The Vow Paperback

 The paperback version of THE VOW is live on Amazon!

Usually with each release, there's always an issue with the paperback. It gets stuck in the cog and I wind up having to sort through the errors, which causes the book to go live later than I'd like and sometimes after the release day. My goal with paperbacks due to shipping times is always to have readers be able to order and get the book in their hands by or on release day. Pipe dream, huh? Anyhow, the book had no issues this time. But it's just as well, because Thanksgiving holiday is here and due to the pandemic, there might be higher delays than usual in shipping time, so I'm glad it's a little early.

Plus, this is a great stocking stuffer if you want to buy it as a gift. The ebook will go live on December 1 at all the usual retailers (Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Googleplay), so hang tight. we are almost there

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