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Twist is on Sale

Feel free to snag this image and information. TWIST (Mageri Series: Book 2) is on sale for 99 cents for one week only. Book one (Sterling) is currently available for $2.99, so that's two full-sized novels for under $4.

TWIST (Mageri Series: Book 2) is on sale for 99 cents!



Selected as the Reader's Favorite & Reviewer Top Pick on GraveTells
"An outspoken woman makes the world a livable place. You have fire in you, and I would never put that out."

Adult Urban Fantasy Romance

Months after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws. She is forced to give up her old life and live in secret among the humans. There is finally hope of leading an ordinary life . . .

Until Logan Cross walks into it.

Their chance meeting leads her close to discovering the identity of the nameless Mage who once stole her light and discovered the unique power she possesses. That knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Silver, fueling the search to find out who he is before he finds her.

Lives are at stake. Truths are revealed. And an unexpected passion ignites.

Book 1 - Sterling (Mageri Series: Book 1)
Book 2 - Twist (Mageri Series: Book 2)
Book 3 - Impulse (Mageri Series: Book 3)
Book 4 - Gravity (2013)
Book 5 - TBA (2013)


Go on and take your kiss, Mr. Cross.”
I tensed, expecting him to drag me back to the car. The earth crunched beneath his shoes as he parted his legs, leaning forward. My fingers continued working to loosen the knot. Logan lifted my chin with the crook of his finger, and lowered his head to meet mine.
“Give me your lips,” he growled. It was insistent, and there was no desire coating his words. This meant nothing to him; I might as well have been a tetanus shot in his ass.
“Why do you want this?”
His lip twitched. “A Mage is my enemy, and I should know everything about my enemy. I’ve never been close to a female of your kind,” he said inching closer, “and I find you… puzzling.”
Puzzling wasn’t a word a man had ever called me before.
His gaze was detached, as if he were studying the inner workings of a pocket watch.
Logan abruptly planted his warm lips on mine. I stood very still, waiting for those sharp teeth to slice me up, but they remained retracted.
Something changed while his lips explored mine, softening with every stroke.
Bark from the tree snapped above my head, showering small chips of wood in my hair. His fingers clawed against it, and I sensed a shift in his energy.
There was nothing demanding or rough about Logan’s kiss. His fleshy lips touched mine with soft pecks on the corners before returning front and center. They diligently tried to coax mine to respond, but I did not reciprocate. Up close, his body carried a masculine smell, one that made it very tempting to capture a breath and hold it in. His lips tasted of peppermint, and his chin was shaved so close it was baby smooth.
Logan didn’t kiss me as a man who wanted more—he kissed me adoringly, reverently. I didn’t even know this man and he kissed me with more passion than any man I’d ever known. My knees wobbled and I tried to steady myself.
Kiss me back,” he breathed.
When he rubbed his face against my cheek in one long stroke, I grew alarmed. Not because I was afraid of him, but I was afraid of what I was feeling. He was inciting a desire to participate, and I had an urge to nuzzle against his neck.
“I don’t like games. I told you—”
My words cut off when a vibration rumbled from his chest.
His brow arched. “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” he chuckled, brushing those soft lips over mine… again and again.
My lips wanted to obey, and I knew it was wrong. An internal battle was ensuing—instinct vs. common sense—two dominant forces at the root of all decisions.
His breath over my mouth whispered, “Kiss me, Little Raven.”
Common sense got its ass kicked.

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Well, I put out the offer in the Mageri Discussion Forum on Facebook that if readers had any questions (that weren't about future books or speculative plot questions), I would answer. So this is basically a reader interview! I love this because these are avid readers of the Mageri Series and the questions asked are creative and might be something you've been wondering.

Q: When the old Relic came about, she knew it right away Justus was a charmer. Was it because of her family knowledge that she could tell and Page couldn't?

A: Page has one of those unexplained natural immunities to Justus. Most other women do not, and that includes the old Relic. Even blindfolded, she could sense that Charmer energy in the air. It's not the sight of Justus that draws women to him, but the energy he puts out. She's a seasoned Relic who has been around the block a few times and knows about some of their gifts. :)

 Q: Do you have 'deleted scene's' from the books that you might share with us after the full series has been published?

