Friday, August 21, 2020

Cover Reveal: The Vow

 It's time for another exciting cover reveal! 😍 I have held this story close to my heart, and now I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you. Please help spread the word by sharing this title reveal on any social media platform you see it. 

 I also want to assure my Crossbreed fans that there will be more Crossbreed books. I will post more info when I have it, but I'm currently writing the next book.

Thanks, and much love.



A Black Arrowhead Novel

Release Date: December 1, 2020

Melody is an ambitious entrepreneur who has always loved the thrill of a new adventure, but she’s about to get more than she bargained for when the only way to save her business is to secure a deal with a powerful tribal leader. Running Horse, Oklahoma, isn’t on the map, and Mel is about as lost as a Shifter can get. When she unexpectedly runs into her best friend’s brother, her friendly visit quickly turns treacherous.

Lakota Cross is a man with secrets. While tracking a killer, he reunites with Melody, and their friendship sparks into a passionate affair. But if he doesn’t quell the fire soon, it might burn out of control.

Once again, fate brings these two Shifters together in a moment of need. But will the sacrifice be greater than the reward?

Curl up with an exciting new tale of love and magic by Dannika Dark.


Lakota rolled to his side. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s… it’s just hot in here. Maybe we should put out the fire.”

His hand grazed across my bare thigh. “Maybe I don’t want to put out the fire.”

Audio release date and preorder links forthcoming. The Vow will be available for purchase on all the usual retail websites on the release date! Sign up for my newsletter to get notified when it's live.



The Vow follows a character from the Seven Series. You don't need to read the Seven series first to enjoy The Vow, but it will give you their origin story that makes it even more enjoyable. Not to mention you'll meet the Weston pack, and they're a pretty unforgettable bunch. 🐺 🐺 🐺


SEVEN YEARS: Book 1 - Audie Award Finalist★★★★★


  1. No lies, I have visited this a dozen times. In hopes that a few lines from the book will be updated with new ones. It’s a stressful time right now. I really don’t have time to read much right now between work and the kids starting remote learning durning this pandemic. But running to email to see the email and running hear today read the content has been a saving grace! Thank you for all you do and all the time and hard work you put in. You have no idea how much comfort and joy you have given by giving us this amazing world to escape too!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the reveal, and by email I assume you're a newsletter subscriber and also read the exclusive excerpt linked in the newsletter. Things will calm down soon enough. Stay strong!

  2. I feel like I have waited so long for this particular book. I love all of your characters but I especially love the seven crew. I really like the direction they have all taken. Is this going to be a spinoff series or just a one off? I would love to see a Ben book.

  3. How exciting that you are visiting these characters. Love all of your books and any new ones I await with great anticipation ready to devour them. Thank you for sharing that wonderful imagination of yours with amazing characters and wonderful stories that just draw you in. You are truly a talented wordsmith- May there be many more books to come.

  4. Dannika Dark I can't tell younyou how much I have enjoyed and truly love all of your books! I have read them all and hard to pick a favorite as they are all awesome! Love The Crossbreed series and very excited to see this series visit characters we know. Keep them coming. I will keep buying :)

  5. I forgot to tell you love your stuff so much would rather reread or re-listen to audiobook of yours than a new one so good!

  6. Love your work so much. Thank you for writing these beautiful books. I’ve read every book from every series and I can’t wait to read The Vow. Thank you again. You make me escape from this world into your universe.

  7. I am so ashamed I hadnt seen this til now, I'm so bad at checking my.emails. BUT I cannot even begin with how excited I am about getting a new book, with new characters from you!!! (Any book is going to be a good new book) gave myself a migrain from holding in my excitement when I found out in my fav coffee shop!!!



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