Friday, September 1, 2017

Deathtrap Audio & Paperback

DEATHTRAP is currently available for preorder on Audible. Please note there's a glitch with it not always showing for everyone when performing a search, so use the links below:



I have released the PAPERBACK version this morning and hopefully it'll be live sometime today. I'll post the updated link here once it goes up. Please note that I always release paperbacks a few days early so that paperback readers can have their books delivered by or around the scheduled release date. I am always trying to be cognizant of all my readers, regardless of the format they prefer.

iBooks preorder is here:

Just a reminder since it can get confusing with every author doing something different, but I only do preorders on iBooks. My audio publisher puts preorders up on their website (Tantor) and then Audible goes up usually the week prior to release. This likely won't change in the near future. If you're concerned you might miss a scheduled release, simply sign up for my newsletter and I'll email you all the links.

Each retailer has their own process, so some will always go live before others. This is out of my control. Delays are possible, but I try to do what I can to prevent that from happening.

Hope you ladies and gents  enjoy the next installment of the Crossbreed series! Check back here or sign up for my newsletter to get updates.

Release date: September 5

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