A: That's a possibility, although the scenes are likely in rough draft form and unedited. There are two that stand out: one is the shower scene that went another way, and another is a scene with Silver & Christian that was completely extracted from the book. Most scenes remained in the book, but were lightly or heavily modified.

Q: Will we get to know more about Simon in the last book or could his story be the Novella you talked about ?

 A: There were a lot of Simon questions! In each book, we get to know some of the characters a little more, but it is hard to put a spotlight on every single character in each book without making the story convoluted. I've mentioned before that I wish I could have each character given their time. As for Simon and whether we'll learn more about him, I would like to say yes. I don't know that it will happen in the next book. Simon has a story, it's in my head, and the cat is out of the bag. (mee-ow) If there is a post-Mageri novella that I've been mentioning, it will be Simon's book. It will be considered either a novella, or a spinoff "stand-alone". I do not want to commit to this as I'm still in the throes of writing MB5, so we'll see how this plays out.  I'll be sure that in some form or fashion, Simon get's his story. He's already taken up two pages of my notes, but like I said, I'm still writing MB5.

Q: How did mage/chitah/sensors etc come to be? i have a feeling mage history was touched on (how they first started) ...was it in sterling? but it'd be good to know where the other breeds came from.

A: Really good questions, and not one I have the answer for. It is mentioned that there are often genetic leaps, and sometimes they thrive if they can procreate or transfer their abilities, while other times they die out. I didn't focus so much on the origin of things, because we can see in this series is goes back over thousands of years. One has to wonder how man began? There's still an ongoing debate on that, so in some ways, I like a little mystery in the books.

Q: Page said that Slater was an expert in extinct breeds. Will any of your books cover some of these Breeds?

AIt's possible, but would have to be relevant to the story (unless I write a book that takes place in a previous time). I haven't written any books that discuss "extinct" Breeds, however I have written books that focus on one specific Breed not yet mentioned in the Mageri series. ;-)

Q: I don't know if this was asked. Why did Sunny decide to see a Relic and not a regular human doctor?

A: Without going into spoilery detail, she's living in the Breed world with Knox now. Relics specialize in more than just certain Breeds, but they're educated and very skilled. Most people want the best doctors, and Relics don't just learn what they know from a textbook, but some of their knowledge is inherited. Most go to human medical schools to be current with today's advances in medicine, but a doctor is a doctor, no matter the Breed.

Q: Why was Page looking at Knox's hat on Logan's head?

A: No reason. Sometimes our eyes drift around and look at objects when we're heavy in thought about something, and it's also a subtle way of reminding readers of why they were all gathered. Some things you can't read into too much detail

 Q: How does it make you feel having us all here day in and day out theorizing, discussing your books, and having such hearty banters over your characters?

A: I absolutely love it! What author wouldn't want to know that their readers not only read their books, but are discussing them months later? Some may never know this is going on, so I feel privileged in knowing that my readers have established places where they enjoy discussing the characters, books, and even building friendships.

Q- Does reading the comments sway you one way or the other as far as the direction you will take the characters?

A: Not really, because if there is a theory thread going on in one of the forums, I typically don't read them in detail, if at all. Not because it will sway me, but I would rather put blinders on and not know that my readers in the majority are 'hoping' for  certain outcome that I know may not be with a plot. It puts doubt in my head that they may like the next book, and I like positive vibes. The series was already written out in full and simply required refining through rewrites. MB5 is the only unwritten book, but I had to move over a bunch of material from Gravity, in addition to a number of storylines that I had detailed notes on. 

I have to admit I've enjoyed stumbling across a comment or two that I knew a person hit the nail on the head, and even one of my beta readers commented to reading the discussions and was dying to see their reaction after the book release. :-)  When I saw a few comments going back to STERLING where Silver nuzzled against Simon, I was like, "Damn, you guys are GOOD!" To be honest, I'd rather not garnish material from readers because you cannot please every reader, and it may not be true to the story. I also do not consult with anyone on their opinion during my writing process. I never have a stuck point with a character and everything within the books are my ideas, so if something doesn't go the way you would have liked, you only have me to blame. LOL Please, don't send emails.

