realize the flaw in that the ring should be on his right hand, but flipping the image didn't look right so I had to make the call.

Only those who own the paperback will get the beautiful back cover, which is actually a play on words since Rose is the name of Justus's daughter. There are also a few sites on the Internet that state a purple rose symbolizes love, or love at first sight.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Call for Bloggers and other stuff

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: THREE HOURS is set to release on April 6. Be a part of the release day blitz and sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UKdlXCOtPDuMObo0D03r3dQOL3JRPdt1glW98228MFs/viewform

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I'm so proud of the audiobooks, which have been bestsellers on both Tantor and Audible. I hope you decide to check them out or recommend to your audiobook friends.

THREE HOURS AUDIOBOOK RELEASE DATE: Mark your calendars. The e-book will come out on April 6, and the audiobook is set for April 21.

There are still a number of last-minute things I have to wrap up with THREE HOURS, but aside from that, I'm working on my first round of edits for ONE SECOND. Every time I mention this I get readers who are confused as to why the other two books aren't out yet. They're not ready. I have books at different stages of editing/revisions, and have a system where I go from one to the next and then back again. Once I finish this first-draft revision on ONE SECOND, I'm going to start writing the MAGERI WORLD NOVEL, then I'll go back to working on TWO MINUTES. Thankfully, I have a spreadsheet to keep all my tasks in order. I know you guys are eager for the books, but I also know that nobody wants a rushed product. :-)

I don't have any release dates scheduled at this time for TWO MINUTES (including audiobook). I hope those of you who are Mageri fans have read the Seven series since you'll discover a crossover that will hit you in the feels. Vice versa, Seven fans: The Mageri Series is urban fantasy romance, and while it's not written like the Seven series books with couples, you'll discover several unforgettable love stories as the Mageri series is truly about family.

There aren't any other exciting updates to share at this time. Be sure you've signed up for my newsletter to get cover reveals, release dates, and purchase links for new releases. You can find that signup HERE: http://www.dannikadark.net/p/blog-page.html

THANK YOU for all the amazing reviews!!