More Crossbreed to come

 I just wanted to reach out let my readers know there is another Crossbreed book in the works. My schedule for 2020 was thrown into a tailspin due to everything happening in the world and personally, but I'm working hard to catch up. Be sure you are signed up for my newsletter as I often will include information on upcoming releases or assure readers that another book is planned. I would never end a series on a cliffhanger! That said, I don't know how many books are left. I usually know when I reach the final book and I'll give readers advance warning.

Also, ignore how Amazon or any other retailer might list a book as "9 out of 9" in a series. They don't know how many books a series will have, so they only list how many books were published in that series.  :-)

I don't have a timeline, but sign up for that newsletter as subscribers are always the first to see cover reveals!

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