Friday, August 11, 2023

Cover Reveal: The Chosen

 You know how I love a good cover reveal! And I am excited to bring more books to the Black Arrowhead series. It feels great to get back into writing paranormal romance, and I will be equally excited when I start writing more urban fantasy. I just love these two genres, and there is so much overlap that I really feel like the way I write these books, fans of one can equally enjoy the other. Plus you get to enjoy all those fun little crossovers and twists.

After a two-year wait (and thank you, thank you for your patience!), I bring you Black Arrowhead 3:


The gripping third installment of the Black Arrowhead series.


Robyn is desperately searching for a pack, but the odds are stacked against her. Shifters don’t accept humans, especially ones with a watchdog. Her fate takes a wild turn when she hitches a ride with a band of rogues who are vying for a spot in a newly formed pack. Just when she gets a taste of the good life, a menacing force threatens to rip it away.

As a detective, Montana takes chances all the time. After seeing an open call for packmates, he gambles on an inexperienced Packmaster who has potential. When a mysterious woman joins their group, Montana defends her from those who would cast her out. Robyn is kind, loyal, and everything he desires. But when secrets are brought to light, they must each decide where their loyalty lies.

A romance forms between an unlikely couple, but can love conquer all when the stakes are too high?


Montana lowered his lips to mine, his featherlight touch teasing me with the promise of a crushing kiss that would cleave my soul in two.



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