Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nominated for Best Book/Author - Cast your vote!

Be sure to cast your vote and show your love! I've been nominated for best book and author on Grave Tells, so where are my peeps? :)


I'm getting anxious for my holiday to begin with Friday off. I'm going to set a goal of hitting 75% completion by Friday and I think that's achievable. I haven't been tracking my percentage measurements per day like I should to keep myself on track. I'm also back end editing while at work on my break/lunch, so that's helping me get more done.

Sterling has been picking up steam on the UK Charts - thanks to all my UK'ers out there across the pond! The kids are back in school, so a lot of moms are looking for something to read. It's the perfect time to pick up The Mageri Series and have it read by the time book three is released.

Hard Knox Life

Knox may not be an easy man to warm up to, but I wanted to give a little shout out to one of the guys who gets a little overrun by some of the other leading men. I love all my characters in different ways, and realize that readers tend to connect with the prominent ones.

Born soldier, and as we learn about his childhood, we learn why he's a man who uses his fists to do all the talking. But when it comes to the love of a good woman, he softens, and it makes him want to be the kind of man he's never allowed himself to be with anyone.

I really enjoyed writing Knox in "Twist", because in book one we only see him in a couple of scenes. I like perceptional characters - one's we make immediate stereotypes of - because it's a challenge to introduce another layer of them to the readers. You scrape off a little bit off the top and you find out what's inside. What makes them tick? Why are they like that? With that tight knit hat, you can imagine the boy he once was - picked on by other kids until his ears stung with embarrassment. Picked on by his father who brought him up in a house where he had no mother, and the only women he saw were the promiscuous whores he brought home after a night of drinking. What kind of impression does this leave for a kid?

Knox respected women, but deep down never felt worthy of the good ones. Not until one comes along that changes his life, shows him a protective side, a nurturing side, and spins him like a top.

Monday, August 27, 2012

News Update


I am looking forward to my holiday weekend this week! I have Friday off, pretty much the last day off I can take this year, and that will give me a four day weekend. I'm going to work on my edits all week so that I can have some fun on my vacation! I will probably do some editing, because I'm a workaholic and that is my nature, but I also plan to watch some movies, shop, eat out, and get a little sunshine!

In other news, I've bumped up "STERLING" from 99c to $1.99. It's only a dollar increase, but I may have tapped out the 99cent shoppers and at this point, I don't see it as a dramatic pricing shift. I still want to keep it lower than the rest of the series, and hope that shoppers are willing to pay. It's a competitive market out there with all the free books, so please feel free to recommend The Mageri Series to your friends, book clubs, blogs, tweets, and fellow readers! Especially with kids back in school,  moms may have time to read again and are on the search for a new series.

I created a couple of fun Mageri Series Quizzes on Goodreads. They're tough! So I'm testing out your knowledge. So check it out, and see if you know your stuff.

Be sure to complete the poll on my blog of who your favorite character is in TWIST. I will take down this poll when IMPULSE comes out, and put up a new one for Impulse, because I love to see the comparison between previous books and know the impact the characters are having on my readers.

Should I, as the author, be laughing out loud at my own book? I don't know if that is a sign that the lines are great or I need some medication. In any case, I have to say that Simon always takes the cake.

Aw, I like this image of Sunny. But some of the guys on my Facebook page felt there was too much clothing going on here and it was a distraction. I'm always willing to accommodate my readers, so you'll have to check out my Facebook page and see what I made for them.

I was just thinking that I had planned to get a fish. What the heck happened with that idea? Oh yeah, I had a coworker of mine telling me about how his jumped the tank, and it reminded me of my suicidal beta named Freddy who met his demise in the air filter. sigh

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sterling Revision

Sterling received a long overdue edit, and my editor was gracious enough to leave the story intact and focus on polishing up the content. So, there are no changes to the document outside of punctuation & grammar. It's a cleaner version I can be proud of and is it perfect? No. I've seen published books from major publishing houses release books with errors in them, and some things are "interpretational". (Is that a word? Where is my editor??) ;-)

At this time, I'm not sure how you can get the new copy if you're interested. I know some people cannot get around a missing quote or period, and everyone should have the latest version. I had to repurchase mine, but I'm emailing Amazon to see if there is a way, should readers want to.