Thank you to all the Mageri fans for collecting these questions! Hope it provided a little insight. :-)

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Day 1

My last day of work was on Friday, but this is my official first day of writing full time. I caught up on a few things over the weekend, but I've tried to spend it relaxing, with family, and shopping. I've already written up a weekly schedule. It's in draft form as I'll need to modify it as time goes by. My early morning hours are now reserved for catching up on social networking, blog posts, marketing, etc.

Writing begins at 7am until lunch. I've decided in order to stay focused, I'm going to shut down all Internet windows. As you know, the Internet can be totally distracting, and I have a lot of work to get done. The good thing is, I'm not a big TV watcher (especially daytime).

Today begins my journey into MB5 (Mageri Book 5, get used to the acronym because I get lazy typing it out). There were a few pieces of Gravity I extracted to be placed in MB5, one of which will be insight to a scene that the reader only saw from one perspective. It's going to shed some light. Major light. Last night I was thinking that some readers may lose their minds at some of the storyline that will unfold in MB5 (I don't mean that in a good or bad way, only that I always have answers and surprises up my sleeve).

I have the basic idea of where I want things to go plotwise, but I don't really outline. I'm going to read through my notes and simply begin writing. The story leads where it wants to. It's kind of exciting to not actually have this book written out, because I had only written up to book 4 and had to carve out some material from there in order to carry it over to book 5, otherwise Gravity would have been too huge.

Will every question be answered? There's no telling, because sometimes readers pluck out the tiniest thing. But I kind of like that. I think to some extent, there should be things left up to the imagination of readers. Will you see these characters again? Mayhap you will, mayhap you won't. Christian was written into another book, and the Overlord appears in another series. I still would like a post-Mageri novella (Although the idea of a novella frightens me because I'm a writer with a lot to say. If it becomes a full sized novel, then it will likely be considered a stand-alone spinoff).

My writing schedule also includes days where I'm not working on the primary project at hand, but secondary projects. That's got me excited, because now I can devote more time to other books I have going on. My current secondary project is "Six Months" (The sequel to "Seven Years", which is with the editor).

Well, 15 more minutes until my workday begins. I need to get breakfast, coffee, and review my notes. Let the games begin.

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Logan Cross Interview

For those who missed the interview on my IMPULSE blog tour, here is the transcript:

originally published: 12/18/2012

One of the most popular characters in the Mageri series is Logan Cross. He’s not only a Chitah, but he’s also a force to be reckoned with. Chitahs are a unique Breed that have many animalistic traits, but unlike Shifters, they do not actually change into one. They are very tall with eye colors ranging from a warm amber to a yellow citrine. They’re fast, dangerous, and if they lose control of their emotions, their switch will flip. What does that mean? Their canines come out, their eyes roll into an obsidian black, and they run on pure instinct.

So naturally, I decided to ask him if he was available for an interview.

He accepted.

In fact, without having told him where I live, he flew down from Cognito and hunted me down. I won’t lie—I’m a little nervous sitting in the same room with a Chitah. But he’s assured me that a female is safe in his presence. My furniture is far too small for Mr. Cross, so he’s made himself at home by sliding my wooden coffee table over by the back door, and is lying on his side on top of my area rug.

Dannika: “Thanks for the interview, Mr. Cross. Comfortable?”

Logan: “Call me Logan. And yes, immensely.”

Dannika: “Logan, can you tell me how it is that you found me?”

Logan: A wide smile stretches across his face, and he shifts on his right elbow. “I’m a Chitah, and tracking is what I do best. But I also have access to files and databases,” he says with a light shrug. “I was once a man for hire.”

Dannika: “Would you ever go back to that life again?”

Logan: “You never know what will push a man over the edge. I have no intentions of going back to the man I once was, but that man is still a part of me.”

Dannika: “Are all Chitah males as emotionally honest as you are?”

Logan: He sits up with one knee bent and his white shirt untucked from the right side of his loose jeans. “Only a foolish male would attempt to lie around another Chitah, because we can scent it. Speaking my mind has become a habit, but we have deceptive men among our kind who have mastered the art of twisting their words in such a way that the lie becomes truth.”

Dannika: (I scratch my shoulder nervously)

Logan: “Speak, female.” He draws in the air through his mouth and lowers his head. “You can ask me anything.”

Dannika: “I don’t mean to get personal, but I have a list of questions from some of my readers. If you’re not comfortable answering, just let me know. My question is about Silver. She seems to have trust issues. Why do you continue to pursue a woman who isn’t sure about her feelings?”

