Thursday, February 28, 2013

MB4 Title Reveal

I said Friday, but I'm revealing the title for book four sooner because I finished up my last pre-beta edit and I've sent the book to my illustrious beta readers a few minutes ago. That means they  now know the title, so the cat's out of the bag. It's not a huge deal, but it IS a huge deal, because now I finally have a name to call it. MB4 was starting to sound like a virus.

This is not the actual cover -

I am going to be working on the cover in the month of March, but I thought it would be fun to put the title to an image. It's based off an excerpt from the book, so the image is metaphorical.

I feel like my book has an identity now, and that's a really cool feeling. So next on the radar is designing the cover, but until then, you can enjoy the little imagery I created. A few people joked the last "mock cover" for my IMPULSE title reveal could have been the actual cover, but I'm a stickler for making sure that the series truly connects through the covers, and it wouldn't mesh (even though it is a pretty cool looking pic, thanks to justicestock for the model).

GRAVITY release date not set.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How important are titles?

After having nailed down a title for Mageri Book four, I'm once again looking at the importance of titles. One thing that is very popular in any series (of almost any genre) is repeat word syndrome, something I avoided with this series. I'm not sure why this is done, or why it's necessary. Here are some thoughts:

It will connect the books so readers will know they are part of a series.
Em, really? Usually a series has a tagline. (eg: Night Huntress Series). So if you have the tagline and you properly mark your books as 1,2,3, then you're all set.

Readers will know the order.
Em, really? I love my series books, but honestly I couldn't tell you the order, let alone the name. When the same word is repeated, all the books tend to run together for me.

It's fun!
Granted, it can be fun when the author (or whoever makes up those titles) cleverly makes a pun, or even replaces a word using movies titles (like what Kim Harrison does). But what happens when you run out of fun title ideas?

We all know what order the Twilight books go in - albeit there are only 4. If your a fan of a series, you''ll love the books regardless, and you'll probably remember the order. IMO, if the names are drastically different, they stand out in my memory more easily.I have issues with repeat words in titles and remembering such things.

When choosing a title, you do have to connect it to the book. If someone asks me why I chose the title, "Peanuts", I need to be able to explain myself. Maybe it won't be obvious to the reader, but it has to connect. Choosing titles is one of the most difficult aspects of publishing, because even worse than summarizing your entire book into a blurb, you're summarizing it into a phrase, or a single word. GAH! I can easily sit down and tell you how I came to choose my previous titles, and I like that they're all different and just one word. But in some cases, it took me months to come up with the title. I decided against doing anything that made the words similar, but each would be unique and connect with that particular book.

And yeah, most titles have been used before. Most likely, you won't have an original title unless you come up with something really quirky, or has more than 4 words. Just be sure not to choose anything that is a world-famous book.

It's not to say I won't ever do the repeat word thing, because it actually makes naming a book easier if you have a starting point. Like, if your word is "never", then you have at least half of the title nailed. Never Leave, Never Was, Never Lasting, Never Peanuts....

Does a name sell? That's a really good question. When I skim through the titles on Amazon or in the bookstore, how important is the title? Well, online, it's not so important. Why? Because you have the cover, price, and author name to consider. Usually the cover sells, or draws your interest in clicking on a book.
In a bookstore, a title is more important because you are only looking at the spine of the books and are drawing conclusions from the titles.

Skim through the bestseller list and without looking at the covers, which names would you click on? What assumptions are you making from that title, which in some cases, tells everything that the book is about? I love a title that piques someone's interest. Going back to the bestseller list:

Beautiful Bastard - Title alone I make all kinds of assumptions that this is a book about an arrogant man and there's some kind of a sexual relationship.

Beautiful Chaos - This piques my interest. Title alone doesn't tell me what the book is about, but the imagery is ensnaring.

What do these two titles have in common? Besides the word beautiful, they both use a contrasting word that doesn't necessary get associated with the word beautiful. It's like saying someone has a somber smile, which is more descriptive than a gleeful smile.

So to a degree, yes, titles are important. Originality is great, but it's the book that will breath a title to life.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mageri Book 4: Title Reveal

Title reveal for the fourth book in the Mageri Series......

Coming Friday, March 1, 2013.

This & That

I have just come to the conclusion that I am no good on a vacation. I've taken this week off work to finish up on any last minute edits for Mageri Book 4, and wow....

