Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Crossbreed sequels

I've been asked a number of times how many books there will be in the Crossbreed series. I didn't write this series with a set number in mind, but I can confirm will be at least 3 more books after Nevermore. There are some major and minor story arcs that need to come to full fruition before I can wrap things up, and it will also be dependent on how popular the series remains among readers. Show your support via reviews and recommending to your book buddies!

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  1. A friend introduced the crossbreed series to me and I can say that they are my FAVORITE of any Fantasy series I've read. I literally couldn't put them down! The characters, the banter, the plot twists that I didn't see coming (thanks Wyatt for that new phrase). I'm telling all my friends about them. I'll be reading them all again and again. I plan to read the other linked series as well. Thank you Dannika!

  2. One of the best series out there, I love how you write it’s captivating

  3. I read The Seven Series, and got hooked. Then I started on the Mageri Series, and now am hooked on the Crossbreed series. In your other series you've had some cross overs with Characters, and Christian is one of those characters. Is there a chance that some of the characters from the Mageri or even Seven series may come into play. Reno is/was a bounty hunter, and the Mageri series is in Cognito... Would love to read some of your other characters lending a hand in a case or two that the Keystone are involved in.

  4. Is there a chance that some of the characters from your other series, Seven or Mageri, will come into help Keystone with a future case? Christian was Silvers bodyguard in Mageri series, and Silver and Logan helped fight the battle in Seven series. Would be great to read what some of the other characters are doing now.

  5. Just wanted to say that I started with your SEVEN series about 2 months ago. Since then,I have literally BURNED through every single one of your books! I'm completely enthralled by every character,the depth of the backgrounds,the details of every action scene,the music,the art, the humor.I laugh out loud, and I've spit my coffee out on more than one occasion. I've cringed and cried and I've marvelled at the wisdom and strategy.The steam is just the right amount and happy endings...I love this world! I'd SWEAR in another life we would be best friends! Thank you so much for your beautiful work! <3

  6. I love this series!! I stumbled into it last fall on audible and have listened to every book at least twice. I just finished Nevermore and am anxiously awaiting the next chapter in Christian and Raven's story.

  7. Hi ya,

    I just want to say - PLEASE DONT STOP WRITING !!!!
    I'm loving the crossbreed series so so much. I have loved all your books so would really love more and more even if you finish with crossbreed series ( which I hope you don't lol ), please write more along these lines like ur other books as well as these ones.
    You are a fab writer and keep me on the edge and wanting more!!
    I'm reading a different author at the moment and all I can think about is Nevermore and what comes next!!
    Please please keep writing and thank you so so much for everything so far xxxxxx


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