I'm 50% done with editing Impulse, and my goal is to exceed 60% this weekend. I want enough time to do a final read-through before handing it over to the editor. I also want to be able to enjoy my vacation next week without "working"! :)

Thanks to those who continue to send me email and msgs expressing your love for the series, and those of you who have made fan-art. :) Kindlegraphs will usually take 3-7 days, but I will honor all requests. My emails are currently backed up as the editing has been intense and sucked up all of my time.

Things at work are not going great and adding unneeded stress on my life, but it helps me focus in on what really matters to me. Well, paying my bills always matters, but so does writing. Someday, I hope those two forces can join together!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Impulse Snippets

I don't like to divulge spoilers or dish out the best lines/parts. Those are always best enjoyed during the first read. (or the ninth!). But, I did share these on my Facebook wall, so here are a couple of quotes for those who missed them.

Book three is closing in

I've decided to put marketing on the back burner for a while. I need to focus on editing and it's becoming a time consuming distraction. Indie authors are in charge of self-promotion and it can be a daunting task; I've been fortunate with book bloggers graciously reviewing my book(s) or offering an interview/guest post. Some have approached me directly, and for that I'm grateful! I really want The Mageri Series to reach as many readers as possible and at this point, am hoping that word of mouth will keep me afloat for a little while.

I'm not sure what makes some indie books blow up and become massive success stories, but I think it's an awesome display of how much power readers really have. It's not the publisher or marketing campaign that make a book great, it's what you think. It's what you tweet about, talk about, share with your friends, go nuts quoting and making fan art. So lately, I've been seeing a lot of Indie authors hitting big time, and it's a pretty cool thing.

Would I like to be in that boat? Hmm. That's a precarious place to be under the scrutinous eye of John Q Public - outside of your target audience. I can't imagine waking up in the morning, sitting down with your piping hot cut of coffee, and turning on the TV to see your book getting bashed on Fox News, or direct insults to you on a personal level. Simply loving or hating a book is one thing, but becoming part of someone else's agenda is something else. I feel for those authors in that regard, because no matter how much money you're making, digs like that hurt. I also can't imagine the pressure of having your first book become a huge success. How do you follow in your own shadow? The expectations for your next book(s) would be ridiculous.

So, I sit on my sofa with my bottle of vitamin water, remaining low-key and finding immense satisfaction in my books reaching readers on any level. I can safely turn on my TV without spitting out my drink and cursing. I have supporting fans who show their enthusiasm and are really cool people to talk to. And if my next books don't do as well? Meh. I still have my day job.

My bills will get paid.


Saturday, August 11, 2012


11 months since the publication of STERLING, it's still remains on the Amazon Bestseller list. 1417 people have reviewed these books on Goodreads and 95% like them.


I'm in the middle of a blog tour, so be sure to check it my stops and recommend any ongoing contests to friends and groups who enjoy winning a free book. Check em out.

Book review sites have also been giving Sterling & Twist reviews, and much to my excitement (and relief!) they have all been positive. Here are some examples:

Sterling was stellar from beginning to end. Dark’s characters were witty, sarcastic, and relatable. The plot was completely entrancing, with just the right amount of darkness and romance to balance each other out. I loved it! - 4.5 Stars GraveTells

I have to say that this is one of my top favorite series. Dannika has done a brilliant job at creating the world of the Mageri. - 5 Stars The Book Diaries

This book (Sterling) was amazing! Extremely well written, a completely new world that made sense little by litte, and intriguing and very likeable characters! - 4.5 Stars Unconventional Book Reviews