I've come to the conclusion that I am the laziest person I know. Now, in my defense, I haven't had a real vacation in about two years. I used up all my vacation time last year during sick leave, and this time off wasn't really meant for going anywhere, but doing writing-related work.

That said, it's closing in on noon and I'm still on the sofa in my robe and slippers. I just had waffles, even though I've been up since 4:30 am. I have also made a silent declaration that I am not going to get dressed today.

Getting dressed is overrated.

I've done some shopping, bowling, eating out, and fun already. Tomorrow is tax day and I plan to hit the grocery store & do some errands. Later this week, I might go to the casino and killl fifty bucks in a few hours. I'm halfway through my edit and I think I can blow through another fourth of this book today, if I can stay off of youtube.

Because, yeah, I spent an hour watching a documentary. Then I have a list of book promo stuff I have to take care of, and I'm starting to drift. You know what I mean by drift. When you should be doing 'this', but instead you're doing 'that'.

So if someone asks me what I'm doing today, my reply will be, "Oh, this and that."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blue Pill/Red Pill

    My first proof of Impulse is amazing! The back of the book came out gorgeous, and now I just need to figure out what to write on it.

As for the book release, I'm still not sure. I think the cover will only require one additional run, and I'm having a couple of items addressed with my interior formatter, and it may end up reducing the size of the book a little. I'm still targeting April as the expected timeframe.

It's a big book. It packs a wollop.

I have so much going on right now you wouldn't believe. I started preliminary mock-ups for the cover of MB4, and have been mulling over titles. I know Mageri fans will read it regardless of the cover or title, but I still want it to be right. I'm sure a lot of people wondered why I chose impulse, but I have reasons behind each title.

Tomorrow at 4:30pm, my vacation officially begins! I am trying to make myself have fun and not work the entire time, even though that was the reason I took it. So that means I'll probably go up to the casino for a day, eat out, maybe even bowl in Logan's honor. But this is the time for me to finish up my editing with MB4 to pass it off to the betas.

March will be a busy month because I'm designing the cover, and also using that time to possibly work on another book. I don't even want to think about writing book five at this point, and I plan to start that as soon as MB4 is released, if not while the editor has it. I even did a few mock-ups for "Book white" as I'm trying to decide if this is going to be a series. Until I know for sure, then I can't properly design the cover. I began writing the second book, but my head can't get in the story with all this other Mageri stuff going on close to the deadline.

Be sure to LIKE my FACEBOOK page! Fun giveaways will be happening in the near future.

As with the previous two books, I'm nervous about what the betas' reactions. Each time *I* read it I swear I get sweaty palms and butterflies, and I already know what's going to I'm not afraid of critical remarks, because I got a few on Impulse regarding the Adam storyline. A book would be completely unsatisfactory if there were no controversy, mayhem, and unpredictable moments. I've seen a review or two where a reader was so upset that Silver didn't "choose" Adam in "Twist" they gave up, which is a shame. I know we get attached to how we think a book should go, but I adore the readers who still press on because they love the characters on an individual level and want to see where things are headed.

And on THAT note, I'm very excited. I think there are a lot of things going on in this book that are going to connect you with the previous books by answering questions, they're going to present more questions, and a thing or two just might make your head explode.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Mageri is. You have to see it for yourself. All I'm offering is the truth; nothing more.
So, are you going to take the blue pill, or the red pill?


No, you are not going to find out the whole thing wasn't real or a
I just love that scene in the Matrix.That movie never gets old for me.

Wow, and a huge thanks to everyone who continues to hang around between these book releases! I know there's a million other books out there to read, but it's so cool you keep stopping back in to check up on me and see how things are going.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Poe boy

The biggest surprise of publishing "Impulse" was how many emails, PM's and msg's I started seeing about Christian Poe. I honestly thought I'd get a lot of people disliking his character (which some do), but never underestimate a Vampire who says whatever he damn well pleases.

These were my first attempts at designing my own bookmarks, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. When I get some free time, I plan to design a few more. I've been taking suggestions from readers to see what they'd like tucked against their spine.

Or who. A lot of Logan fans.

You'll have to zip over and LIKE my Facebook page, as I'll be running giveaways in the near future where you can snag these and other nifty items.

