What's the reading Order?

 I've had new readers ask me "Where should I begin?" and existing readers wonder the chronological order. You can always visit my READING ORDER page to see how list the books based on crossovers and twists. I keep this page updated. If you are a new reader and plan to dive in and really want to experience all the surprises as they originally happened, that's the page for you!

But I will also stress that each series can be read independently of the others. Readers won't start up one of my series and be lost because there are details dependent on another. I write both urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Both of my urban fantasies have romantic elements (Mageri moreso). They are all written in the same universe.


Here are the books grouped together in reading order for each series:


While Closer and Risk aren't directly IN the Mageri series, they are Mageri world spinoffs, so that's the order they fall in. But you won't miss anything if you skip closer or read it last. I will say that THE GIFT contains info about Simon that if you skipped RISK, you might be confused about. Trust me, RISK is worth it. You can find all my books on my BOOKS page.

Now if you are eager to experience the books the way they were originally intended, OR if you are a super fan who is curious of the order for all the books, I created this fun list:

Feel free to save these images! Just keep in mind that as new books release, they'll be out of date. The image above starts from the top row, moving left to right. If you have read all the books, then you know that you can also read THE GIFT after SHINE. But I placed it at the end of the Seven Series because if you place it before, you take away the surprise element (for new readers). It was an added bonus to tie everything up for those whose jaws dropped in the Seven Series. ;-) obviously fans can read the books in any order they want, but this list takes into consideration every crossover and twist as it was originally meant to be enjoyed.

Again, I always stress to new readers not to feel confused. Just pick whichever series interests you and dive right in! Often the crossovers and twists are realized as readers jump to a different series, and then they want to read them all over again in the order I suggested above. That's the fun is you will pick up new details and breadcrumbs with each read.



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