Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Audiobooks now available on Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has recently rolled out a new subscription plan for audiobooks. You get a 1 month free trial and a free credit to start, so that'll help you decide if it's the program for you. Read more about it here:

 You will find all of my audiobooks listed there, perhaps even cheaper than other sites.

This is a great opportunity especially for Barnes & Noble readers to try out audio. Just note that if you are making purchases on the Barnes & Noble Android app using a debit/credit, there were recent changes where you'll have to go directly to the mobile site vs the app to buy.

My audiobooks are available at a wide number of retailers. The main ones are linked HERE:

But scroll to the bottom of that page for a full listing of sites. Audiobooks are an incredible way to re-experience your favorite books as if it was the first time.

Happy listening!

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