And, just because I've been going through an Ed Sheeran love phase, here's some tunes.

The Charmer

Writing a Mage could have been cut and dry, but I loved the idea that energy exists in each Mage in a different way  - like chemistry. It gives them common and rare abilities. Common abilities might be flashing (moving at improbable speeds), healing using the energy from another Mage or the sun, and the ability to tell time or even sense direction.

Then there are rare abilities, something that not every Mage has. For Justus, he is a Charmer. That means  his energy is a sexual magnet to the opposite sex, like a Mage pheromone. At first, this would seem like a great gift for a man - to have any woman he wants.

But one has to imagine that over a lifetime of hundreds of years, this gets old. To have women paw over him wherever he goes. There's no need for conversation, to get to know people on a deeper level, to even care what they think. Then it becomes an outlet, but there's no joy in the gift and it begins to feel more like a curse.

What would a man like this want, or does he even know? This is why he has clashed with Silver since the beginning, because she defies him, challenges him, and even from the first book where she made a comment about his piercing, it made him self-conscious. A woman has never given him critical feedback.

Because of who he is, that's why it was so easy for many readers to dislike him early in the series. By Impulse, there is more insight to what makes him tick, and why he is the way he is. I love writing that kind of dimension to characters. To a degree, you've seen this with almost all of the characters in the Mageri series. We see the shell of who they are, and then I bring in pieces of their past so that you can put together their life and see why they have become the person they are, or made the choices they've made. Were they always the right choices? Did they choose the right path? Sometimes we don't always make the right decisions; hindsight is 20/20.

For Justus, he has little choice. That's why he's so endearing to me.

Just showing a little De Gradi love for the day.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Impulse Paperback

Is it too early to order a proof for Impulse? Nah. I have the file ready to go but I started the full cover design yesterday. Something I learned through the process was how the file will not print the way you think it will. In order to get it to look proper, you have to lighten, brighten, desaturate, and decompose.

Well, maybe not the last part, but that's how I felt during the whole process. I have to pay for each proof, and Impulse is going to cost me much more than the previous two. Hopefully I won't have to run as many this time.

The image below is my first attempt, and while it looks washed out, that is exactly how you have to design it for paperback because the ink is very heavy. I left out the wording because I want to focus on the actual cover design. I may have started early, but I'm still not likely going to have this book ready until late March or April.

If the lightning is too much, I'll probably take some of it out, but I carried it over to the front cover and liked how it turned out.

The price of Impulse is going to be more than Twist, and I'm so sorry about that as I wanted to keep books 2-5 all at the same price with Sterling having a deeper discount. Books 3-5 will be sold at the same price as my intention is not to increase the price with each book - that's just stupid. Honestly, there is no way around this. The distributor sets the minimum price that I can sell it for and everyone gets a cut, leaving me with milk money. That's not an exaggeration. If I sold this book at the price I'd like to, I'd get around 70 cents per sale. Want to know how many books on average I may sell a month in paperback? Less than 40. Closer to 20. :-/

The reason behind this is that Impulse is a BIG BOOK. In comparison to Sterling and Twist which round off to an average of 285 pages, Impulse has 453 pages. I could cut the shower scene and try to reduce the size - what do you think? ;-)

Book four will be close to the same size (albiet a bit smaller). These books are also larger books than the standard paperbacks, so they're price in bookstores usually range at $14.95 +. My price will not be this high, although in the future they may increase based on the market trend, as my ebooks have.

Most people purchase ebooks these days and it seems those who are grabbing this series in paperback are probably already fans who enjoy the books and want a physical copy. Thank you. Love you guys!!! I'm so glad I can offer them in physical form as there are many who do not have (or like) eReaders.

And that is all.

Character development

I've learned a few things in the process of my writing, and I know all authors may do things differently. But one thing I want is for my characters to step out of that page for a reader and have depth. So for those who write, here are some ideas

1. Re-draft your story several times. Most often what happens during this 'fine-tuning' process is that you build on your characters. Mine have the bare bones in draft one and usually by draft 4 I think, "There you are!" Although, there are always exceptions when you have a strong character

2. Create a bio. Start out with the basics on looks. Then have categories on personality, background (even if no one ever knows this part, it helps you figure out why they are the way they are), style of clothing, habits, likes, dislikes, favorite foods, favorite phrases, etc.

