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 If you are a subscriber, check your inbox! Don't see an email from me? Then most importantly, look in your spam/junk folders, or with other email services it might be called social or promotion tabs.

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  1. Add my newsletter email to you contact list.
  2. Keep your inbox clean. An inbox has a maximum limit and a lot of people store all their emails in there. That will cause other emails to reject and you won't receive them. At all. So if things are getting full, move everything to a folder and deal with it later.
  3. Open my emails! Simple, huh? Some email services let you have a preview window, but it's always best to open the email.
  4. If important email winds up in your spam/junk type folders, move them out. Don't read them and leave them there or future emails from that company/individual will keep going into that folder. And check those folders on a regular basis!
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