Saturday, February 5, 2022

Reading Order

 I get asked this a lot. So here are some collages that may help.

This is the reading order by series. You can read each series independently and in any order, but the books that fall within a series should be read following this image. I placed Black Arrowhead in the middle since it falls after the Seven series, and Seven fans will likely want to jump right to it. I tucked the novellas and side stories where they belong within their respective series. If you want to start with Crossbreed- fine. If you want to start with Seven series - fine. As I mentioned above, each series can be read independently. There are crossovers, but they will not impact a readers enjoyment of a series nor will readers feel lost. I wrote my books like a meal. If you want to start with dessert, it's not going to ruin your dinner, regardless of what your mother used to say.

Now, for the fun stuff....


Visit my READING ORDER page for more details. And I suggest you go there after reading this for more info. This next image shows all the books in chronological order. This is primarily based on when the books were initially released with the exception of Black Arrowhead due to it not being dependent on the Crossbreed series.


Who is this list for? New-to-me readers who may just be starting, loving the world, and have expressed a desire to read ALL the books but would like my recommended reading order. This is also for superfans who may not have been around since day 1 but were curious about the suggested order. Please do not leave a comment regarding the placement of The Gift. Go to the Reading Order link above. What made that twist in Four Days especially surprising and impactful for Mageri fans was NOT KNOWING. And therefore, The Gift is best read After the Seven books as a delightful backstory.


Happy reading.

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