3. Have an Interview with your character. Write up a list of questions that you might to get to know someone and whether you write it down or just talk it aloud, go through this with each of your characters.

4. If your character is foreign, try to use colorful phrases from where they're from. I wouldn't go nuts with slang, but how you write them may also depend on other factors. Since mine have also lived in other countries, and America, some of that has rubbed off on them. So they may not adhere to using strictly UK terms for things, and that allows me a little freedom to not screw it up as an American writer. But sometimes giving them their own little word or phrase can be endearing. Unfortunately, Christian Poe's is fecking. Not sure how endearing that is. Not that he says it a lot, but it's his thing.

5. Have your characters doing things. Give them habits. Adam likes to put his hand up on the wall and lean on it, Simon tends to pace and talk a little frantically, Christian enjoys candy but has a thing about littering, Justus rubs his tat a lot, Logan stands with his arms at his side and doesn't often fidget or fold his arms. He also has a thing about putting his fist to his mouth and hiding a laugh, but something we only see him do with Silver.

The fun part about characters is breathing them to life. Instead of having Jack fold his arms and look at her punishingly, have him put his hands in his pockets and jingle the coins in there. Or give someone a Talisman they carry around, or perhaps they have a thing about always eating almonds. Watch people in real life and pay attention, or go on the Internet and look up body language. I had an interesting site bookmarked that showed the body language of men and what that meant, so I've used it.

This is what put me on pause for the sequel of Book White. I've got my characters, but one of them I'm struggling with figuring out who he is. I need to have a long talk with him and figure it out, because I can't continue with the book until I know. I lack time at the moment, so it's a future project. The first book which I'm having edited this summer was effortless. The girl was so vivid in my head, as was the guy, but it did take a few attempts before I felt like I nailed them, and really "got" where they were coming from.

So few people want to read about that dramatic Vampire who stared at you with dead eyes and moves with grace. Give him the hiccups when he's mad. Let him tell a story about something that moved him. Have his favorite word be "sniveling".

Sometimes as we delve into a series, we learn more about our characters in books 3 or 4. I have no problems adding on new personality traits, because often that's how it works in real life. When I first meet someone, they give first impressions. But a year later, I start noticing other things I didn't before. This is what happened with Novis, mostly because we haven't seen much of him in previous books. We get a few more interactions with him in Book 4 and I created a very amusing little habit he has - it's just his thing.

So, that's the process for me. Hope as a writer or reader it gives a little insight. When you put a book down and can't go through with it, think about why. Sometimes it's the story or writing style, but often times it's because nothing about that character really stepped out.

This is an example I copied straight from Justus's bio that I keep;

CLOTHING: Wears a gold ring on right hand symbolizing he works for HALO and it has etchings. Always dresses in fine, expensive, tailored clothes or suits. Even casual clothes are expensive. Likes to wear watches even though Mage can tell time naturally. standard workout attire: black pants, tank top, and barefoot.

FOOD/DRINK of choice – Drinks tequila straight sometimes. Enjoys fine wines, expensive stuff. Doesn’t cook, but loves to eat manly food like ribs, meat, and messy eater, eats with hands or spills food, not so much refined with silverware

Write crap.

Catchy title, is it not? (Write it, just don't publish it)

If someone told me they were having writer's block, I'd tell them to just sit down and write crap. Whatever comes out. Sometimes from that stewy mess is a diamond. I went for a period of several years without writing. I'd put aside all my creative writing and just focused on work. Why? Long story. :-/

Then stuff happened and I sat down one day and wrote that horrible book during my first attempt at getting back in the game. But guess what? I knew it was awful, and yet someone named Justus De Gradi stepped out of that book. So did quite a few other things.

Here is a "Did you know" list, well, you didn't know, because I've never mentioned them. As a whole, this was a very poorly written story. I had called it "Guardians of the Guild" and stopped at 11,000 words. Why? Because it bored me, it was cliche, and I really didn't want to write a Vampire book unless there was some originality to it. Although, there was one character trait that I'd love to write about, and maybe develop into a Breed. I'm holding that one close.

A month later, I wrote Sterling. Then Twist, Then Impulse. Then book four. Then I hopped onto another series, and another. What happened was a snowball rolling down a mountain. That lame little story brought to life so many things that live in my stories which I am publishing.