Logan: (Shifts his position so that both knees are pulled up and his arms are draped over them) “Anything worth chasing is worth having. I would have second thoughts about a female that accepted so readily. Would I have wanted her to accept the man I was when we met? I’m a better man the longer I know her. I have my past, and she has hers, and somehow we have to figure it out. I don’t know where it will lead,” he says with a pause. “Trust is a dangerous thing, and one of the greatest gifts that you can give someone. It’s fragile, like glass, and easily broken.”

Dannika: “What would your mother think of Silver if she were alive?”

Logan looks thoughtfully toward the windows. “She loved her sons, and I’m certain she would have loved anyone they brought into her life. She knew about Levi before even he did, and I sensed if he had ever brought a male home that was worthy, she would have welcomed him with open arms. But he kept that side of himself hidden for a very long time. My mother was an honorable woman, and she would have liked that Silver was giving me a run for my money.”

Dannika: “Do you see yourself having kids?”

Logan: “Having young is something every Chitah male looks forward to. That would be a great honor in my life.”

Dannika: “Would you ever consider adoption?”

Logan: (His face sours) “There are no unwanted Chitah young, aside from the human offspring. It’s unheard of, because family is important to us.” Logan reaches for the soda on the coffee table and takes a long sip. He seems uncomfortable with some of the personal questions, so I decide to switch gears.

Dannika: “What is your version of a perfect night out?”

Logan: He sets the can down and stretches out his legs, leaning on his elbow. “Jiminy, that’s a tough one. I have a private cave on some property that belongs to my family that I visit once in a while to get away. It’s also been a hideout whenever I’ve needed it. Perhaps it’s not comfortable for a female, but I could drag a mattress in there and cook her a meal over the fire. The stars are spectacular outside of the city, and once she tired of looking at the heavens, she could look into my eyes for the rest of the night.”

Dannika: “Do female Chitahs go into heat like cats?”

Logan: (Bursts out laughing and I immediately cover my face with my hands) “No, Miss Dark, I will answer this one.” After a few chuckles, Logan reaches around and pulls his hair out of the band, shaking it loose. “A female most definitely goes into heat, but only when it’s her time to mate and have young. It doesn’t come along often, but when it does, her body is primed to carry young. I don’t know anything about pet cats, but it’s one of the most exquisite scents that a female can carry.”

Dannika: “Is it painful for her?”

Logan: (He runs his tongue across his lower lip before biting it) “Mild discomfort, like muscle cramps. Her skin changes over to her unique patterns, and it’s all very brief. Some will last a few days, while for others, only a few hours.”

Dannika: “A reader wants to know if you’ll marry them.”

Logan: (Stands up and stretches his long legs) “Chitahs don’t marry—we mate.”

Dannika: I watch him pace to the window and lift the shutter, catching a glimpse of the sun lowering beneath the rooftops. “Would you risk everything for love, even your life?”

Logan: (Sighs deeply) “If you love someone enough, you’ll sacrifice everything, even if it means losing them. Your life is all you truly have to give.”

Dannika: “One last question: What’s your favorite part of a woman’s body?”

Logan: (Strolls across the room and stands directly over me, looking down his nose. Okay, I admit it, I’m flustered) “I can only choose one?” (He cocks his head to the side, a strand of hair falling in front of his face)

Dannika: “Just one.”

Logan bends over and places his warm hand across my chest. “Her heart.”

I’d like to thank Logan for taking the time to fly out for a personal interview. It’s been great getting to know a little bit more about the man behind the books!

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The Last Week in Cube World

It's been an exhausting week as I am wrapping up things at work. Just to give you an idea, I'm not a napper, but when I got home from work today, I fell asleep for two hours.

They've pretty much stated they're tapping into my brain and trying to extract as much knowledge as possible before I'm gone, which means I've been cross training, as well as working longer hours in order to tie up projects. It's bittersweet, as I've already been visited by several people I know who work in other departments, received calls from coworkers who no longer work there, and am cleaning off my desk. I think it's actually hitting me when I'm having conversations with those I've known since day 1, which aren't many since most have moved elsewhere. New chapters are always good. Everyone deserves a fresh start. I know I've built a reputation within the company, but in order to grow, we have to stretch.

