Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bundle Makeover

The Mageri Series Boxed Set (1-3) has undergone a makeover. While the original image with  "almost kissing" was great, the image appears at the end of Twist, and I really wanted something that upon first glance, looked like a Mageri series book. I like many readers enjoy the first cover, however that has to do with it being a little sentimental. The new cover is designed to snag the attention of new readers.

Those who have the original bundle set will not lose their image.The price is still discounted, so anyone who hasn't yet made the plunge into the Mageri series will find there is a discount in purchasing books 1-3 in a bundle vs individually. It just depends on if you prefer to have them grouped or individually titled on your e-reader.

7/07 - IMPULSE audiobook
7/29 - FIVE WEEKS book release
7/29 - GRAVITY audiobook
8/12 - SHINE audiobook
August (tentative) - STERLING German edition

Audio pre-purchase available at retail sites.


If you've been glancing at the project tracker on the right side of my webpage, you'll see I've been busy writing my first draft of Two Minutes (Seven Series). I'm usually working on a couple of things at once, but the process of writing and publishing is not quick. While the first draft might be completed in July, it takes months and months of rewrites, edits, beta reads, editor, proofreads, etc. to get the book ready for publication. I don't believe in rushing a story, and I'll never just kick it out the door if I'm not completely satisfied. Typically I'll write the first draft and set it aside for a little while so I can go back in with a clear head.

I'm also working on a few things I can't discuss right now.

My betas throughout the Seven Series have been amazingly supportive and constructive with feedback, and I think you're really going to love this series. Each seems to wind up having a favorite character or book, although sometimes that might be each new book they That's always a good sign. It's been a fun and challenging series to write.

I plan on having a Sterling sale next month, so look for that.

Closer has been revised. I'm also going to schedule working on the cover, but my priority list is way too long since I need to close out the first draft and will have edits coming back to me very soon. So I don't have a date set on when that will happen (hopefully this summer), but I'm excited to finally be able to put Kane on my shelf. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Five Weeks coming in five more weeks!

It's almost here! Just five more weeks left until FIVE WEEKS (Seven Series #3) is out!


A blog tour is also in the works, so if you are a blogger who would like to participate, please let me know! I will also be posting a link to the sign-up form once that's available.

If you haven't started the Seven Series, this is a paranormal romance that has even drawn in readers who don't normally read paranormal books! There's a nice blend of "real life" with a group of brothers who just happen to be Shifters. Alphas, bikers, rock stars; there's a little of everything! These are all full-length novels (over 100,000 words), HEA, no cliffhangers. While they could be read as stand-alone, this is a connected series and reading them that way may not make as much sense since all the stories interconnect.


Currently available for Pre-Order on iTunes: HERE

Whether you are a blogger or a reader, please help spread the word on release day!
How can you support the series? Post a review on Amazon as soon as you're done reading!

In case you missed the excerpt, it's included on the Cover Reveal post HERE


Twist is now available on AUDIO. Check out Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, and Tantor.
The rest of the series will be coming out this summer. Check out the DANNIKA DARK BOOKS link on my website menu for a release date listing.

I have also added a status bar to the right side of my website where you can track my progress with different projects for the activity listed directly below. The name of the project is within the tracker counter, and it's based on current word count/target (or completed) word count. Just a fun visual way for you to see what I'm up to.

I've been working hard, each day, long and incredibly crazy hours to get these projects moving. There's so much to be done aside from the writing part. So if you're a person who likes to work a few hours a day, this is not the job for you! lol

And SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER. I don't spam. The only time you'll receive newsletters close together is during a book release, as I always send out a second wave in case the first one ended up in anyone's spam folder. Just remember when signing up to add the email you get from me to your address book/contact list! Check your spam folder, and if I ever end up there, move my email out before you delete it so it never goes there again. I have no control over what your mail server might do, but just giving you a heads-up! :-)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Twist Audio release day

Today is audiobook release day for Twist!

You can download or purchase a CD copy at the following retailers, including Sterling (already available) Pre-order is also available for the remaining books in the series.

AMAZON Audible:
AUDIBLE (direct):
TANTOR (publisher):
BARNES & NOBLE (see dropdown options)

Reminder: Tantor is having a big 50% off sale for June only.

Readers have been sending me messages and emails on how much they are enjoying listening to the series on audio. Not just the convenience of being able to hear the book in your car or places you couldn't normally read (like at work?) but also reliving the series again, and often picking up a few nibbles of information that were hinted at in earlier books.

If you are an Audible fan, please help support these books by rating or writing a review. You can visit my WIP page for a full listing of release dates. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Sterling has become one of the hot sellers for paranormal romance on Audible! Even new readers to audio are loving the experience of visiting with the Mageri world in a new way. If you have an Audible subscription, the price for the audio is less than $4 if you already own Sterling in e-book form.

Not an Audible subscriber? You can download or grab a CD from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even (who is having a June sale of 50% all audio)

Here's your chance to win!  

Up for grabs:
1 unabridged audio CD of Sterling
1 autographed paperback of Sterling
and signed bookmarks.  

Enter the giveaway below !If you are already a newsletter subscriber, enter in the e-mail that you originally subscribed to my newsletter with so I can validate. :-)

Contest ends June 27. One winner takes all. 

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6/23 - TWIST
7/07 - IMPULSE
7/29 - GRAVITY
8/12 - SHINE 


Monday, June 9, 2014

Sterling Audiobook Release Day!

Congrats to Sterling, who is making her audio debut!


An exciting and new way to experience the series, whether you are an avid listener of audiobooks or not. For those who have an account through Audible, if you already own Sterling in e-book, the audio download is only $3.47! Whispersync will allow you to switch between reading and professional narration.

Additionally, Tantor media is also having a 50% off sale for the entire month of June for all audiobooks! Shop around and compare!





BARNES & NOBLE (Select audiobook version):

Audible customers: Please consider posting a review on Audible for Sterling! 


About the Narrator:

Nicole Poole is a classically trained actor with equal passions for literature and improvisation.

She has toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has been recognized for her narration by an AudioFile Earphones Award, a Publisher's Weekly Listen-Up Award, and nomination for an Audie Award.

For a short time, Sterling is available for only $0.99! If you haven't had the chance to begin the Mageri series, this is a great time. For Seven Series fans, I write in the same world with the same Breeds. This isn't just an urban fantasy, but an epic love story and an expansion upon my world, if not the foundation.

If you know someone who would enjoy this series or who loves a good sale, be sure to spread the news before the sale is over, and it's ending soon!


I'm also having an autographed paperback giveaway on my Facebook author page for a signed paperback of Sterling to celebrate the audiobook release! Swing by before it ends on Tuesday!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sterling on Sale

Sterling is on sale for a LIMITED TIME. Grab your copy for just $0.99!
Help spread the news! Also check out my Facebook author page for a contest to win a signed paperback.


Release date June 9! If you own Sterling in e-book and have an Audible account, the audiobook is only $3.47.

Tantor Media is also having a 50% off on all audiobooks, including CDs, for the month of June!