Sunday, November 18, 2018

More Crossbreed?

Readers ask me a lot how many books I have planned in the series. Usually I don't know. With the Seven series, I planned seven books. I wound up writing a side story (Charming) and a bonus novella (Winter Moon) that made it more than 7.

But mostly, I just go where the story takes me. I have certain plot points written out that I need to hit in order for that plot or character to arc. I don't like leaving loose strings. Now, I might have readers who disagree, saying "What about Adam?" or "What about Ben?"

Well, Ben's story was an HEA. He returned home. But life goes on. I won't leave readers on a cliffhanger at the end of a series. What I will do is create the kind of characters who still have hopes and dreams and a long life ahead. It would be more sad for me to write an epilogue of everything that happens all the way until the death. I like allowing the reader to imagine and wonder what they might be doing right now.

But I digress. Nevermore (book 6 of Crossbreed) comes out in January. I have at least two books planned after that, but I do not have the final book in sight. When I do, I'll be sure that readers are given that information prior to its release so they can prepare. After all, I have a lot of readers who simply won't read any of my books until the series is done. And then I have readers who still refuse to read the final book.

Please, read the final books. Those are the best stories.

I hope that answers some questions regarding plans for the Crossbreed series. Heads up: I may have either a short novel or novella on a side character, told from their POV. Hope that doesn't yank readers out of the series who like being in Raven's head, but I'm very fair to all my secondary characters who have equally important stories of their own to tell. For some, it can be spread across many books and split into their own chapters. But sometimes the story just has to be separated.

And that's all I've got for now.

Happy reading!

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