I hope my contest winners understand that I won't be able to mail out their items until this weekend. I discovered my shipping supplies were low and because my work hours are longer, I'm not able to get to the post office before they close. For those who don't know, if your package weighs over a certain amount, you can't just put it in the drop-off. Grr

The paperback for Gravity is in the works; I'm going back and forth with the formatter on a few items, and I think I've completed the cover. Anxious to order the first proof within a week or so!!

I spent tonight printing out some of my detailed notes on Mageri Book 5. You should have SEEN what I had to contend with during Gravity as I have this unusual system for plotting and how I document it. Probably not the most efficient, but it works for me. ;-)

I found a contemporary romance I had written and put on my Kindle, and I've been tinkering with it on my off time since I haven't officially begun working on Mageri 5. It's a story I hadn't finished because I reached a stuck point, but one I'll keep on the back burner. I have way too many things going on right now with my other books. After Gravity, most of you might notice that writing a CR wouldn't be that much of a stretch for me, but my head is buried in the Mageri world at the moment and all of the exciting supernatural elements. If I can introduce more readers to this genre who don't normally read, then mission accomplished.

This is why I'm excited about going full-time, because I'm anxious to see how much more productive I'll be. But it's going to be counter-productive to be working on too many projects at once. This isn't a race. I have all the time in the world. :)

And thank you all for not just reviews, Facebook posts, and comments on the blog, but I've been receiving emails and Goodreads pvt messages about Gravity. <3

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gravity Aftermath

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support for this book by way of message or reviews. I know how much of a challenge a series can be to keep readers fully engaged, so it was important that I tell emotionally-charged stories that not only centered around Silver, but the other Mageri cast.

Thank you all for being really great about not posting spoilers on my wall, blog, or elsewhere. We don't all read at the same pace, and it gives other readers the chance to experience everything for the first time when they are finally able to make time for the book. :-)

Secondly, writing this book was emotional. I can't express to you how much it was, because I truly love all of my characters and the story often goes its own course. But authors are often too close to our books to be able to predict how readers will react. Until some of the reviews and reactions came in, I didn't know just how touched readers would be.

And that is the best feeling. Not for reasons you might think, but a book should be emotionally gratifying as much as it is intellectually. I weaved real issues into the story, and for some it may be cathartic. It is and has always been a relationship-driven story with a backdrop of paranormal intrigue. It's exciting to be able to balance these out in a way that I don't often read, and while some may find the third-person perspectives jarring, I like to call it "refreshing". It's not done very often in first-person books. I chose this route because I think it adds to the story to be able to know other characters on a deeper level by way of third-person storytelling, and it also allows readers to be privy to things the protagonist is not. I think it also makes the reader savor the scenes with the protagonist a little more. :) I hope that you equally enjoy the sub-storylines as much as the main one.

And thank you to everyone for the tremendous support you've given during this book launch!! Some of you have not yet dug into Gravity due to real-life time constraints, so I hope you enjoy the book when you eventually find time to read it.

For those who are wondering about book five (yes, I've seen your comments! lol), I will be working on it in the coming months with an expected release date of Late 2013. I cannot give any further information than that. Book five is planned to be the final book. I have written out the last words that will be spoken in this series, and like the previous books, the ending has always been important to me.

Now in saying that, I will not rule out a post-Mageri novella. IF this happens (big IF) I will tell you this one thing: it will not be told from Silver's perspective. That's all I can say as I have only the idea in my head, but have not committed to writing it since I need to work on book five. There's a good reason for this, and I think readers might enjoy a little extra Mageri story after it's over.

Keep watching my FB page and blog. I'm still working on the concept for the SEVEN SERIES. I've drafted book two and Seven Years (Book 1) is scheduled to go to the editor next month. I'm not certain when this book will be released, but there is a potential it could be this year. I really wanted to line two books up that are ready to go in order to give myself a breather to work on other projects, but we'll see.

It's Sunday, soo get off the computer! Go curl up with a good book and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Gravity is now Available for Purchase!

Please visit me on Facebook and share/like the promo ad to help others see the good news! Thank you all for the amazing support you've given me through each book, and I hope you enjoy the read!


