Reading order

I get asked by a lot of readers who picked up one of my books what the correct reading order is.

"I just picked up the Crossbreed series. Should I finish reading it or read Mageri series first?"

"I finished the Seven series, but I don't know if I should read the Mageri or Crossbreed series next. Does it matter?"

Yes and no. I've written each series in a way that it's not dependent on another. You won't be lost. There are some obvious crossovers that aren't secret. Like Christian Poe is a side character in the Mageri series, which was my first series. I then later wrote him into the Crossbreed series as a primary character. His Mageri history is not necessary to read Crossbreed, so if you read them out of order, it doesn't matter.

That said, I do have some surprising "twists" that take place in my books. Secret crossovers that only fans who read a different series will get. If you would like to read the books in the order that they were intended to be read (based on the timeline I published them) then be sure to visit my READING ORDER PAGE. This page actually breaks down by book (vs by series) the preferred reading order that will allow you to enjoy those savory twists as nature intended.

That said, I sometimes am not obvious with those major crossovers where I mention names or anything like that. So if you accidentally read the Seven series first and then swing back to the Mageri series, you likely won't even make the connection that it would spoil your Mageri read. Not until you hit a certain part at the end and then you will have that "ah-HA!" moment.

So please feel free to visit the reading order page (link above and also on my menu). And don't think if you've read one series first already that it's messed anything up. And trust me, you'll want to read the Christmas novellas for Mageri and Seven series. Don't think I just threw in some fluffy holiday stuff in there. ;-)

Happy reading!
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