Ms. Dark did and amazing job with this, her debut novel. I am so impressed with the level of creative thought that went into crafting the world of the Mageri. This is a departure from, vampires, werewolves, zombies and the like. - 5 Stars Pure Textuality

One of the things that I loved about this book is how funny it was. I'm always surprised to have an Urban Fantasy or PNR book to make me laugh. I seriously laughed out loud several times - 4 Skulls Readers Confession

Dannika Dark does it again! TWIST was just as good as STERLING (Mageri Series: Book 1), with a new hero and love interest, ramped up action, and great plot advancement for the series arc. 4 Stars Enter the Portal

Dannika Dark has done it again in this second book, Twist! She has earned a life long fan in me! I'm going to read everything she writes, because I love her writing that much! 5 Stars Book Liasion

The final edit of Impulse, book 3 of the Mageri series. Once that is complete it goes to my editor, and then back for the final cleanup. 
I'm also (as time allows) editing my Novella, Closer.

Yesterday, The final paragraph of the series came to me. I jotted it down on a post-it and I'll copy it over to my laptop later on today. I'm not sure why these thoughts came to me out of the blue, but they felt so right for how things need to wind up. I really enjoy writing the last chapter and I know a lot of readers complain that they read books that feel like the author was in a hurry to end it and they felt slighted. I don't write the ending with that in mind, but a good ending is always important to me because it's the feeling your reader walks away with when they set the book down. I haven't written book five and I'm not entirely sure how things will pan out. I do have some details locked in place, but there's one in particular that's bothering me. It feels like it needs to happen but I'm really struggling with it. I suppose that I'll get to that point when I start writing and make up my mind.

The question I get a lot is: "When is Impulse coming out?" Please check out my blog, my Facebook Timeline cover, and almost every post I write. Fall 2012. :-)

I LOVE MY READERS. You guys are the best support group.

Monday, August 6, 2012

What Justus Said

Maybe I shouldn't have given my number out to my characters.

I've been spending a little time on the novella and I'm really excited and nervous. I've never written anything so short (usually my novels exceed 100,000 words) and it's currently at 25,000. A novella begins at 17,000. The topic is also very...unique. It has a little paranormal spin, but it's not dripping with it. The story is also in the Mageri world and takes place in Cognito (heh, sort of). New characters, but one of them has ties to a character in the Mageri series.

Will my existing readers like it? I sure hope so! But it would be pretty awesome to reach new readers with this novella.

The working title is "CLOSER". My goal is to try and have it out this year. Kane was pretty insistent that I write his story.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting a head start

This is the last weekend before the betas turn in their work. I was going to get some stuff done, read, and maybe go to a movie. But there's been a bit of an upheaval in the family as my brothers family evacuated their home due to wildfires and run the risk of losing their home. So, we've all been watching the news and keeping in contact with one another.

Since some of the betas did turn in their stuff early, I decided to get a jump start on it last night. Can I just say that my betas are awesome? THIS is why you need extra eyes looking at your book. Does this sentence make sense? Who is talking? This dialogue suddenly shifts, and I'm lost. I think this character needs more description.

Aside from all the comments, my manuscript has been cleaned up with some sharp eyes. It was also enlightening to see who was taken by surprise, and how they reacted as a reader to certain twists in the book. This is the longest of the three books that will be published because I really wanted to put more information in here than less. I do not plan to extend this series until oblivion, only as far as it needs to go to get the story told. My plan is five books, but i have to write the fifth to see what happens.

I really want a stopping point because I think that's healthy in a series. There's always an open door if another book has to be told.

I've been up since 5am this morning doing some light editing. Might as well get all the little stuff out of the way before the final revision.

When looking at my covers, I was thinking about the color purple. (not the movie) It seems to be a continuing theme. There's even a scene in one of the books where her mood ring turns violet. The Internet has some interesting facts about this color. I'll let you Google that yourself.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Texting Fun

These were some messages that I posted on my Facebook wall earlier.

The first one was from Silver.