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Gravity Update: On Track for Friday

Just a reminder to grab your copy of GRAVITY this Friday! Even if you don't have time at the moment to read it, the support is tremendous as it will help the book remain visible to new customers who haven't yet read the series.

I'll be submitting the book to be published early on Thursday evening. There is a potential it could go live that night, but hopefully no later than late Friday morning. I'll post the links once available, but you can still do a search of Gravity (Mageri Series: Book 5). It takes a while for the book to show up in the search engines (sometimes days) which is why I'll be posting the direct links for those who cannot find it on Facebook, my blog, and the newsletter.

I suppose the only forewarning I can give you is that it follows suit with the previous books. I touch on dark subject matter, weave real topics into the story, and will take you on an emotional roller coaster. It can't be helped with the type of story I chose to write. Thank you for loving the characters, series, and staying on board to see how it all will eventually conclude. :-)

Please remember to swing by my Facebook page on Friday and share the promo that I'll be posting. There are many people who read my books who may not even be aware of Gravity until they see one of the shared posts, and it also directs new readers looking for something to read to the Mageri Series.And please don't shy away from writing a short review; you have no idea how instrumental they are for indie authors getting their books out there.

 xoxo I can't thank you all enough for your support, and it means so much more now that I'm writing full time. It's something I want to continue doing.

I hope you all enjoy the read, and stay tuned for news on future projects!

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Big Indie Book Giveaway

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Some pretty big news

Now that it's official, I may as well clue you guys in.

Today, I turned in my resignation at work.

It was a long time coming. They were actually positioning me for a promotion, but for detailed reasons that I would rather not elaborate on in bleeding-ear detail, corporate life is not for me. I served my eleven years, and learned a lot working for one of the most brand-name recognizable companies in the world. The job came with quite a bit of stress, and many years were rewarding. I discovered just how capable I am. How I could handle escalated situations, resolve technical issues, write procedural material, train, mentor, become the department subject matter expert, lead a team, etc. I became one of those valued employees in the department, recognized by directors, project leads, and leadership for my role in major projects within the company. And I started in the file room, a girl in a pair of tall, leather boots who ended up with cuts and bruises all over her arms as I merged thousands of files into filing cabinets.

Hey, you have to start somewhere.

I also learned that I wasn't happy. As great as I was at all those things, it didn't fulfill me. Writing did, so I kept at it. It's something I've been doing since I first shoved my writing desk into my closet at age 12 and made a make-shift office. Since I was 16 and got a typewriter for my birthday and declared in front of everyone that I was going to write a book someday. It's something I've been doing through my adult life and been able to incorporate even into my career. I've maintained a low profile (no pictures) because I did not want to risk jeopardizing my job for something I love.

Last year was pretty rough for me, and I've reached a point where I'm ready to move on. Actually stepping off the cliff and publishing my novels became the reason this is even possible.

What that means is: I'm going to be a full-time writer.

For now. We'll see how things are going in a year, but I hope with your support, that I can actually do what I love doing, and in turn, give you more stories. My options are wide open, no matter where life takes me. I told a friend of mine today that it felt good to take control of my life instead of being controlled by it.My family supports me, and it feels good to be following a different path in life where I can't see what lies ahead.

An inner peace has settled within me that I haven't felt in a long time. This was the right move. I'm still serving out my last weeks and working diligently to ensure my project is in capable hands when I transition a replacement into my role.

This means more writing time. I can tackle some of the side projects and write new ones that I've been stuffing in a box for lack of time. I also won't be working up to 19 hours a day and will reclaim some of my life back. Things will be tight for a while as I figure everything out, but I'd like to express my thanks to each of you for giving me the encouragement and moral support I've needed, even if you didn't know it.

I feel a bit like Silver at the end of Twist:

The bristles of his short hair made a scratching sound as he rubbed a hand across it. “Teach me what the colors mean. What is your mood?”

A deep shade of violet bled through the darkness, and I peered into the reflective band and saw that time stretched before me like an infinite road of possibility.

I lifted my chin and smiled.


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Seven Years Update

Be sure to add SEVEN YEARS to your Goodreads bookshelf! CLICK HERE

I'm in the last stages of editing and will be handing it to the editor next month. Release date is unknown, however I have completed the first draft of the sequel. Yay! It's a great book that could even stand-alone, but I had an interest in going a little further into these character's lives.