1. Justus De Gradi. Mostly the name as the personality and looks are different.
2. VERITAS was tatted on Justus's arm. I switched that to Levi because I felt it had no meaning for Justus.
3. Max was the name of one of the Vampires (who became the cat in Sterling)
4. Simon Hunt was a character. Different personality/features .
5. Female protagonist name is used in another series I wrote (can't say the name)
6. The name "Relic" stemmed from a profession in this Vampire novel (Relic Hunters)
7. Vampires had the ability to use energy in a specific manner. Ultimately, this deviated too much from the Vampire legend, but it allowed me to incorporated it into a Mage.
 8. Simon's personality in the Vampire book shifted over to Justus in the Mageri series.

I kind of liked the job I had created for them, because there were specific types of items they were collecting. They had enemies, and maybe the story could have been hashed out if I had any desire to do so. But it wasn't in the cards.

Thank God.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Sometimes during a "writing session", you get an idea. The same applies when writing an actual novel. Toward the end of Mageri book 4, I had this other idea spark to mind which is why I never wrote a satisfactory ending - because I was anxious to jump onto the next book series and test out that idea I had.

Will I ever deviate from my Mageri universe? All things are possible, but right now, I love the diversity within it. So many Breed types, so many lives to write about. What I enjoy most is writing about a secret society of beings that actually live among us, in some cases have jobs, and live ordinary lives. Sure the fantasy part of it is fun when reading a book, but as a reader, I always enjoyed the "What if this were real"? Some books are so far out there than it doesn't allow me to imagine it could be so. I'd love for a reader to see an exceptionally tall man and think, "Hmm. Chitah?" ;-)

So I don't necessarily believe in sitting down and writing that "Great idea". Sometimes those don't pan out. I just believing in writing. The magic will happen if it was meant to, and may take you in unexpected directions.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've completed another round of editing for MB4 and will start again today or tomorrow. I needed a break last night so I read a little and went to bed I'm looking forward to developing the cover design as a few ideas have floated in my head and I need to see how they work out. This will be done in March, along with coming up with the name of the book.
The book will go to the editor in late April, so if you're looking for a timeline, all I can tell you is late spring/early summer. Even when traditional publishers nail down a date, it can get moved, and fans always get disappointed. That occurred with Impulse. I would very much like a date because those countdown clocks are fun. If it does happen, it'll be closer to the release date - not this early on.

Check out what I got from a fan! This was a really great tribute to "CLOSER", and if you haven't read it, then grab it here:

I've received several thoughtful gifts from readers, ranging from a Christmas ornaments, bracelet, homemade card, postcard designs, mugs, T-shirts, fan art, sketches, and for the most part, I try to share all of these fun things on my Facebook page with others. Not to get more stuff (god knows I don't ask for anything), but I love to share the generosity and the creativity that some of my readers have. Including fan mail (which I have up on my blog, even though it's a little out of date). I even think it's great when someone stumbles on a picture and says "This made me think of Simon."

I have also (as promised) been working on fun giveaways this year. These I had designed by Viviana (Enchantress of books), and I'm also designing a few other items. This adds up and being tax season, not really a great time to spend. But I'd like to have a few fun giveaways in March, and then later around the time of the release.

I told you guys I'd have fun stuff all inbetween the book releases. Blog tours, paperbacks, giveaways - so be sure to follow me on Facebook as this is where all the action happens.

I'm hoping each book release is exciting, especially knowing that it's coming to a close. (sniff). I plan to write a fifth book as books 1-4 were written three years ago, but there was a need to wrap things up a fifth. There is a potential for a post-Mageri novella, because there's something I want to touch on that may not flow well with book five. I know readers love the characters and many want to see more on each one, but I hope you understand that this is one series that I do not want to drag out more than 5 novels. I think keeping it shorter makes it more special, and because it is a continually evolving story and not just a series of 'misadventures' in each book, it all comes full circle in book five. Anything beyond that would just be milking a storyline. Although I haven't written book five yet, I'm fairly confident it's all going to fit. I had to carve up a few details out of book four to shift over.

