Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Will there be more?

One of the most common questions I get asked after a book release is "Will there be more?"  When I publish the last book of the series, I will always package it as the final book . There might be a spinoff book or bonus novella, but readers deserve to know what the final installment is.

That said, I've obviously not marked any of the Crossbreed books as the final. I have at least two more planned. This last book did not have a cliffhanger, but it had a couple loose ends that could not be addressed in the same book without disrupting the flow. These will be addressed in the next release.

I plan to have a title reveal sometime this month, so look out for that. The release date and synopsis always happen with the cover reveal, which will be at a later time.

I'm excited to bring you these stories and hope you enjoy where the story leads!

I can't thank you guys enough for all your love and support. All the emails, messages, recommends, reviews, and even buying the books for friends means a lot. It helps these stories continue when we can build the Mageriverse family. And please check out the previous post for info on SALES! They won't last.

Happy reading ~



  1. I have literally binge listened to every single book over the past month or so. I cannot wait for the next release! Please never stop writing lol. I absolutely love every series and the crossovers and cameos...ohmygoodness!

  2. I have to say that I love books, all kinds of books, yet somehow I have never read any of your books until recently. I fell in love with cole in seven years and was completely sucked in. Even though I am an adult with young children it made me feel like a kid again and I was quickly addicted to your books. I don’t get to watch tv very often (and if I do it’s with my toddlers) and I don’t get much time for myself. As much as I love to read being able to sit down with a book is nearly impossible and something that I’ve really missed. Your books are very well written, the way that u write comes off as effortless and it transfers over into an audiobook that is amazing! The fact that u have Nicole Poole narrate for all the books just brings your books and the world that u created to life. Thank u for all the time and hard work that u have put into your writing. You have made me fall in love with audiobooks (as well as Christian Poe) and helped me to find a little more time for myself. I look forward to seeing what u do next!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad you found the Seven series and have immersed yourself in the entire Mageriverse. I really enjoy developing characters who leap off the page, and the audiobooks bring them to life in a different way. So thanks for listening, and hope that audio allows you more time to escape with a busy household. :-)

  3. Like other readers, I simply cant get enough of your books! Your suspense is page turning, the love stories are exciting and I have fallen in love with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER! Cant wait for anything you write and release!


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