I have no synopsis at this time, but this book revolves around Shifters according to the Mageri world.I think you'll be surprised at some of the developments in the book as there is a twist or two. It is not dark urban fantasy as the Mageri Series is, but it takes place in the same world and has everything from humor, drama, action, and romance.

My betas have already developed crushes on not just the lead, but a couple of side characters. The protagonist is loveable, smart, witty, and fiercely protective of family.

Here were some beta reader comments (I tried to extract the fun ones):

As always, a dynamite ending.  So many books I read it seems the author can tell a great story but just don’t know how to end it.  Love your endings. was it HOT! 
^^not going to elaborate on what this is referring to ;-)

I hope that this book turns into a series because I REALLY REALLY want to get to know the Cole brothers better. I just wish they existed in real life because I would definitely give a few of them a shot. 

I really enjoyed reading and rereading this book. It was refreshing to read a new set of characters and loving them when I was already in love with your other stars.

^^ I loved the all caps on that last comment


So I hope you all decide to add this to your reading list and give a new cast of characters a chance to shine. I think if you love the Mageri Series, then part of that is because you love the world. My books all take place in this world and you'll have the chance to not only meet new characters, but learn more about other Breeds, which is really cool.

I have one up my sleeve which I have not revealed in my books. They will not be mentioned until that series is released. So hold onto your hats because there's more to come.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gravity Synopsis

The blurb is one of the most difficult pieces to write. How to summarize a book in a short few lines without giving away anything, but still piquing the interest of the reader? My thoughts are, you guys are already going to read the book. ;-)

So without further adieu:

When a choice is made, it will forever alter the course of our destiny. It cannot be undone, for fate is a river changing direction and carving away the bed of our hearts like everlasting fractures.

A difficult past has left Silver broken, but she is learning to trust again through Logan Cross, a Chitah who has convinced her that a dangerous man can change. Their conviction for each other will be put to the ultimate test when an old nemesis reappears and flips her world upside down. Will Logan be able to tame the animal within, or will he succumb to his impulsive nature?

The ongoing investigation into Breed experiments unveils a shocking secret about Silver’s past. Standing at a fork in the road, Silver is forced to make a decision. Each comes with consequence, and there is no turning back.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

News: Gravity Release Date Change

Attention! I have some pretty awesome news. Gravity is sliding up the calendar a week!

New release date: FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013

I really look forward to your support in purchasing a copy on the date of release, even if you will not be reading it right away. Help Gravity get noticed on the bestseller lists! And please don't shy away from posting reviews.

I still have a few loose ends to wrap up before that time, but decided to yank it out of that Wednesday release day and put it on Friday.  I think most of my readers will like a Friday release because you'll have the weekend to relax and enjoy it since many of you lead busy weekday lives with children, work, and errands!

So a big woot woot!
Send your family away, lock the door, go buy some wine and sugar donuts and maybe a little lemon cake.

May 22 has always been tentative, so hopefully anyone who took off work will be able to get that time back, or just enjoy it. You deserve it. 

Please share this news! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as I will send one out as soon as the book is published. I will publish the book on Thursday evening and it's very possible it could actually be live by then, but it always depends on how quick Amazon does their part.

He twirled a lock of my dark hair between his fingers, bringing the soft tendril to his nose as he drew in a deep breath.

“Do I still smell like lemon cake?” I asked. My fingers wandered along the tight muscles on his arms, sliding underneath the sleeves of his light grey T-shirt.

He suddenly crouched low and ran his nose along the length of my body—close and inviting. God, I loved it when he did that.

Smelled me.

What a strange thing to love about a man. The gesture felt erotic and the tiny hairs on my arms would stand up. With each inhale, his soft purr rumbled and I pulled his face close to mine, planting a soft kiss on his warm cheek. He caged me with arms that had once climbed a thirty-foot tree with blinding speed to rescue me—his agile body leaping from branch to branch as he held me tightly to him.

“Put your mouth on mine, Little Raven. I’m ready for a taste of lemon cake,” he said in a deep and tumbling voice.

“Maybe I’m not so sweet,” I whispered, wetting my lower lip with a sweep of my tongue.

Logan’s eyes followed every movement, and he licked his lips in response. “I want your mouth… on my mouth. Do it, or I’ll have to find something else to kiss.”