I had to put BOOK WHITE's sequel aside. I'm struggling with the story. An author should never struggle to write a story or piece it together; it should just flow. So I need to set it aside and let it marinate. This was just an unexpected 'on the side' project. There's a different series I have written and lined up after Mageri (written 3 years ago) which I'd have to draft out. Therefore, I'm putting a lot of thought into how much time I want to put into Series White. I think the big question will be answered with the betas, and that's whether or not this book demands a sequel, or if readers will be satisfied enough with the original story. I don't know how well-received it will be, but I have to confess I'm in love with it.

Every time I read over it during an edit, I just adore the characters even more. If you ever hear me say that I'm sick of reading one of my books, then it's probably a book that you wouldn't want to read. That's just not the case.

Happy Valentines Day

Even though I'm not a fan of commercial holidays

Much <3 and appreciation to those who support my books!

<---- this heart makes me a little sad.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A box full of Twist

So I've promised readers that they can expect some fun giveaways in 2013. This is something I'm working toward, and paperbacks are step #1. I can't ker-plunk too much time and money at the start of the year because I'm working hard to complete book four by the deadline. But today, I received a box full of Twist.

Not to be biased, but these covers are so purty! I think they turned out even better than Sterling, as much as I hate to say it. I may at some point re-tweak Sterlings cover now that I know how this aspect of cover design works. If you haven't already gotten your copy, you can find Sterling and Twist on Amazon

 Paperbacks just don't sell as well as eBooks, but there's something so nice about having the physical book in your hands. Thank you to those who have purchased a copy as your support means so much. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I get nickles and dimes as my cut on paperbacks, but the extra hard work to get it to paperback was worth it. I've kept STERLING at the lowest price, as I always want the first book in the series to be the least expensive so new readers will give it a chance.

I've also got a few other projects I'm working on, but I don't want to say because then people will ask about them and then I'm feeling the pressure to complete them. So let's just say I'm being very sneaky at the moment. ;-)

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When I hit 100,000 book sales, I want to have a BIG fat giveaway. And yes, I'm very close. It's been such a phenomenal run and I can't express my gratitude enough to the readers who not only took a chance on reading Indie, but have since been regular followers and become avid Indie Supporters. Indie authors are not only giving you variety that you'd otherwise not be getting from the big publishers, but we are putting the CONTROL into YOUR hands. You have the power to decide which books are fan-bloody-tastic that might have otherwise never been picked up by a publisher. Books that hit the bestseller, books that find fans in millions, books that launch careers. Books you can't live without with memorable characters and moments. Books that find a space on your virtual and real bookshelves, and sometimes, the bookstores. Doesn't that feel empowering to know that you, as a reader, now have full control, and that what's deemed worthy is no longer decided "for" you?

When I have a giveaway, I'll probably be hosting it there, or through some book bloggers, so be sure to like my facebook page!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Twist is now in Paperback!!

It's been a year in the making, but TWIST is now in paperback! I'm so excited to have these books available in print for readers who love to collect, or those who just don't have an eReader.


 So that's some exciting stuff!!

Next I'll be working on Impulse, but I'm not sure when that will be done. I've got a deadline coming up for editing MB4 and then I have only 1 month to get a cover together, because once I get it back from the betas and ultimately the editor, I'll be doing final edits. I will do my very best.

"Closer" will also be moving to paperback in the future. I don't want to restrict readers who do not have eReaders, or a Kindle/Nook. Enjoy! Share! Gift! And thank you to the readers who have rallied me on and encouraged me to move to paperback.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Closer on Sale

He is a prisoner of pain who cannot endure physical contact.
She is a victim of a violent crime whose time is running out.
His fate lies in her hands…
and her life rests in his.

CLOSER is a 32,000 word novella

I've knocked down the price on "Closer" to 99 cents for a limited time. Be sure to share!

New to the blog? Be sure to go LIKE my Facebook page! I'm thinking about a big giveaway if I hit 2K followers, but that seems to be a bit away. I will have giveaways before then, but wanted to do something special. I'm very active there, so come say hello.

A virus has been kicking my butt this week, but I guess it's been going around. I've managed to get some work done - even have a little side project book related, but not writing. ;-)

Keep checking my sidebar to see my progress on MB4. I've been jotting down title ideas, but won't have anything solidified until I begin working on the cover. Then I'll probably do the title release, and then the cover release.

Then maybe the book release. ;-)